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Management In The News

wariness is a trend of creating, stirring, accessing and reusing knowledge to discover organization goals.Infosys hammers with you to build the capture knowledge worry frame drill and processes as well as identifying technological solutions for establishing sound knowledge caution system and processes .Inforsys won the esteemed Global most admirarable knowledge enterprise (M.A.K.E.) Award for the year cc3 formalize infosys leadership in knowledge way. Knowledge is our most precious resource and infosys process for knowledge musical compositionagement ensure that projects squad derive the most out of knowledge for good management. Good management operates at three levels Organization level, project level and accounts level.As finding makers in the health c atomic number 18 business, you grapple with challenges, imperatives and trade offs that are determine the matched dynamics of the industry. How put forward administrative costs and overheads are controlled man i mproving patients renovation and overall efficiency. How bath health care are do more consumer centered without adding to delivery costs.How potful spiraling IT costs be raised in so that resources are available for making new investments in technology to create competitive leadership capabilities. For the last 25 years Infosys has been moveing with payers, producers, and PMBs to helper them become more competitive. As new s vex holders such as RHIOs and NHEs emerge, we are synthesizing our knowledge in heath care and technology to ecstasy new solutions. Our dedicated health care practice includes more than 200 professionals. (Tichy and Cohen, 1997)There are three secrets on management One thin objective setting, One minute praising and one minute reprimand. The rudiment thats Activators, i.e. actions taken by managers before some can accomplish a goal.Behaviour, i.e. what the person says or does and Consequences.EmpowermentAuthorizing employees to do there work without the need to seek approval from superiors. Give a sense of certificate of indebtedness and achievement to employee.Managers RoleManagers in a health organization have a variety of roles. (Manfred David Mann) in a swindle sway on the role of managers under participative and authoritarian style of management covers conclusiveness making and basic characteristics of style. Managers do as they are told to do .They help in transiting orders (work responsibility is delegated). Managers coordinate own themes work with that of the group in which hes a surboninate.Decision making are made at the top and hence ensure participation in decision making at all levels.Managers also help in directive and managing change i.e. overcome problems of size and hence management effectiveness can be raised by 20-30 %. Managers normally plan ahead, find best strategies, decide and implement projects, they agree on targets and objectives, monitor and control progress, measure performance and carryout appr aisals. Managers in proper organization. Discuss the role and responsibilities of managers in contrasting circumstances. (Kotter, 1996)Management / Motivation TheoryManagement theories describe several approaches to management and distinguish its leadership and management. Scientific management (Fredrick W Taylor, 1900s).Each task scientifically and rationally optimized to improve productivity e.g. shoveling coal, optimum shovel size, best service and i continue coal size and type. Ford motor company embraced Tailors work in production lines, lavishly wages, lines moved increasingly quickly, workers could stand the measure for only a couple of years, many other ready to take there place.Bureaucracy (Max Webers 1920s). The need to achieve amity gave rise to need for rules and regulations. whole tasks routine, each person expert, all transactions written. Said regular activities distributed as fixed official duties, all activities happen the organizational hierarchy, operations receive equal treatment under lucid system of abstract rules, official separate as formalistic personalities without get emotionally involved. (Kotter, 1996)Human relations (Hawthorne experiments). Elton Mayo 1930s and 40s experiments with consulting workers about work place lighting levels alter productivity for some(prenominal) experimental and control groups. Similar experiments found productivity always improved no matter what one changed. In conclusion, people are not the rational and economic beings assumed by classical theory. Social interaction is important and people work well if they feel valued.Motivation. The hierarchy of of necessity (A H Maslow, 1950s and 60s came up with five stages, biological (hunger, warmth and rest), safety (protection from danger), socialization (love, affection and avilliation), self esteem (autonomy, arrogance and respect), and self actualization (realize our potential through competence, creativity and achievement. (Tichy and Cohen, 199 7)Complex man theory looked at people from economic, social and selfactualisation.All these approaches may be considered similarly realistic i.e. no single management style can fall out in improving the performance of all workers. The motives of an individual may be extremely complex and reliable and to change over time. A high level of satisfaction does not necessary lead to increased production. Management by objectives is fundamental. Strategic management, setting objectives for staff and accessing achievements, decentralization, managing in turbulent times, preparing to deal with sudden changes and take advantage of new situations. (Tichy and Cohen, 1997)Problem ResolutionAll organizations have objectives-goals to stick out-but rarely a technique in place to meet those objectives. Sum Total by business goals through there work with many large and small companies see recurring business problems that coiffure up frequently hence provide best solutions. They have created and s mooth a performance, learning and knowledge management platform that strengthens talents.The following can be solutions to management, talent management, extended enterprise, channel effectiveness, regulatory compliance, operational proficiency, guest education and call customer service and solutions For good management satisfactory staff must(prenominal) be used and especially with experience, recruitment must be used at the right time without any manikin of corruption, unions must be formed and trustful leaders chosen, in lesson of any reorganization, it should be fair and all members involved, proper budgeting should be done, enclose of promotions it should be done fairly. (Kotter, 1996)ReferenceKotter, J. P. (1996) Leading Change. Harvard Business School Press, folk 1996Tichy, N. M. and Cohen, E.B. (1997) The Leadership Engine How Winning Companies Build Leaders at each Level. Harper Business, November 1997.

East 1

The Article Review By Efrain Gonzalez younger Law/421 March 10, 2013 Chuck Ward In this article brushup the author will present an article that specifically related to e- chore and keen property. The information provided in this analyse will identify different types of and efficacious breastplates for dexterous property. The information describes, provide, and analyze the legal effects of e- strain to include intellectual property, privacy, ethics, and trade protection. The runner piece of information that will be discussed is various types of legal cling toions for intellectual property.There are several different types of legal hold dearion for intellectual property, and the simple legal mechanisms for protection of intellectual property are the patent which unless provides one right to disallow others from do things which are allowed in the patent. An pillowcase would be, any process being performed using genetic engineering in the United States required a license fr om Stanford University to US Patent 4,237,244 (the Cohen-Boyer patent) save this expired on December 11, 1997.The copyright would be the next protection that gives authors of published work the ability to be protect by the rightfulness of copyright infringement. The protection for copyright is 70 currently 70 geezerhood exactly it also much narrower than the patents because what is actually written down, and derivative work are written down. An example of copyright protection would be a published books, electronic publishing, software, and diagnostic questionnaires. Trademarks would be another protection because the trademarks protect words, names, symbols, sounds, or colors that separate, and analyzes goods and services.The contrast with trademarks is that they rotter be renewed forever, and patents lotnot, but as long as it represents and is used for avocation purposes only. Know-hows are fundamentally the technical knowledge and experience to do certain things, but the difference with know-hows is that there not protected under the law, but it does hold a significance value if one doesnt understand or isnt able to practice an invention. Trade secrets are very primary(prenominal) and protected because these are secrets among companies who compete with other organizations and the secrets give them an upper hand against the competitors.Trade secrets protect biological materials and software. Masks works is the last protected and it basically is a serial of related images whether fixed or encoded. Masks works are similar in protection under the law to copyright. The legal issues of e-business are the rise of profit and global marketing because refined business owners do not take to hear rough intellectual property right because they feel that it is a waste of time and money, and those two are very important for petty business owners.The privacy and security issues of the e- business can start at viruses getting done the computer which can hurt a little business because the customers may not feel comfortable and secure about shopping online due to viruses, spams and emails being sent out to customers and business associates, and the viruses can end up shutting down the organization system through the computer.Hackers can get into financial statements, and different business accounts and personal knob information that can lead to major problems like identity stealing and a firewall would have to be put in place to lug unauthorized individuals access to business information. Loss of important data can also be a major issue for a small business due to privacy and security scandals. A back up protocol would have to be put in place so that the company can regain access to important information, and loss business files needed to effectively run the organization.Ethics also plays a major constituent in many different issues related to the e business because security and privacy are the number one ethical issues of the e busi ness even though companies are aware of hackers and are protecting the information, the issue is maintain the online security at all times due to write off and new technology allow hackers to become more advanced at hacking through the internet.The privacy issue plays a big part with the e business because the digital storage and back up files leaves behind important information that can be used against the organization, the employees of the organization, the customers of it, and the potential investors that invest in the company. In conclusion this article review has when into detail and explained the different types of laws that plunge under protection of the e business, and the legal protection provided within the laws. The review has described and provided examples of each, analyzed the legal issues of e-business to include intellectual property, privacy, ethics, and security.This review has provided all(prenominal) aspect of the law and legal protection under the e business along with the many different issue it faces on a unremarkable basis. References Retrieve from http//www. nytimes. com/2009/08/06/business/smallbusiness/06guide. html? _r=0 Retrieved from https//ecampus. phoenix. edu/content/eBookLibrary2/content/DownloadList. aspx? assetMetaId=975fc4-9d85-4785-93f4-867c4ee6986d&assetDataId=ba00b38d-2bb3-465c-b189-549fe15eedf4 http//www. ebusinesscounsel. com/clients/e-commerce-a-internet-law

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Globalization and International Business Essay

Introduction1. The miserlying of sphericization* Broadly the widening set of interdependent relationships among people from divers(prenominal) part of a military man that happens to be divided into nations. * Narrowly the integration of world economies through the elimination of barriers to movements of goods, services, capital, technology, and people.A. How Does transnational care Fit In?* outside(a)ist problem consists of all commercial transactions in the midst of two or more countries. The goal of private business is to make profits Governments may undertake them either for profit or for other reasons. a. The Study of transnational Business* Most repugnrs extremity to approach their operate strategies from an international standpoint. * Managers in almost any industry need to consider (1) where to obtain the inputs they need of the required quality and at the best possible price and (2) where you push aside best sell the product or service youve put unitedly f rom those inputs. * Studying IB is important because (1) most companies either are international or repugn with international companies, (2) the best way of conducting business may differ by land, (3) an understanding helps you make better career decisions, and (4) an understanding helps you define what politicsal policies to support. b. Understanding the Environment/Operations RelationshipThe Forces Driving globalization* Globalization (1) has been growing, (2) is less pervasive than oecumenically thought, (3) has economic and non economic dimensions, and (4) is excite by several factors. * The A.T. Kearney / Foreign Policy Globalization Index slightly countries are more globalized than others, and a given country may be highly globalized on unmatched dimension and not another(prenominal). This index ranks countries crosswise four dimension * Economic international trade and investment* expert Internet connectivity* Personal contact- international travel and tourism, in ternational telephone traffic, and own(prenominal) transfers of funds afield * political participation in international organizations and government monetary transfers A. Factors in Increased Globalizationa. Increase in and activity of Technology* Population growth, Economic growth* Innovations in transportation mean that more countries shadow compete for sales to a given market. b. relaxation behavior of Cross-Border Trade and Resource Movements c. Development of services That Support International Business * Converting one currency to another, insuranced. Growing Consumer Pressurese. Greater Global rival* Born-global companies start out with a global focus because of their founders international have inter logical argument and because advances in communications give them a good idea of where global markets and supplies are. * Clustering or Agglomeration the situation in which many new companies sink in areas with numerous competitors and suppliers they quickly learn of contradictory opportunities and gain easier door to the resources needed for international moves. f. Changing Political Situation* A major reason for growth in IB is the end of the schism between communist countries and the rest of the world. g. Expanded Cross-National Co consummation* To gain reciprocal advantages* To attack puzzles jointly that one country acting alone cannot solve* The resources needed to solve the problem may be too great for one country to manage sometimes no single country is willing to pay for a project that will besides benefit another country. * One countrys policies may affect those of others.* To deal with areas of concern that lie foreign the territory of any nation* Three global areas belong to no single country the non-coastal areas of the oceans, outer space, and Antarctica.The Costs of Globalization* Critics of globalization deed (1) countries lose sovereignty, (2) the resultant growth hurts the surroundings, and (3) some people lose both rel atively and absolutely. A. Threats to national sovereignty* Sovereignty its freedom to act topically and without externally imposed restrictions.a. The promontory of Local Objectives and Policiesb. The Question of Small Economies Overdependencec. The Question of Cultural HomogeneityB. Economic Growth and Environmental emphasisea. The debate for Global Growth and Global cooperationC. Growing In neck Inequality and Personal Stressa. Income Inequality(disparity)* Challenge to maximize the gains from globalization while simultaneously minimizing the costs borne by the losers. b. Personal Stress* The growth of globalization goes gift in hand not only with increased insecurity about job and neighborly status but in any case with costly social unrest.Why Companies assume in International BusinessA. Expanding SalesB. Acquiring Resources (R&D, Design)* Foreign sources may give companies (1) lower costs, (2) new or better products, (3) additional operating knowledge. C. Reducing Risk (S ales, Price swings)* International operations may stamp down operating risk by (1) smoothing sales and profits, (2) preventing competitors from gaining advantages.Modes of Operations in International BusinessA. Merchandise Exports and Imports* The export and import of goods are the major sources of international revenues and expenditures. B. Service Exports and Imports* For non-merchandise international earnings, we call it service exports& imports.a. Tourism and Transportationb. Service Performance* Turnkey operations construction projects performed under contract and transferred to owners when theyre operational. * Management contracts arrangements in which one play along provides personnel to perform general or specialized wariness functions for another.c. Asset Use* Licensing agreements when one family allows another to use its asset much(prenominal) as trademarks, patents, copyrights, or expertness under contracts known as licensing agreements, they receive earnings calle d royalties. * Franchising a modal value of business in which one party (the franchisor) allows another (the franchisee) to use a trademark as an essential asset of the franchisees business. Royalties also come from franchise contracts.C. Investments* Dividends and interest paid on foreign investments are also considered service exports and imports because they represent the use of assets (capital). * Foreign investment means will power of foreign property in exchange for a financial return, such as interest and dividends, and it make take two forms call and portfolio. a. behave Investment(foreign direct investment, FDI)* Investor takes a controlling interest in a foreign participation * When two or more companies share ownership of an FDI, the operation is a joint venture.b. Portfolio Investment* Non-controlling financial interest in another entity.* It usually takes one of two forms stock in a company or loans to a company in the form of bonds, bills, or notes purchased by the investor.D. Types of International Organizations* Collaborative arrangements companies work together in joint ventures, licensing agreements, management contracts, minority ownership, and long-term contractual arrangements. * Strategic Alliance is sometimes use to mean the same, but it usually refers either to an agreement that is of critical wideness to one or more partners or to an agreement that does not quest joint ownership.a. Multinational Enterprise (MNE)* whatsoever company with foreign direct investments.* Multinational corporation or multinational company (MNC), Transnational company (TNC) in US.Why International Business Differs from Domestic Business impertinent environment that may affect international operations. A. Physical and Social Factors* Any of these factors may require a company to alter its operation abroad (compared to domestically) for the sake of efficiency.a. Geographic Influences* Geographic barriers often affect communications and dispersion channel s. * Population distribution and the impact of human activity on the environment may exert strong future influences on IB.b. Political Policies* A nations political policies influence how international business takes place within its borders. * Political disputes particularly military confrontations can disrupt trade and investment.c. Legal Policies* Legal law includes both home- and host-country regulations on such matters as taxation, employment, and foreign-exchange transactions. * International law in the form of legal agreements between countries, baffles how earnings are taxed by all jurisdictions. It may also determine how companies can operate in certain(prenominal) places. d. Behavioral Factors* The related disciplines of anthropology, psychology, and sociology can help managers better understand different values, attitudes, and beliefs. In turn, such understanding can help mangers make operational decisions abroad. e. Economic Forces* Economics explains why countries ex change goods and services, why capital and people travel among countries in the course of business, and why one countrys currency has a certain value compared to anothers.B. The Competitive Environmenta. Competitive Strategy for Products Products compete by means of cost of differentiation strategies, the latter usually by * Developing a favorable brand image, usually through advertizement or from long-term consumer experience with the brand or * Developing anomalous characteristics, such as through R&D efforts or different means of distribution. b. Company Resources and Experience* A companys size of it and resources compared to those of its competitors. c. Competitors Faced in Each Market* Success in a market (whether domestic or foreign) often depends on whether the competition is also international or local.

Protocol numbers Essay

Protocol rime atomic number 18 used to configure firewalls, routers, and proxy servers. In Internet Protocol indication 4 (IPv4, demand for Comments RFC 791I), the protocol number can be build in the Protocol field of an IP header.ICMP Echos are used for the most part for troubleshooting. When there are 2 hosts which have communication problems, a some simple ICMP Echo requests will show if the 2 hosts have their transmission control protocol/IP stacks configured correctly and if there are any(prenominal) problems with the routes packets are taking in order to get to the other face ICMP Echo tuitionType Name ReferenceEcho suffice RFC792 enrollsNo Code1 Unassigned JBP2 Unassigned JBP3 conclusion unapproachable RFC792Codes0 Net Unreachable1 host Unreachable2 Protocol Unreachable3 Port Unreachable4 Fragmentation Needed and Dont Fragment was posit5 Source Route Failed6 Destination Network unacknowledged7 Destination armament Unknown8 Source legions Isolated9 Communication with Destination Network isadministratively prohibit10 Communication with Destination Host isAdministratively Prohibited11 Destination Network Unreachable for Type of Service12 Destination Host Unreachable for Type of Service13 Communication Administratively Prohibited RFC181214 Host precedence Violation RFC181215 Precedence cutoff in effect RFC18124 Source Quench RFC792CodesNo Code5 direct RFC792CodesRedirect Datagram for the Network (or subnet)1 Redirect Datagram for the Host2 Redirect Datagram for the Type of Service and Network3 Redirect Datagram for the Type of Service and Host6 Alternate Host Address JBPCodesAlternate Address for Host7 Unassigned JBP8 Echo RFC792CodesNo Code9 Router Advertisement RFC1256Codes0 No Code10 Router Selection RFC1256Codes0 No Code11 Time Exceeded RFC792Codes0 Time to Live exceeded in Transit1 Fragment Reassembly Time Exceeded12 Parameter Problem RFC792Codes0 Pointer indicates the error1 Missing a Required woof RFC11082 Bad Length13 Timestamp RF C792Codes0 No Code14 Timestamp say RFC792Codes0 No Code15 Information Request RFC792Codes0 No Code16 Information resolve RFC792Codes0 No Code17 Address Mask Request RFC950Codes0 No Code18 Address Mask Reply RFC950Codes1 No CodePORT NUMBERSService name calling are assigned on a first-come, first-served process, as documented in RFC6335.Port numbers are assigned in various ways, ground on three ranges System Ports (0-1023), drug user Ports (1024-49151), and the energetic and/or mystical Ports (49152-65535) the difference uses of these ranges is described in RFC6335. System Ports are assigned by IETFprocess for standards-track protocols, as per RFC6335. User Ports are assigned by IANA apply the IETF Review process, the IESG Approval process, or the Expert Review process, as perRFC6335. Dynamic Ports are not assigned.The registration procedures for service names and port numbers are described in RFC6335.Assigned ports both System and User ports SHOULD NOT be used without or prior to IANA registration.

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Cricks view of politics Essay

This probe will explain cricks views on government activity, as outlined in his book In defence of government activity (1962). That politics is a modal value to bring together differing opinions to resolves problems and disputes in a peaceful manner for the benefit of the mass and for the earnest of the populace. Cricks belief of what politics entails involves a democratic ideology and as we are considered to have a democratic society in which we live validating with quotes from cricks book.Also Crick highlights the importance of the difference of opinion people have, and much(prenominal)(prenominal) opinions macrocosm recognised, and being able to have freedom of speech, being unrestricted in the way that other countries are bound by dictatorship. Crick acknowledges that politics is never a straightforward art, in Cricks words, he describes politics as a messy business, being unpredictable, for example international and domestic events. This essay will use coeval example s to show how this so.In the 2010 election, there wasnt any party that had an overall majority (no party had more than half of members of parliament in the House of Commons), which meant that the Conservatives would be unable to have the majority of votes, to pass laws etc, without the support of other parties. In this case, the support came in the ferment of a formal coalition, with the Liberal Democrats. This being the first time Britain has had a coalition government in seventy years.This situation could said to be in accordance with what Crick asserted, that politics, ideally draws all these groups into each other, so that each individually, and together, can make a positive contribution towards the business of government, the maintaining of order (Crick 1962 18). Crick (1962 16) stated that for some politics is muddled, contradictory, self-defeatingly recurant, unprogressive, unpatriotic, inneficiant mere compromise, or even a sham or conspiracy .In contemporary society, many would argue that this is the case, and the reason why we are seeing parties such as UKIP becoming more populer. Politics can also be on a micro level,involving issues on a smaller scale, such as in the family home, for example, refering to Crick Jones states that People or groups of people who pauperization different things-be it causation, money, liberty, ect-face the potential or reality of conflict when such things are in short supply.For instance, a situation may germinate where a husband being given an employment opportunity,involving relocation to some other city,compromise would have had to play a big part,for financial gain for the great good of the family,as the earning potential of the husband is greater than that of the wife. In this situation issues of power also being present, the husband having the advantage,having the dominant position,simple due to earning more money. In conclusion, although Crick wrote his book in 1962, his ideas regarding politics , and the p ositive role, he believes it plays,is whitewash applicable in contemporay society to twenty-four hours.In the case of the present day coalition ,political parties of differing ideologies,have had to join together for the smooth running of the country, for greater good of the people. However, Crick also recognised that politics is still very much a messy, complicated process,and not everyone would feel that politicians were working in their stovepipe interests. Also that compromise plays a vital part on some(prenominal) a micro and macro level to reduce conflict.

The Representation of Masculinity in George Eliot’s ‘Silas Marner’

Silas Marner, A Tale of Two Cities.Essay subordinate Silas Marner and young-begetting(prenominal)ness1. Introduction.This essay is about the building and representation of Silass manfulness ( including some inquiries proposed in the essay subjects on the practical campus that I open interesting ) . I saw things that can do him regard much a worry a freehanded female pl personally it is non necessary or required to understand this affair in this sort I treasured to happen his good-will non as a failing or a swelled female issue but as strong manner of depicting tenderness, because I think t here(predicate) is nil stronger that absolute tenderness and nil more than stamp that true strength and I show Silas as a really strong individual composure but strong.The chief subjects here are his isolation, the sexual activity issue, and eventually how practicable or non-viable his manhood is. In the decision I nonplus included some facets more link to Silass life.2. S ilass isolation.About his househ venerable, it is entirely menti angiotensin-converting enzymed in the news that he had a female recruit and a diminished sister, some(prenominal) of them named Hepziba, but his sister was called Eppie, which is why he chooses this name for his adoptive girl.His period of isolation starts in Raveloe when he sends their neighbors off with a turning annoyance ( It started when he helped Sally Oats and subsequently that he became person exchangeable the official herbal tea physician of the vicinity ) . From this minute on he spends his yearss civiliseing 16 hours a twenty-four hours and contemplating his gold every dark. He is the equal a anchorite merely concentrated on gaining money.It wasnt ever like this. At first when he lived in Lantern Yard he was a sociable adult male who interacted with society, he lived a normal life, and was diligent to get married a adult female named Sarah. He anyways had a friend, William Dane, and so both of th em betrayed him. But at the minute he is an entity separated from the community, self-sufficient.3. Silas in gender footings.Whats incorrect with Silas before the want of his gold?This point has a connexion with Silass isolation as discussed in the old subdivision. He is considered an castaway by the community at foremost he is expound like a spider or a spinning-insect . This has no relationship with the issue of maleness but instead with the issue of humanity done this description he is portrayed more as an insect than as a adult male, this is a manner of dehumanising him. When he loses his gold he is obligated to travel and pass on it to the governments. At first, when he arrived, lot thought he was a shade, is of result to advert that Silass optical aspect is a spot unusual, he shows a physical impairment, he has marks of aging and unwellness, and he is described as an old adult male. And as I commented antecedently, he was an be sick anchorite obsessed with his gold, look up toing it every dark, and his universe is trim to his work and his coins. This is the debatable that is established before the loss of his gold. Why non allow for him weave and bask his money until hes excessively old to maintain on weaving? Why pull this out for so long?In my sentiment, the thought I get from the book is that Silas take in more money on Raveloe than in Lantern Yard ( where he has to lucre some money to the church ) and he saw this fact, after which began his emergency and he lived like this for 16 old ages. And he could hold lived on this manner until his decease but when Eppie came to his slur it brought about a revise in his whole life.I think he draws it out because work and money becomes the Centre of his life he lives merely for work and to look up to his gold.4. Silass maleness in a feasible manner. Is this one sort of maleness or maleness in general?I think this is one sort of maleness because non all work forces have a state of affairs like Silass. Other male characters like the Cass brothers have a masculine function and are seen more like a work forces than Silas is.I see this as a feasible manner because I believe that Silas is exclusively masculine even if on that point are things that show him with a deficiency of manhood.Ill start with the ostracise points against his maleness. Get downing with his business, it was established that whirling and weaving had a gender division and that it was a female undertaking, in this point, I dont think that this occupation defines his maleness, he is a adult male and here the lone of import thing is that he has an business and he is working to patronise up himself.In add-on, Silass behavior is interesting on a mental degree. I see his force for self-denial a masculine discoverment excessively it is a feature of a extensive adult male. For illustration, when William and Sarah betrayed him, he knew it and acted softly and did nil merely travel on with his life. Anot her manner of demoing self-denial is in his isolation, and his high grade of reason. He has been injured, accused of robbery, abandoned by his fiancee, rejected by the community merely because he did non desire to be an ONG and after that he has the reason to do a determination. After that it is normal that he wishes to be entirely working and gaining money.And eventually, even if he is portrayed as an insect or a weak adult male, in an effort to decrease his maleness the capacity that he finds for being a male parent, a female parent and a defender of small Eppie is extremely admirable without inquiry. By retention adequate cognition for autonomy, to me he is a unafraid adult male who knows what he wants and merely acquires and achieves it. In add-on Id like to state that doing his place more comfy for the kid, adorning it, a nest for her- , is the sweet manner in which a adult male can demo how capable of being stamp is. Fixing his place for Eppies demands is something to be ex pected from a really masculine adult male. In his ain manner, he did what every adult male must make work, back up a family, have a house and protect his household ( harmonizing to this nineteenth-century period, presents it is different, as adult females can make this alone excessively ) . And he did it he is wholly a adult male.5. Decision.We have seen Silass journey, non a physical journey, but throughout his life. At first he has a normal life, he subsequently becomes an castaway obsessed with gold and after Eppies reaching he undergoes a sort of societal renewal into an ordinary member of the community. After run intoing the kid he wholly changes his function inside the vicinity, every topographic point or place he visits for work he must sit and speak with people about the kid. Through her his life alterations and he becomes other adult male. We see his domestic, societal and paternal side and how he achieves the function of maleness in the 19th century non precisely as it was imposed, but by in his ain manner.Through the acceptance of the kid we see Silas carry throughing both a male and female function, because he is wholly devoted to the small miss, and how he passes from a wholly stray life to happening meaning in all the things around him. In Eppie he finds a cast anchor to populate, a household that was denied him ( his female parent and small sister died, and we do non cognize about his male parent ) , the comfort of being make love unfeignedly by person, of being needed, and of being a male parent, and there is no minute, in my sentiment, where his maleness could be misunderstood. We can besides see, through the acceptance the morality and work that Silas is prepared to presume paternity, which is excessively a masculine feature, it is necessary to stress that the responsibilities that Silas accepts are those that Godfrey Cass, Eppies biological male parent has no morality or duty to presume. Throughout the book there is no minute when I feel Silas is non accomplishing the function of a adult male. I merely felt esteem even if didnt have obvious masculine features such as physical optic aspect of a strong and wealth adult male like Godfrey Cass. Even when he grows old he still has this powerful visual aspect that Silas, in contrast does non. Godfrey does non hold to work because he was contractable from his male parent and Silas worked as an independent adult male. This was a paradigm of industrial manhood and a new ideal for work forces.To complete, another point that I found interesting is that Silas didnt want to accomplish the ideals of the perfect adult male harmonizing to society but he end up making so, though his virtuous nature, his generous bosom, his bravery. By undermentioned the kid he was non merely taking on a duty but he was taking on the duty of another adult male.Bibliography.Silas Marner, A Tale of Two Cities. George Eliot.Silas Marner in Wikipedia the free encyclopedia.Silas Marner survey ostiarius and literature.Virtual Campus.Class hand-outs.

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Dishonesty in Hamlet Essay

Many critics have suggested settlement chronicles the perils of manner at heart a largely false and dishonest world. To what extent has this been your experience of Shakespeares play?The world we underwayly know has experienced many stages and eras such(prenominal) as the rebirth era and the New World Era. In each of these eras, falsehood, s squirmling, deceit and revenge all seem to grow rich, however repentance and guilt grow poor. Like a domino effect, with all this excogitateidable falsehood come fatal and destructive dangers in life. Whether it be ascribable to the risks of overthinking, or perhaps the risks of taking action, they seem to grow exponentially with time. William Shakespeare portrays simply this changing world and its forever increasing perils of deceit throughout the play village, representing the afterwardmath of lying and its effects on everything around us, special(prenominal)ally the Great Chain of Being and Nature itself.The world the audience is aimn as they enter Hamlet is stuck in a phase between the Renaissance and New World Era. The men of the Renaissance era were warriors and put consecrate in themselves, whereas in the New World, more(prenominal) men are brains as they have lost a sense of existential trust. This transition is essentially portrayed in the allusion to the story of the Helen of Troy, recited by Hamlet himself in mold 2 photo 2 where Pyrrhus, a son who vows to avenge his deathly father, seeks revenge on his murderer, Priam. Pyrrhus goes on to slay Priam, but before doing so, inter mixed bagable a neutral to his will and matter does nonhing. However after this pa call, he is able to follow through with his mission.Pyrrhus hence portrays a square(a) warrior. Similarly, we see in Act 3 scene 3, Hamlet pastime in Pyrrhus legacy to avenge his father, however there is a unwholesome difference in Hamlets methods. Hamlet, being a thinker from the new world, pa uses before striking King Claudius, ho wever he does what Pyrrhus would not dare do think. Essentially, Hamlet changes what should have occurred, and in turn feats a ripple effect where Polonius, Ophelia, Gertrude, Rosencrantz, etc. all die. This ultimately demonstrates how Shakespeare intends to chronicle how as the world changes and deceases less trusting with ones self, the perils of overthinking life beget more and more real and and so cause the perils of death.All this change in the world and the ever-increasing deceit add up and cause a significant rupture and destruction of the Great Chain Of Being (GCOB). Where a king should be a descendant of the original king, instead of Hamlet becoming king, Claudius takes his position. Claudius crown is an extensive metaphor for a mask he dupes in which it makes himself feel much more evocative and powerful, something he is not. passim the entire play, Claudius life is ultimately an existential lie.Portrayed through a metaphor utilise in Hamlets conversation with Ros encrantz and Guildenstern in Act 2 Scene 2 that Denmarks a prison house, Shakespeare suggests that the city has spiralled into destruction, violence and unlawful sins. Also with the use of the metaphysical appearances of the apparition of Old Hamlet in multiple scenes, the audience is brought to conclude that the artifice of King Claudius has inflicted disruption to each and every person in Denmark. Hamlet tells the story of a real life Machiavel and how his villainous actions cause dip and havoc to all life in Denmark. Ultimately, the anecdote of King Claudius is used to represent how ones deception to himself, and to everyone around him, create dangers to not only himself, but to nature and society itself.The idea that lies and deceit cause disturbances to every persons lives is further enhanced by the use of structure in Hamlet. In almost every scene in which lies are being told (such as Act 2 scene 2 where Hamlet insults Polonius with his lies and where Rosencrantz and Guild enstern attempt to lie to Hamlet, and again in Act 3 Scene 2 where Hamlet teaches the players how to act or, in other words, lie, and so forth) the structure changes from Shakespeares famous iambic pentameter, to structure less speech.This use of transitory structures is Shakespeares method of metaphors to demonstrate that as people become more and more dishonest, they go about to destroy the unadulterated harmony of life and how its sequences should play out, pushing it into madness and confusion. Shakespeare attempts to portray to his audience his idea that the more lies and artifice, the more the perils of causing death and destroying the true sequence of events that are meant to be followed, falling back on the idea of disturbances of the GCOB.An old myth states that if you fall out making faces as the wind changes, your face will remain that way. Analysing this further, if you wear a mask in many different situations, you soon begin to wear that mask forever. Shakespeare all udes to this myth in Act 2 Scene 2 where Hamlet says he is but mad north-north-west but when the wind is southerly, he knows a hawk from a handsaw. In Act 1 Scene 5, Hamlet states how he will put on an jocularity disposition, in other words put on a metaphorical mask whenever he is around those he does not trust. Shakespeares allusion to the myth suggests that if Hamlet continues to act like someone he is not, he will remain that way he will remain to be crazy.Essentially, Hamlets dishonesty with himself and with those around him foreshadows his downfall, and, ultimately, his death. By alluding to the myth in one scene, and portraying how Hamlet is indeed wearing this mask as the wind changes in another scene, it can be extracted that Shakespeare intended to show a developing story of the dangers of lying and wearing masks to cover up the truth. If in your own world, you must lie to yourself, and continuously lie and cheat yourself, indeed you will remain that way, and henceforth lead on to much more fatal things such as becoming permanently insane.This plan of wearing masks to cover up ones true indistinguishability is evident throughout the course of Hamlet. It is again seen where Polonius hides himself behind an arras in Act 3 Scene 4, spying on Hamlet and his arrives conversation. Essentially, Polonius choice to hide behind an arras and lead himself into dishonesty unravels and causes him to be accidentally murdered. The demonstration of the consequences of lying and deceiving is genuinely strong here, where it does not lead to simply madness nor pain, but the worst punishment of our current world death. This irreversible consequence demonstrates the desperation of Shakespeare to get his message across that with lying and dishonesty, there is a chain reaction and it may peradventure lead to death, ultimately the greatest peril of life.There is a specific order in which the world works, and when one lies, or deceives those around them, indeed they d enature the destined sequence of events in life. In doing so they form a sense of confusion and cause even more dishonesty with everyone around them. In conjunction with the above, it is overly simplistic to conclude that William Shakespeare depicts the ever-increasing dishonesty and deceitfulness throughout Hamlet and in turn successfully and plainly chronicles the consequences and aftermath of these sinful actions.

Effective Advertising Essay

Advertising is considerably iodine of the vital strategies needed for a harvest-festival or portion to be known within a certain community. The scope of ad has been highly controversial in the view of securities industrying nevertheless a towering issue in the semipolitical aspect as sought in elections and other(a)(a) forms of the like. Synthesis on in force(p) de n unmatched has been defined in accordance to the different mannikins and theories presented in the literary aspect, which, of course has been collaborated with the stage setting of practice.In the field of economics, it has been stressed that de none consistently plays a vital role in shaping a proficient and efficient b every last(predicate) club beneficial on the glory it executes. As soon as printed symbols were invented the de none man made wasting disease of them to lead publicity to his merc distri unlesseise (Sokotch, 2006). In new times, advertisements argon embossed on walls and tombs, in blac k and white on parchment and other topic entities, and atomic number 18 produced in publishing houses. Though these diverse forms of ad were engaged, exact be considered and regard argon not as set upive as expected.Posters, painted constricts, street-car placards, booklets, calendars, almanacs, handbills, magazine and bran-newspaper denote concord now come forms of advertising so well up established that we look upon them as a necessity, and argon overwhelmed to find forth that majority are up to consider novelty (Tellis, 2003). However, it runs in the stream of cognitive, affective and behavioral pitches before one whitethorn thoroughly state that ones mean of advertising is potent. Critical analysis on advertising in the contemporary society The truth of advertising in forecast of situation is foc employ in one set of audience but.Take for example, for advertising in the market arena, the audience are the consumers in the political arena, pols advertise the ir platforms and propagandas in the well-defined of the voters while for research and other educational gains, it is in the hands of their respondents that they are able to complete their studywithout these audience it would be hard to collar why advertisers are so eager to let their advertisement out in the open with the milieu of persuasion and of encouragement over what they aspiration to imply (Michelet, 2006).Textbooks and other published materials would often lead to the fundamental invention of Ivan Pavlovs conditioning experiment or that which has been used by Anne Sullivan, remarkably, the tone is coherent with the brain on advertising. The consumers represent Helen Keller and the advertiser is the teacher in the person of Anne Sullivanmotivation and persuasion, per se.Marxs theory of commodity fetishismthither have been several deliberations on how advertising shall be crucially taken into tush of analysis. Apparently, critics has often addressed that media analysi s collaborated with the arena of political, economical and socio-cultural mise en scene must not serve as grounds in identifying the talent of advertising and mass communications in em male monarching a contemporary capitalistic society.Further, Marxs theory of commodity fetishism connotes the perceptionwhich by hand is used by fashion advertisersthat mea acceptedment of an effective advertisement waterfall on the usance of a model or person, a product, a setting and text hence it has also been cited that these forms of advertising is magnificently effective and never fails to capture the consumer-public (Karlsson, 2007).Conceivably, the Marxian theory all boils down to the fact that capitalism is legitimate since that it endows with the public with what they want and gradually fulfills their present needs, use, values and other sort of the likecorresponding to the ethics on exchange value, use value, surplus value, commodity fetishism and fickle-feeding. Strongs AIDA Model Th e AIDA model is a behavioral approach which contains a purpose to uplift the verity of making an advertisement awareness-able, interest stimulating, and desire action-triggering dynamic in consumers.It is also considered as one of the most persuasive and highly efficient methods in advertising hence suggesting that for a certain advertisement to be effective, it has to be something that captivates attention wind to convincing the consumers that the product or service or whatever is denote as interesting. Further, it must also have the dexterity to make the consumers crave for the product in the sense that they shall desire on it and finally for them to get attached with it and hopefully get a feedback that the advertising is effective.In a larger view with this model, it is important that the information be sent to the consumers is believable and memorable that even in the busy memorandum of the consumers, or in the million of ideas processed by the mind each day, ones advertis ement is sought (Karlsson, 2007). Defining Advertising Goals for deliberate Advertising Results Theory This model presented by Russell Colley is popularly known as DAGMAR, of course, for the benefit of the masses, and a technique in memory building as well.Consequently, this communication strategy is known for its ability to send information without the utilization of excessive text or message. Its focal point falls on the level of understanding stating what the consumer must believe on an organization and at the same time to measure the efficiency of an advertising campaign (Bok, 2002). Further, it expresses the fact that there are four levels of understanding in advertisement and that the methods used in all mercenary communications must come crosswise that very objective.Hunching the four levels of understanding advertising the future(a) are presented by the proponent awareness of the existence of the organization advertising the brand, grasp on what the product is or is sub ject field of, a rational suspicion or sagacity of conviction in buying the product and like the aforementioned(prenominal) methods, persuasion to act in availing the product advertised and have it stuck on their list (Karlsson, 2007). Lavidge and Steiners Heirarchyof-effects modelPublished in the same time-frame as that of DAGMAR, this model raises the connotation that consumers possess a non-fickle personality hence consumers are s unploughedical in being convincednot interested at all stake would be the fitting definition. Unlike the other theories, which stresses that all factors be cited in equal proportion, this model follows a liner avenue and insists that these factors are to be taken in a step-by-step basis (Karlsson, 2007). Awareness, knowledge, fondness, preference, conviction and purchasethe mentioned steps shape up this models apprehension.Moreover, the insistent point of this model expresses that consumers are wise enough not to be advantageously convinced, not unle ss they are holistically provided with the necessary details that they need inline with the genial of accessible standing that they have. French postmodernist theory of Jean Baudrillard Theory of sign value Jean Baudrillard on the other hand, believed on the prowess of signs and symbols constituted by objects for that question. Having a consumer society, the proponents theory dwells on the idea of implosion of aesthetics manifesting that advertising lies on aesthetic techniques and the promotion of consumption as a way of life.Baudrillards sign value analysis assess the consumers grave need for seeking various products and the actual gratifications that these products arrive at onto as well as with the complaisant function that it offers. Lurking deep on the social perspective the proponent stresses that signs of sociality are great basis in building up the right method to advertise and capture their pockets to fare such (Harms and Kellner, 1990). Commentary Critical analysis on the models presented would wrap up the idea that advertising is a broad state of field.Perceivably, there are models which are similar in conceptconsumers are after products, only(prenominal) that they seek for the besthowever, there also appears the skeptical viewpoints that insists the un-fickleness of consumers and there is zip advertisers can do but to wait for them to visit ones shop dependent on their innate characteristic. In the light, due to the complexness of the marketing landscape and the sexual climax of globalization, these theories may be evaluated as streetwise or no longer effective a way or another.But then the perception on primarys and fundamental perspectives get out always contradict with that nuance. The behavior of the consumers has already transformed through time, with this, it may be taken to assumption that the pessimistic side of the story may be eradicated in pleas. The more open the society, the easier advertising influences themthe higher th e destiny to be marked as effective. Consumer vs. trading in effective advertisingIn relation to commercial enterprise and consumers as two major factors in marketing, the predicament of the matter is clearly seen in the areas of communication efficiency, product fibre and audience analysis. Take for example, the target groups must be taken experimental conditionkids, teens, adults, couplesall these must be known before a product shall be advertised. Aside from that, culture is also a factor, what to be advertised must be taken into deliberation first considering the fact that the context of the advertisement may not be acceptable in the kind of culture where the product is introduced.In the case of technological product advertising, the following threats may be assessed as categorized, opportunities and threats, which is basically a portrayal of outside change is the scale fall on the line of five forces of threat, namely, (1) threat of new entrants (rising companies of the same service rendered as well as with other rising broadcasting companies which get out offer greater service than theirs), (2) combative rivalry (competition in sales, in fame and in the service satisfaction), (3) threat of commutation (other broadcasting/media corporations such as films, 3D theater, home-video conferencing, piracy and other sorts of the like), (4) power of buyers (upon knowing the fact that the society always change their admiration earlier in the streamline of the kinds of shows which is famous in the immediate time and the advent of technological advancements such as 3D and other competition in broadcasting) and (5) power of suppliers (the fact that such is competition, resources is most likely to halt leading to scarcity from manufacturers of entities and commodities needed for broadcasting).All which serve as the grounds for the success or the failure of the company or the industry and if fortunate, then it will be easier to get the general objective (Mo oij, 2005). Advertising in the employment landscapeProgress in the subject matter is made in the abstract one scholar shows a compelling talent for innovation, and others indemnify and improve on his work, all without close reference to the economic context. In the last one hundred years the great corporate enterprise, the vocation union, depression and war, increasing and increasingly dispersed affluence, the changing nature of funds and the new and enhanced role of the central bank, the declining role of agriculture with the loveseat urbanization and growth of urban poverty, the rise of the welfare state, the newly take for granted responsibility of the government for overall economic performance, the emergence of socialist states, have all dramatically altered, even revolutionized, economic life.As the subject matter of economics has changed, so necessarily has the subject. Advertising comes in a proficient realization that the more complex the economy gets, the larger the need for business tycoons to broaden their understanding with the flow of the society in patronizing their basic needs. The competition floating in the commercial room also serves as a repugn that each advertisement of their product must be sent with critical analysis and with a pinch of freshness capable enough to outstand the other entities which steams up the battle. The scope of marketing must not only fall under the circumstance of financial basis itself, but rather on the deeper application premises of the activity.An illustration of such would go up in a companys ability to perform social responsibilities and being able to consistently adjust on the intrinsic and adscititious demands of the society, as well as with keeping track on the challenges fixed on the inevitable table of change (Michelet, 2006). It must be kept in mind that advertising is the only gateway to get their products avenue to the consumers. With the competition rising, consumers are wise enough to know what they want and which is best. estimate on the components of effective advertising in McDonalds An example of effective advertising is practiced by McDonalds the power of commercial speech is exercised. Even when back by the resources and visibility of a McDonalds Corporation, the power of commercial speech campaigns is limited.neither particular advertisements nor broader advertising campaigns are always effective, even when they have been well researched and well financed the majority of prospective new brands that are test marketed are not marketed nationally. The battle of the marketplace has many casualties. Even when advertising affects behavior, the effect may be temporary (Michelet, 2006). And when the effects are more enduring, they may amount only to switches among rival brands by established users, rather than new consumers for any of the rival brands. Some advertisingconsider the various recent plans and pricing claims of the leading long distance telephone carriers is widely disliked. As a result, many ads are simply drowned out, unnoticed or unremembered in the ongoing daily proliferation of commercial speech.This does not mean, however, that commercial speech, or commercial advertising more narrowly, does not have important long-term effects, mean or unintended, on American culture and decision making. Commercial advertising is in some sense a zero sum game, with one products gain being anothers loss. The proliferation of ads, however, does not lead simply to a process of mutual conflict, let alone mutual annihilation (Harms and Kellner, 1990). Conclusions and further remarks Moreover, given the fact that the important subject and prospects for the purpose of venturing into business are the masses, it most likely true that guest satisfaction is a pious must.In simple logic, selling does not only denote giving consumers the idea that a product/service offered on the market/industry, but rather dwelling on the start out of perception that consumers are after fame of the company as well as the trend which is seemingly floating up in the limelight and the extension status per se more like, in-line-with-amazing-quality (Easey, 2001). The above mentioned threats then takes place, the world of business is a vortex of intrinsic and extrinsic challenges which requires critical analysis on what consumers need and logical wit to determine the flexibility of the product and service. That is the main purpose of the survey and other forms of observation in the society are needed to achieve managerial goals and jive along with the change of taste and speculations of the masses (Mooij, 2005).What utterly demoralizes business tycoons and practitioners hangs back on the exactness of the approach and the revenue generated by investments which are indefinite to be defined, for the reason that the intention and the flow of the advertising differ dependently upon the season or under the apprehension of the contemporary society. It would seem quite hard to distinguish which of the sites are fictive to be the most significant or rather the one which is crack the best service for the majority (Beckwith, 2003). Since that, those who are apt to surf truly depend on what they wish to find. In addition to that, each seam of the society hold different jobs or activity with diverse enthusiasm, it is unadorned that it is possible to shift sites which then give the argument abstain on conviction with regard to the matter (Seelye, 2005).The aforementioned threats must not serve as intimidating factors in the world of business, hence a challenge towards the attainment of organizational goals through the use of effective advertising. In conclusion, effective advertising depends on for demonstration of the method, traditional or modern as long as the advertiser knows the perfect mixture of the factors needed in advertising, what is sold on the market will be a sure hit. In collaboration with the political or academic c oncept, a politician does not get votes not unless he or she knows what words are to be uttered in specific groups and what technique of persuasion is to be utilized in that certain point of time. Effective advertising does not only require skill, timing is a vital one.

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Girl by Jamaica Kincaid

The short boloney Girl by Jamaica Kincaid is a recital of the belief that happiness steams from a animation of domesticity. The commutation topics of gender roles in a family structure, and the expression of female sexuality and will be examined. A look into the draws beliefs on the necessity of serving your economise and remaining sexually right will be the focus. Secondly, the importance of victuals and clothes in the story will be looked at, providing evidence to the central claim of being content with this lifestyle.Lastly, the relationship between the begin and little girl will be discussed, reflecting on if the views of the engender will ultimately stumble the decisions for the missy, as to the path she will follow in her give life. The impersonation of gender roles in this story shows the husband as the scrawlstuffwinner and the wife staying fellowship to hunt to the house and children. This could be considered traditional, however we would consider it outda ted in western society today. This story has the stupefy, reading her girl her place in Antiguan society, most same(p)ly in the fifties, and in a marriage.This is show though the teaching of everyday tasks she will need to know to flood a household smoothly. It is also opened that the overprotects life reflects these ideals that a husband should be the one working and the wife is to be happy and content by taking pride in her home. The get under ones skin also has very strong views on behavior and throughout the story gives m whatever warnings on this such as on Sundays try and walkway like a lady and non like the slut you atomic number 18 so bent on becoming. This is a very clear statement giving us an idea of the mothers set with female sexuality as hearty as a upbraiding on the values at that time.She wants her daughter to find a husband and she believes kept pure, and with the knowledge of how to run a successful household, she will be a prize for any man. Abstinen ce sounds great in theory, alone this is not always the case for young women. In this time, expectations are to be wed and then confound sex. As practically as the mother would like to commemorate her daughter from having sex, from warning her, and teaching her things like allow then hem of her dress down to be longer, she does realize this whitethorn not happen.It is interesting how she feels it necessary to teach her how to get rid of a baby. This reference to abortion at this time shows how crucial the need to keep up appearances at any cost can be, even if it is illegal or against moral and religious beliefs. Food and clothes play an strategic role in many of the mothers teachings. The mother shows the daughter how to cook pumpkin fritters, mark pudding, pepper pot and doukona. Some of these dishes are traditional Antiguan which shows the importance of tradition and doing things the way they always have been done. The mother also teachers her how to set tables specifica lly for different meals.This shows how in the household, eating together is an important part of her ideal home and family. The role of bread in this story is crucial. At the end, he mother teaches her how to squeeze the bread to tell if it is fresh. The daughter, replies but what if the baker wont let me feel the bread? The mother frustrated after all of her lessons is upset that her daughter has not gotten the point that if you do all of these things, you will not have to headache about it because the baker will respect you.The role of the clothes is kinda similar to that of food. She teaches her daughter to keep things clean, how to separate the colors from the darks and lights, as well as when to wash each. This particular example shows how much importance the mother places on routine. She also summons the pressing of her husbands khaki pants, wake that the way he presents himself can be a reflection of her. Hemming dresses and skirts was looked at with relation to female s exuality earlier, but it also is an example of how much importance is placed on appearances.The relationship between the mother and daughter in this story is important to recognize because the mother seems to hold conceptualize notions about what daughter will or will not become. future(a) most instructions her mother provides, the mother concludes the set with some mention of her daughter being bent on becoming a slut. It seems like she uses this word to encompass any from of deviance from the social norm. Its indefinite as to why her mother has such a strong terror that her daughter will become hiswe do not have any specific examples identifying any reason for her to think such things of her own child. Therefore, we lose the ability to argue for or against such a point. However, this might be a difference in generation, perhaps the girls mother is stuck in the ways to which she was taught by women in her family before hand. Perhaps her mother has a fear that her daughter is g oing astray from her values or living a modernized life that she is so unfamiliar with.We tend to fear what is unfamiliar, especially when it happens so close to home. Parents always want to teach their children what they know, however, children dont always choose to follow. Whether the daughter chooses to listen and follow, or listen and lead her own life, it is clear that her mother has had a momentous impact on the daughters life. The importance of domesticity to the mother, and having her daughter display a conservative sexuality ties back to the behaviours related to food and cloth in this story.The mother places this vital importance on household knowledge and respectable appearances, believe they are the key to overall happiness. This is clearly not the case. For some populate this type of life could bring them a sense of fulfillment or accomplishment. However, for others, this may not feel like a life of their own and could live always feeling empty or wanting something mo re. pile should be given the choice to do what they want. Unfortunately in this time, women did not get that luxury.

Why do we age

Why do we age? I recently took region in 5 experiments undergoing all(prenominal)day activities to see how it feels to be Blind Bone constriction problems Hearing intemperateies To have limited fine motor skills Memory exhalation First act I took part In expected us to try clothes on (that postulate buttons) to be qualified to stop up the buttons wearable thick mittens and gloves. The mittens and the gloves resembled the senile and the Limited fine motor skills (finger movements required to fasten the buttons).This projection got me very frustrated as It was very difficult to fasten the buttons because as you get older your receptors become less(prenominal) unsusceptible this is linked to the fact that the brain and nervous system goes through native changes, your brain and spinal cord lose nerve cells and weight thence nerve cells begin to pass messages much slowly, a breakdown of restiveness can affect your senses. You might have cut or lost reflexes or sensatio n.This leads to problems with movement and safety. This can affect peoples sureness as they whitethorn non understand their own weaknesses making it hard for them to trust themselves to do anything. The mittens and thick gloves resembled this as it was almost as if my fingers were numb and I show it hard to control them in a way I wanted to causing me feel empathy towards the elderly who do suffer with these everyday tasks.The minute of arc activity I took part in was listening to a goggle box clip with the volume turned down, this resembled the elderly with hearing difficulties as I really had to strain to hear the smallest sound. It usually is the higher pitched sounds that front to be harder to hear as we get older and also it is much difficult for the elderly to hear voice and conversations whilst there is background noise, I could hear the lower pitched oases much(prenominal) as the laughter in the background but non the detailed Information In the conversations.As y ou age, structures indoors the ear start to change and their functions decline. Your ability to pick up sounds lowers. You may also have problems maintaining your balance as you sit, stand, and walk. This could affect a persons self-confidence and self-Image as they may feel embarrassed If they lose balance or have to ask again for someone to repeat themselves when really It Is well(p) a natural occurrence that happens to us all.Linked to the sensory system dogmatic your senses such as hearing, sense of smell, taste and chew. The third activity I took part in required me to read a prescription and wear some elderly face, when you get older your warmnesssight not nevertheless adjusts more slowly to change in distances and light changes from daylight to dark vision but if the prescription is hand written it could be more difficult for the elderly to read and understand also the font or printing of the prescription could have the same effect.If the elderly person is not only having eyesight difficulties but also could be prone to diseases such as Parkinson for example and might not be physically able to separate the pills onto the specific days this could be a problem as it could have a potential life risk, if they need to take pills every day and they could not be able to do so. All of the eye structures change with aging. The cornea becomes less sensitive, so injuries may not be noticed. By the time you turn 60, your pupils decrease to about one third of the sizing they were when you were 20.The lens becomes yellowed, less flexible, and slightly cloudy. The fat pads supporting the eyes decrease in amount and the eyes sink into their sockets. The eye muscles become less able to fully rotate the eye. The fourth activity I took part in was making Christmas cards with our eyes restricted by wearing glasses with numerous of different blockages for our eyesight, so we was completely or part blind, we had to write the card, decorate the card and put it in t he envelope.This task was oddly difficult and frustrating as it was physically impossible to do the task without messing up, as you dont know if you have already included the information or how neat it was. As we age the most common in sight difficulties is trouble focusing on something close, such as reading, writing and itch television this is called presbyters, it also gets harder to tell the colors apart but for our activity this was relevant as we tried different glasses on which reduced our eyesight to different limits.This could affect someone self-esteem as they may feel they are getting worse as they age and not feeling good enough as they once did in their jr. days. The last activity I took part in was attaching heavy weights onto my weapons system and doing daily tasks such as brushing our teeth and brushing our pig for 2-5 minutes, we felt the strain and this resembles an elderly person who may suffer with tog out density robbers most common in women after menopause , this may get away you feeling weak as when we age our muscle mass by nature decreases as our bones lose calcium, linked to the musculoskeletal system.The decrease of muscles for an elderly person could create a serious risk for daily activities as if they dec they wouldnt be able to brace themselves properly and ease the fall as their muscles may not be strong enough to stop themselves. This could affect someones self-esteem as they may change their own credit of themselves may see themselves as Weak when really the decrease of muscles begins Just after 30 years of age.

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Why Should Drunk Drivers Be Severely Punished

in that location are many rule violation occur everyday in town, especially when it comes to vehicle. Some may break the rule of driving in the lead 17-year-old. Others may drive when they are drunk. It is not quite sure which atomic number 53 is more dangerous, however, this essay shall explore some reasons why drunk drivers should be severely punished. Firstly, drunk drivers are absolutely forbidden since it can endeavor a wreak havoc in the street. Furthermore, the condition can similarly claim many innocent lives. People who do not elucidate how dangerous it is to drive while they are drunk should be stipulation a proper education about driving.For instance, if one has a white-tie education about driving before they jumped to the street, they would have a cave in understanding about the dangerous of driving when they are drunk than those who do not receive the education. Secondly, drunk driving can not further claim innocent lives, but also can inflict financial loss t o one state. Imagine how much that must be paid to fix the broken street or other public facilities honourable because of ones carelessness. In fact, it can also spend months or maybe years to rebuild the facilities.For example, if one drunk driver perchance hit a prestigious hotel, the quantity of loss may be unthinkable to rebuild the hotel. Finally, they should be convicted to prevent if they would do the same liaison again in the near future. There are many reasons to patronise the statement, one is to enhance the drivers vigilance when they are driving in the street. As a matter of fact, one would stop to repeat their mistakes if they have been penalized. In a nutshell, it is clear that drunk drivers should be severely punished from the reasons mentioned above. In my opinion, people should not drive when they are drunk to save themselves and others.

Stage Beauty

Stage Beauty Stage Beauty explores the boundaries amidst reality and performance. Its the 1660s, and Edward Ned Kynaston is Englands most celebrated leading lady. Women argon forbidden to appear on stage and Ned profits, using his beauty and readiness to make the great female roles his own. But King Charles II is fatigue of seeing the same old performers in the same old tragedies. Since no whizz will take him up on his suggestion to rectify Othello with a couple of good jokes, he decides to lift the royal roof of the mouth by allowing real women to tread the boards.In a slightly less(prenominal) progressive facial expression, he rules that men may no longer stand for womens parts. I find it hilarious, that such a prudish fellowship who are against homosexuality and such things as women acting, will find it ok to have a bunch of men pretending to be women and having, well not physical have it off scenes, tho professing romantic poesy to other men. The film, is really about two things at once The barter of acting, and the bafflement of love.It must be said that Ned is not a truly convincing woman onstage although he is pretty enough he plays a woman as a man would play a woman, lacking the natural ease of a woman born to a role. Curiously, when Maria takes over his roles, she also copies his gestures, play a woman as a woman might play a man playing a woman. Only gradually does she relax into herself. Ive always hated your Desdemona, she confesses to Ned. You neer fight, you only die. Ned is most comfortable playing a woman both(prenominal) onstage and off.But is he gay? The question doesnt just now occur in that form, since in those days gender lines were not bang enforced, and heterosexuals some clock times indulged their genitals in a U-turn. Certainly Ned has inspired the love of Maria his dresser, who envies his art while she lusts for his body. We see her backstage during one of Neds rehearsals, mouthing every line and mimicking every ges ture she could play Desdemona herself, and indeed she does one night, in an illicit secret theater, even borrowing Neds costumes.It is a cruel blow when he finds fame and employment taken from him in an instant, and awarded to Maria. further Maria still has feelings for Ned, and rescues him from a bawdy music hall to spirit him off to the country where their lovemaking has the urgency of a first private road lesson. The movie lacks the effortless charm of many of the movies that I saw wish O, and Shakespeare in Love and its canvas is somewhat less alive with backcloth characters and details. But it has a poignancy that Shakespeare lacks, because it is about a real predicament and two people who are trying to solve it.The London of the time is fragrantly evoked, as horses attend to their needs regardless of whose carriage they are drawing, and clean seems a novelty. I wonder if the court of Charles II was quite as Monty Pythonesque as the movie has it, and if Nell Gwynn was qu ite such a bold wench, but the details involving life in the theater feel real, especially in scenes about the fragility of an actors ego. Poor Ned. Shes a star, the theater owner doubting Thomas Betterton tells Ned about Maria. She did what she did first you did what you did last.

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Economy in Tibet

Economy Since the democratic square away in 1959, and especially since the bridal of the reform and opening-up policy in 1978, Tibet has witnessed remarkable scotch development. The Tibetan providence is dominated by subsistence agriculture. The Tibetan yak still plays an important billet in Tibetan life. Yaks still promote the trounce way to administer fields in Tibet. The Tibetan economy is dominated by subsistence agriculture.Due to particular arable land, the primary seam of the Tibetan Plateau is raising livestock, such(prenominal)(prenominal)(prenominal) as sheep, cattle, goats, camels, yaks, horses and some crops such as barley, buckwheat, wheat, potatoes, and assorted fruits and vegetables. ontogeny zona The State Council approved Tibet capital of Tibet Economic and Technological Development order as a state- take development zone in 2001. It is located in the western suburbs of Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region. It is a flat zone, ideal for twirl profits , and it has the innate(p) conditions for sizeable drainage. character reference http//www. starmass. com/china_review/provincial_overview/tibet_demographic_economy. htm Tibet demographic summary and economy overview The service sector plays an important role in Tibets economy festering. This is because in 2007, more than half(prenominal) (55%) of the provincial gross domestic product is derived from the service industries. Tourism plays a crucial role to the provinces economic growth. Newly uphill service sectors such as modern commerce, tourism, posts and telecommunications, catering, cultural amusement and breeding technology have in like manner been developing rapidly.The construction sector contributes 21% to the provincial GDP, agricultural sector 16% and manufacturing contributes the least- 8% to the total GDP GDP While traditional agricultural work and animal market-gardening continue to lead the areas economy, in 2005 the tertiary sector contributed more t han half of its GDP growth, the first time it surpassed the areas primary persistence. Rich reserves of natural resources and raw materials have yet to lead to the creation of a quick secondary sector, out-of-pocket in large part to the provinces inhospitable terrain, subaltern population density, an underdeveloped infrastructure and the high cost of extractionTibets GDP in 2008 reached 39. 6 jillion Yuan. The Chinese government says that it exempts Tibet from all taxation and provides 90% of Tibets government expenditure. Critics say that the central government is stripping Tibetan resources and neglecting the upbeat of Tibetan people. Tibets economy has grown on average 15% per course from 2000 to 2006. http//news. xinhuanet. com/english/2009-03/30/content_11098888. htm Report on economic and social development of Tibet www. chinaview. cn 2009-03-30 102248 Source http//www. starmass. com/china_review/provincial_overview/tibet_demographic_economy. tm Tibet demographic analys is and economy overview The GDP per capita reached 13. 861 Yuan in 2008 for the first time in Tibets history. GDP reached 39,5 billion Yuan in 2008. In the first sextuplet months of 2008, economic growth in Tibet was halved after the Lhasa riots (a series of riots, protests, and demonstrations that started in the capital of Lhasa and spread to other Tibetan areas and a consequence of monasteries including outside the Tibet Autonomous Region. The violence was mostly directed at Han and Hui civilians). The Lhasa riots led to a slump in tourism and consumption.In recent years, due to increased interest in Tibetan Buddhism, tourism has become an more and more important sector, and is actively promoted by the authorities. (Philipois) China has invested 310billion kwai (about 45. 6billion U. S. dollars) in Tibet since 2001. perseverance There was no modern industry or infrastructure before the mid-fifties With some adjustments, the value of industrial end product rose again in the la te 1980s. Moreover, as in the rest of China, the ownership structure of industrial enterprises in the TAR also experienced a major change.In 2007, for a gross industrial output value totalling 5,044 million yuan, 33,1% came from state enterprises, 5. 6% from collectively-owned enterprises and 61. 3% from others (private companies, joint ventures and contradictory companies). Thus, private enterprise is now the main source of growth in industrial production. Commerce (traditional handicrafts, carpets etc) tourism, catering, leisure and other industries that had never been heard of in old Tibet, are now booming as the primary industries in the region. Prospects for Growth and DevelopmentAlthough Tibets society and economy were touched by the March14 Incident in 2008, the impact on most local industries was limited, except for temporary difficulties for tourism in Tibet. In the next few years, Tibets economy is expected to give sound and rapid development in virtue of favorable facto rs such as increasing investment and transfer payments from the central government, rising income level of farmers and herdsmen, and burgeoning consumption by local residents. Slides (Philips, just in case you neediness to use this map I think its a good one)Slide 1 Economy in Tibet Democratic reform in 1959 and reform and opening-up policy in 1978 remarkable economic development in Tibet. traditionally dominated by subsistence agriculture. Due to limited arable land, the primary occupation of the Tibetan Plateau is raising livestock, such as sheep, cattle, goats, camels, yaks, horses and some crops such as barley, buckwheat, wheat, potatoes, and assorted fruits and vegetables. Slide 2 Yaks still promote the best way to plow fields in Tibet. Slide 3 Development orderThe State Council approved Tibet Lhasa Economic and Technological Development Zone as a state-level development zone in 2001. Location in the western suburbs of Lhasa, the capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Flat zo ne Construction go Natural conditions for good drainage. Slide 4 Tibets GDP Industry no modern industry or infrastructure before the 1950s With some adjustments, the value of industrial output rose again in the late 1980s. Nowadays private enterprise is the main source of growth in industrial production.Newly emerging service sectors modern commerce, tourism, posts and telecommunications, catering, cultural entertainment and information technology have also been developing rapidly. Tourism ingrained for the economic growth. Source http//www. starmass. com/china_review/provincial_overview/tibet_demographic_economy. htm Tibet demographic analysis and economy overview Slide 5 Economic Growth and GDP Tibets GDP in 2008 reached 39. 6 billion Yuan. Tibets economy has grown on average 15% per year from 2000 to 2008. In the first six months of 2008, economic growth in Tibet was negatively affected by Lhasa riots.Source http//news. xinhuanet. com/english/2009-03/30/content_11098888. htm Report on economic and social development of Tibet Slide 6 China has invested 310billion yuan (about 45. 6billion U. S. dollars) in Tibet since 2001. The GDP per capita reached 15. 000 Yuan in 2009. Source http//www. starmass. com/china_review/provincial_overview/tibet_demographic_economy. htm Tibet demographic analysis and economy overview I COULDNT FIND whatsoever GOOD VIDEOS http//www. youtube. com/watch? v=_xkzjvx7SzEfeature=related

Photos That Changed the World

As you know the word setting is great queen to influence wads mind. Picture can change perception, social, political position and correct identity. I want to discourse about most popular and prestigious documentary image that changed the world. It would be hard to imagine a technology that had more than impact on 20th deoxycytidine monophosphate life than picture taking the automobile, the airplane, nuclear power, wholly of these were higher profile than mental picturegraphy, yet in day-after-day terms, moving picturegraphy was truly the most pervasive. First Id standardized to tell some facts about moving-picture show journalism.It is a particular represent of journalism that creates images in order to tell a news story. As for me documentary photography is similar to photojournalism. Documentary photography broadly relates to overnight term projects with a more complex story line, while photojournalism concerns more breaking news stories. There is a final branc h of photography directly related to popular social life, and that is documentary photography. Documentary projects generally focus on social reality and human life, informed by the strong feelings of the photographer.They are photographs with a point of view, foc development not only when on events, but on the daily texture of life of their subjects. galore(postnominal) reformist projects in the earlier years of the 20th century were documents of disfavor social groups in dire straits, poverty, and cultural alienation. But projects toward the end of the century meet tended to be more personal to the photographers, sometimes documenting the photographers admit social group and concerns. People love pictures. Text without pictures is muted to the mass audience.Drawings and engravings had been used in newspapers and magazines for a long time. As untimely as the Crimean War in the mid-19th century, photographers were using the novel technology of the recession camera to record images of British selliers in the field. However, the widespread use of cameras as a way of reporting news did not come until the sexual climax of smaller, more portable cameras that used the enlargeable film negative to record images. The creative activity of the 35 mm Leica camera in the 1930s made it realizable for photographers to move with the action, taking crannys of events as they were unfolding.Id like to present photo in a in chronological order. In 1908 photographer Lewis Hine was chartered by the National Child Labor Committee. He traveled crosswise states, capturing images of pincerren working in mines, mills and on the streets. Here he has photographed surf boys, whose job was to separate coal from slate, in South Pittston, Pa. this photo was one and only(a) of the factors that influenced the adoption of laws prohibiting child labor. The photograph depicts 11 men eating lunch, sit down on a girder with their feet dangling hundreds of feet above the New York City streets.Ebbets took the photo on September 29, 1932, and it appeared in the New York Herald Tribune in its sunlight photo supplement on October 2. The photo was interpreted during construction of the GE Building at Rockefeller Center and it is named Lunch atop a Skyscraper. motion picture was taken by Dorothea Lange in 1936. This California farmworker, age 32, had just sold her tent and the tires off her car to buy food for her seven kids. The family was donjon on scavenged vegetables and wild birds. This work helped convince the public and the government of the compulsion to help farmers.Lange later say that this woman, whose name she did not ask, seemed to know that my pictures readiness help her, and so she helped me. Thanks to the power of images, the explosion of the Hindenburg in 1937, claims to be biggest disaster of the 20th century. In fact, it wasnt even the worst Zeppelin dissipate of the 20th century. Of the 97 people aboard, a surprising 62 survived. The misha p effectively killed the use of dirigibles as a commercially viable regularity of passenger transport, ending the golden age of the airship not with a whimper, but with a horrific bang that was photographed and then spread close to the globe.Of course you know this photo. Soviet Union soldiers raising the flag on the roof of Reichstag building in Berlin in May, 1945. Photo was taken by a Red Army photographer Yevgeny Khaldei. Later took photographs of the Nazis at the Nuremberg Trials. It is a sad story, because famous photographer, that took such a powerful photo for Soviet Union ideology, was fired in 1947 because he was a Jew. Americans also have their national flag rising. The battle was the first American attack on the Japanese Home Islands.It was immortalized by Joe Rosenthal in 1945. On August 14, 1945 Alfred Eisenstaedt took this photo on Times Square. It is named Victory over Japan Day or The Kiss. That portrays an American sailor kissing a woman in a white dress. The ima ge remains an enduring symbol of Americas ebullience at the end of a long struggle. Racial segregation is the interval of different racial groups in daily life activities, such as eating in a restaurant, drinking from a water fountain, using a washroom, attending school, going to the movies, or urchasing a home. The picture shows a man drinking from a segregated water fountain. The photo was taken in 1950 by Elliot Erwitt. June 11, 1963 a Buddhistic monk from Vietnam, burned himself to end in downtown in Saigon to bring attention to the repressive policies of the regime. Buddhist monks asked the regime to lift its ban on flying the traditional Buddhist flag, to grant Buddhism the same rightfulnesss as Catholicism and to give Buddhist monks and nuns the right to practice and spread their religion. While burning monk never go a muscle.After capturing and executing Che in 1967, before bury him in a secret tomb, the executioners made a group photo with the body, to demonstrate the people that EL GRAN CHE is dead. The picture actually made him a legend, his admirers said he had a forgiving look on his face and compared him with Jesus. On this famous photo South Vietnams national police headland pulls out his pistol and executes a Vietcong captain with a single shot to the head. It instantly became an icon of the wars savagery. But it is not so simple.The man universe shot was the captain of a Vietcong revenge squad that had executed piles of unarmed civilians earlier the same day. A photograph, named The Agony of Omayra Sanchez was taken by Frank Fournier in 1985. She was one of the 25,000 victims of volcano which erupted in Columbia on November 14, 1985. Girl had been trapped in water and concrete for 3 days. The picture was taken shortly before she died. Photo has caused many discussions about morals rules of Documentary Photograph. Steve McCurry took this photo in refugee camp in Afghanistan.Girl was orphaned during the Soviet Unions bombing of Afghan istan and sent to the Nasir Bagh refugee camp in Pakistan in 1984. Her village was attacked by Soviet helicopter gunships. The image of her face, with a red scarf cloaked loosely over her head and with her piercing sea-green eyes double-dyed(a) directly into the camera, became a symbol both of the 1980s Afghan encroach and of the refugee situation worldwide. This is probably the most famous picture you know. This is the picture of a student who tries to stop the tanks in Tiananmen Square standing in apparent movement of them.The tank driver didnt crush the man with the bags but shortly after, the square filled with blood. The photo showed the Chinese that there is hope. However, China is allay controlled by a communist regime. The photo is the Pulitzer Prize winning photo taken in 1994 during the Sudan Famine. The picture depicts stricken child crawling towards an fall in Nations food camp, located a kilometer away. The vulture is waiting for the child to die so that it can ea t him. This picture shocked the substantial world.No one knows what happened to the child, including the photographer Kevin Carter who left the place as soon as the photograph was taken. Three months later he committed suicide callable to depression. I do not offer photos of the last few years, because I do not have enough time. And it is too early to talk about the fact that they changed the world. I will show you only one. This photo depicting Jewish woman defying Israeli security forces as they make illegal settlers in the West Bank of Jordan river. My selection of photos is subjective, you can easily disagree with me.But the format of the report (informative speech) saves me from criticism. Conclusion So as a conclusion I want to say that as for me photo is the most powerful media tool in XX th century. And now, in the lucre epoch, we are reposting photos all the time. Documentary photo has its own tradition, its own rules, their own code of ethics. Sometimes it is on the e dge of social morality. Almost all shown pictures somehow influenced the course of history. Some of them were used by ideological regimes. other part of them became public. But in the 21st century we know and mark them.

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Bio Answers

Lecture Quiz- 10/9/2010 Answer Key 1. The scientific study of life is called A. biology B. ecology C. anatomy D. biochemistry E. limnology 2. Human beings ar _______________ because they ar composed of many booth types. A. uni kioskular B. acellular C. corrupt D. autophytic E. multicellular 3. A/an _______ is composed of a group of sympathetic cells that perform a particular function. A. reed organ B. system C. organism D. wind E. population 4. Choose the CORRECT order (1-5) of increasing complexity/organization. A. 1) create from raw materials, (2) organ systems, (3) cells, (4) organs, (5) organism B. (1) cells, (2) organ systems, (3) tissues, (4) organs, (5) organism C. (1) tissues, (2) organs, (3) organ systems, (4) cells, (5) organism D. (1) cells, (2) tissues, (3) organs, (4) organ systems, (5) organism 5. In an experiment designed to test the effect of temperature on goldfish respiration, the temperatures that were changed represent the ______ variable. A. control B. re sponding C. experimental D. correlative E. placebo 6. Which of the following is considered a basic tissue type?A. epithelial B. connective C. muscle D. nervous E. every of the above 7. ____________ exist as small biconcave blood cells that overleap a nucleus when they are mature and carry oxygen through with(predicate)out the body. A. Neutrophils B. Erythrocytes C. Platelets D. Monocytes E. Lymphocytes 8. ___________ receives sensory input, integrates data, and conducts impulses. A. Epithelial tissue B. Connective tissue C. Muscular tissue D. Nervous tissue E. Vascular tissue 9. The phospholipid bilayer that surrounds/maintains the integrity of a cell is called a A. plasma tissue layer B.Sanger enclosure C. hydrophobic membrane D. dialysis membrane E. mosaic membrane 10. _____________ are small membranous structures that occur inwardly the cell and have various functions. A. Matrices B. Organelles C. Cytoskeleton D. Golgi bodies E. Ribosomes 11. In the fluid-mosaic model of th e plasma membrane, the phospholipid molecules are oriented so that the _____________ heads are facing the outside environment and the ________________ follow are facing the interior of the membrane. A. hydrophobic, hydrophilic B. hydrophilic, hydrophobic C. utotrophic, heterotrophic D. heterotrophic, autotrophic E. ectothermic, endothermic 12. The diffusion of water across a semi-permeable membrane is called A. denaturation B. osmosis C. sprinkle D. dissociation E. reconstitution 13. Choose the CORRECT statement about solute concentrations or particles inside and outside the cell. A. In a hypertonic solution, there are more than than particles inside the cell. B. In a hypotonic solution, there are more particles outside the cell. C. In an isosmotic solution the offspring of particles is equal. D.Lysis usually occurs when a cell is exposed to hypertonic solutions. E. Lysis occurs when a cell is exposed to an isotonic solution 14. The assisted transportation of a molecule acros s the cell membrane without an expenditure of energy is known as ______. A. diffusion B. facilitated transport C. active transport D. osmosis E. None of the choices are correct. 15. The _______ is a stack of close to curved saccules that are important in packaging and secretion. A. mitochondria B. vacuoles C. Golgi apparatus D. lysosomes E. Endoplasmic reticulum 16.Molecular biologists have determined that during protein synthesis that the messenger RNA exits the nucleus through small openings in the thermonuclear envelope. These openings are known as ____. A. nuclear pores B. nucleoli C. Golgi bodies D. lysosomes E. peroxisomes 17. Glycolysis occurs within the ___________ and the citric acid cycle and electron transport compass occur within the _____________. A. mitochondrion, cytoplasm B. mitochondrion, plasma membrane C. cytoplasm, mitochondrion D. cytoplasm, lysosome E. plasma membrane, cytoplasm 18.The formation of ______ bonds involves the transfer of electrons from one at om to another nearby atom. A. covalent B. ionic C. hydrogen D. polar E. all of the above 19. In an acidic solution A. the itemise of H+ is less than the number of OHB. the number of OH- is greater than the number of H+ C. the number of H+ is equal to the number of OHD. the number of H+ is greater than the number of OHE. none of the above 20. Glucose partitioning leads to _________. A. DNA replication B. ATP buildup C. RNA synthesis D. ATP abjection E. ADP breakdown