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Balance in Life

Living in today’s fast-paced lifestyle is a very common scene among us and sometimes we took for granted that our life is no longer in balance. Our way of life is already a very stressful one for the reason that we do not know how to balance it anymore. Some of us may able to ask ourselves with â€Å"what does it feels like having a balance life? †, â€Å"how can we achieve that balance so we could minimize our stress? †, and â€Å"what is life in balance means? † Defining balance in life is a very vague perception among people.We all have different ideas about the subject and we have different ways of measuring it (Mundell, 2004). Moreover, knowing what balance in life means would also depend on the context of the conversation and the person’s viewpoint. (Lockwood, 2003) â€Å"A figurative definition of balance refers to a big-picture notion of our lives as a whole. † (MSN Arabia, 2005) We try to define balance by comparing our normal daily activities with an additional tasks, like for instance of being a mother, a wife and going on a job. Achieving this balance in life is through adjusting our priorities and knowing what is important to us.As a mother, a wife and a worker/employee, we try to balance the conflicts that exist between the need for security with work and the need to satisfy our family. (MSN Arabia, 2005) We define balance in life as it relies on our desire to feel successful both at work and our personal life at the same time. (Mundell, 2004) Balance in life could mean having a balance diet also. Our body needs a well balanced diet, like good supply of carbohydrates, especially high-fiber foods, water, vitamins and minerals, a certain amount of protein, fat, and bacteria.Thus, in preparing our meals, we can control what we are going to add on it and what we are going to cut back, like adding more fruits and vegetables to our food and cutting back those saturated fats. (MSN Arabia, 2005) Balance in life al so imply achieving physical balance both internal and external, thus, when we are able to achieve that physical balance, we can attain a sense of beauty. Because natures follow a balancing act, when we attain physical balance, we become more beautiful in the eyes of the beholder. (MSN Arabia, 2005)Generally, when we speak about balance, what comes into our mind is the management of time. Sometimes we always run out of time for ourselves, we always gave this time for other people especially for our love ones. When we already have to do something for ourselves to make us better, we always makes excuses that we are busy enough that we do not have time to do it, and we are tired of doing it. Continuing this unhealthy habit of time management would just make our task or work unproductive, even worst we could also make the people around us feel ungrateful.Thus, if we both have balance in life and time management in harmony with each other, we can have effectiveness in everything we do. We could find a room and a time to do everything that we enjoy. Finding time for ourselves benefit us of self-confidence and pride in ourselves. (MSN Arabia, 2005) Balance in life could also mean helping conquering our limitations. Since fears set our limitations of doing something we love to do, we get frustrated in life by not achieving what we want. Once we can conquer that fear we are facing, our lives gets easier and we can enjoy being ourselves.We could accept our limitations at present but we could look forward improving it. Finally, balance in life means achieving a fulfillment. We need to balance ourselves such that the various elements in our life focus on our fulfillment, to help us eventually reach a level where we can pursue our personal desires. (MSN Arabia, 2005) We need to work in balancing our life or else we will lose the balance of body, mind, and soul. Sources: MSN Arabia, (2005). Adding Balance Back to Life. Retrieved March 27, 2007, from MSN Arabia Web site: http ://www.arabia. msn. com/Family_Home/health_fitness/17/ Mundell, Heather (2004, November 9). Ending the Battle for Balance. Retrieved March 27, 2007, from Selfgrowth. com: The Online Self Improvement Encyclopedia Web site: http://www. selfgrowth. com/articles/Mundell1. html Lockwood, Nancy R. (2003, June). Work/life balance: challenges and solutions – 2003 Research Quarterly. HR Magazine, Retrieved March 27, 2007, from http://findarticles. com/p/articles/mi_m3495/is_6_48/ai_102946878 (Lockwood, 2003)

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David Jones SWOT Essay

David Jones Ltd (DJS), one of Australia’s oldest and most recognised department stores was founded in Sydney in 1838 and is a retailer of diversified products ranging from clothes to daily home products. This report’s purpose is to provide the David Jones’ Board and Senior Management advice through the assessment of SWOT, resources, capabilities and strategies with a Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Map as the measurement of the strategies. Part A-1: David Jones Strategic Analysis – SWOT STRENGTHS †¢ Brand Name, Product and Brand Portfolio DJS was the first department store in Australia and its black-on-white hounds tooth was judged one of the Australia’s top ten favourite trademarks in 20061. DJS maintains a wide variety of products and brands ranging from fashion to electrical goods with a portfolio of over 1000 brands covering international and local labels as well as its own internal DJS and DJS Plus brand names. †¢ Services Portfolio David Jones offers both in store and financial services to cater for customers. In store services include personal shopping, style advisors, beauty and free health screening services. Financial services provided include David Jones Platinum AMEX, Qantas Frequent Flyers points and the DJS Store card. Corporate services provided include DJ gift cards. †¢ Store Portfolio Operates 35 stores and two warehouse outlets in metropolitan locations nationally. The four premium Sydney and Melbourne CBD retail properties are owned outright with 85,000 sqm of retail space plus existing leased properties and the opening of new village format stores in areas with appropriate demographics with no major shopping centre. †¢ Capability for Fund Raising Even with challenging retail conditions, DJS’ balance sheet exhibits strong fundamentals exhibited by solid cash flows, low debt to equity and debt to asset ratios in FY11 and FY12. WEAKNESSES †¢ High Brand Switching – Low Brand Loyalty DJS is primarily a mid to high-end luxury brand. With the multitude of product and service options available for consumers from direct and indirect competitors and the current economic environment, David Jones target market is now seeking out bargains when it comes spending. †¢ Limited Global Penetration With the globalisation of retailing, DJS faces formidable competition in an attempt to increase its penetration in domestic and international markets as confirmed in the IbisWorld Report, â€Å"the globalisation of this industry is low but the trend is increasing†. †¢ Weak Profitability Indicators Volatility in the global equity markets, financial uncertainty in Europe and the US and weak domestic consumer sentiment impacted on DJS’ financial performance leading to a decline in all profitability ratios in 2012 as compared to FY112. †¢ Narrow Target Market David Jones focuses on the premium market and with a key external driver of retail sales being real disposable income, DJS’ market primarily comprises of the â€Å"baby boomers† with high disposable income, who under the current economic climate have reduced their spending dramatically. (IbisWorld 2012 p.15) OPPORTUNITIES †¢ Growth prospects: E-Retail With developments in technology and an increasing number of people utilising either computer or smartphone platforms, the trend towards online shopping is increasingly popular market both for its high efficiency and convenience with massive potential still to be explored in Australia. Statistics show 12% of sales earnings are derived from e-retail in UK compared to 4.9% in Australia. †¢ Business transformation With the rise of E-commerce, consumers have more options than ever before. To seize the opportunity and become a more enhanced profitable unit is to be vigilante across channels thereby giving customers many options for purchasing products, which involve providing the personalisation of physical stores, online options for convenience and engagement through social media. †¢ Brand expansion Globalization brings in more brands and more competition from other countries. Instead of being a competitor, DJS sees this as an opportunity of a ‘win-win’ situation by cooperating with more international suppliers evidenced by the introduction of 300 new brands over the past 26 months. †¢ Business expansion The physical store is an â€Å"experiential centre† where customers are able to interact with the brand and although e-retail provides choice, convenience and access, face to face customer service still reigns supreme (business insider article) the physical store plays an important role in the retail industry allowing consumers to touch, feel and take a product home fast. By increasing physical presence, and improving systems and processes, companies will be able to enhance the customer experience. THREATS †¢ Customer income and preference influence Real household disposable income has reflected a downward trend from 2009 to 2013 and household saving did not decrease during 2012, which reduced the level of cash flow meaning store sales will be affected by a decreased level of income remaining for shopping after spending on daily necessities. In addition to this, switching costs remain low for customer changing their preferences because of the diversity of options like Myer, K-Mart or the brand retailer like ZARA and Gucci. †¢ Counterfeit goods market As globalisation brings in new and various products, counterfeit goods also spread quickly. This has a negative influence on local retailers and trademark owners by taking away part of their local market share, taking advantage of the designs of a brand’s products as well as the millions of jobs lost, lost tax revenue and additional welfare spending as a result of counterfeit products. †¢ Competitive environment There are an increasing number of overseas and online competitors entering the Australia market. In addition, a strong Australia currency and online business exploration is also seen as a threat to retailers for it has a  deflationary impact on domestic sales4. †¢ Growing employment and wages – rising cost of doing business in general IbisWorld has stated that the capital to wage cost is expected to be 1:6.590 in 2013. Although industry research indicates employment and wages reducing in 2013, David Jones is increasing sales staff working hours and introducing hundreds of new positions in a bid to improve customer service and engagement. Part A-2 From our analysis on the external environment we have understood that in recent years the Australian department store industry has been characterised by increasing competition due to the presence of online competitors and overseas specialists, like Zara and Top Shop. Moreover, adverse macro-economic conditions further decrease the potential profitability of the industry. In fact after the GFC, a deteriorated â€Å"consumer sentiment index† and a reduced real household disposable income together with a strong Australian dollar increase the level of rivalry significantly. In this kind of environment, we strongly believe that DJS must rely on two fundamental capabilities: first class customer engagement and customer service and Brand Positioning. These two capabilities are mainly based on a common group of resources in addition to some specific resources that are tabled in Appendix X in detail. Upon analysis of the internal environment of DJS, the key factors for the success of the firm are: †¢ The property portfolio, which includes a basket of extremely well located and high-end profile buildings in all the major cities in Australia. These stores are unique and highly desirable assets for a premium retailer, are highly costly to imitate and difficult to substitute for potential premium competitors since they are a highly scarce resource. †¢ DJ’s is a particularly well-capitalised company with significant borrowing capacity as demonstrated by a gearing ratio of 13%, interest coverage ratio of 14.5x (FY12) and excess cash held allowing the company to continue investing in the development of its strategy. †¢ The brand portfolio; with over 1000 brands DJS can meet the expectations of its customers and ensure the preservation of its premium brand leadership as â€Å"home of brands† †¢ The employees and management culture; DJS has and continues to invest in training and development programs to ensure that the â€Å"face† and the â€Å"leaders† of the company are strongly oriented to customer retention and satisfaction. In assessing whether the two capabilities  mentioned above constitute a core competency for DJS, we have reached the following conclusion: 1) Ability to develop and maintain first class customer engagement and customer service Criteria Assessment Valuable Yes A high level of customer service is a key element for the success of the David Jones’ differentiation strategy. Rare Yes In the department store competitive arena only Myer have achieved a similar level of customer service. Non-substitutable Yes On-line based competitors can circumnavigate some key resources of this capability such as premium store locations and well-trained employees through an efficient on-line web store, however the physical experience of shopping in the store cannot be replaced. Costly-to-Imitate No First class customer service is extremely difficult to imitate and would require any potential competitor to heavily invest in training and services, although as Myer (Roy Morgan Awards in 2012) has shown this capability can be replicated in the long run. According to our vision, DJS has a temporary competitive advantage from its first class customer engagement and service since, at the status quo only Myer has a similar capability. However, it is of primary importance that DJS keep improving, for instance through an impeccable implementation of its OCR strategy in order to further improve the quality of its customer service so as to avoid new entrants reaching the same level of service. 2) Brand Positioning: ability to maintain premium leadership status in the department store market as the â€Å"Home of Brands† Criteria Assessment Valuable Yes This capability helps DJS to justify its premium price and to increase customer loyalty. Rare Yes The premium brand of DJS is a unique capability; no ones in the actual competitive environment can rely on a similar core competency. Non-substitutable Yes There is no strategic substitute for this capability; the DJS brand is one of the most iconic brands in Australia. Costly-to-Imitate Yes Developing a brand identity comparable to DJS is not one that can be achieved easily by competitors due to the massive investment required and the unique historical conditions that have contributed to form it. DJS has a Sustainable Competitive Advantage from its brand and in our opinion, the firm should heavily leverage on it to successfully implement its future strategy. PART A3 – Stakeholder Analysis Stakeholder group Specific interest Assessment of Shareholder value alignment 1. Employees Employees in David Jones as same as other employees who are interested in premium payout, promotion, training and recognition from employers. Fair company policies e.g. safety workplace and effective company communication and structure are additional requirement staff are looking – Employee reward to encourage employee to flow in their idea to the business e.g. Innovation Workshop – Training provided to retain staff: executive leadership program, Future leaders program, Operations Online Compliance Training – Incentive program in different level of management that align with shareholder value, e.g. New Frontline Incentive Incentive program only represents part of employees’ salary which means employees’ interest is not fully aligned with shareholders. 2. Customers Customers in David Jones prefer exclusiveness. The products they purchase from DJS won’t be able to find outside the store. That also applies to  shopping experiences which they are serviced in professional and friendly environment that cannot be experienced in other shops. Customers expect DJS can provide the best brand with premium quality and reasonable price. Only added value products can be found in DJS Customers are common to look for better price with top quality and service however shareholders expect DJS to be more profitable with generous dividend, especially DJS have maintained GP in these few years. It is a fact that both parties’ interests are contradicted. Ultimately customer satisfaction draws higher sales and margin. Mainly happy and loyal customers can maintain the profits in long term which shareholders can receive benefit 3. Suppliers They want to maintain good relationship with David Jones and make long term contract to get good margin for their business. Because of the reputation of DJ, suppliers want to achieve their brand recognition in the market. Suppliers’ value do not align with DJ’s shareholders’ value, they desire to maximize their margin but the cost of goods increase which lower shareholders dividend. But considering the brand recognition and reputation, both shareholders and suppliers want to capture market shares. They have to obtain a balance between their interests. 4. Community The community expects DJ concerns more about corporate social responsibility such as social wellbeing and environment sustainability such as producing environmental annual report and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. DJS outlines a list of environmentally sustainable managements to eliminate greenhouse gases, wastes and promote energy saving. DJS give charity leave to employees to support the National Breast Cancer Foundation and monetary support other charities. Community is not fully satisfied as DJS only concern a small portion of the society. Every group of stakeholders’ value has certain degree of alignment with shareholders but none of them is fully in lined. DJ relatively put more effort to appreciate employees who are the key personnel to draw the sales. However, the unbalance of stakeholders’ investment will disappoint the others and DJS should be careful to avoid any relationship damage. Part A-4: David Jones Generic Business Level Strategy In a highly concentrated and competitive retail environment, David Jones  pursues a Differentiation Strategy. It has historically targeted the 30 to 54 year old high income woman and the strategic factors relevant to her and is now seeking to expand this market to include the younger generation with medium to high disposable income. David Jones is known as a â€Å"quality† store and to achieve this, it focuses on providing a combination of exclusive product ranges, a high standard of customer service, image and store presentation and location. This is directly evidenced by optimisation of the David Jones private label and the introduction of over 300 new brands over the past 26 months. Additionally, further investment in customer service and engagement via increased frontline staff hours and in-store events as well as its continued focus on its personal shopping service and the introduction of style advisors offers their target shopper the complete shopping experience. PART B Transformation Suitability According to pro-rata population, the number of online customers in Australia ranks the third, but the sales generated from e-channel are far lower than other countries (IBIS-pp33). Although there is increasing competition in online business, retailers need online channels to expand business and take advantage of e-commerce to serve both national and international customers (IBIS-PP4). Feasibility In 2012, David Jones invested more than A$11 million in Technology CAPEX (AR12) and allocated a 200 person team in collaboration with IBM to successfully implement its â€Å"technological† revolution. High bargaining power with suppliers and very strong brand identity can greatly assist in the Price Harmonisation Process. Overall, David Jones has the necessary borrowing capacity and management skills to properly implement its turnaround strategy. Consistency DJS strategic point of â€Å"Transforming the Business† is not entirely consistent with its generic business level strategy but aims to provide a solid structural retail platform upon which its supplemental strategic points of â€Å"strengthening the core business† and â€Å"growing the store network† can  flourish as signified by price harmonisation which allows DJS to be competitive on price but not a â€Å"discounter†. Shareholders Value Implication This is risky to conclude that Omni channel is profitable when other competitors have already got a well developed system several years ago. The cost to maintain and develop this channel will take a couple of years to recover and reduce profit margin in the short term. Better customer engagement via mobile or internet and price reduction through price harmonization will attract more customers to shop at DJS over competitors, with potential to offset the expenses and eventually increase profit margin in long term. Strengthening the core business Suitability After the global financial crisis, expected profit margin decline to 3.9% in 2012-2013’s department industry with scaling back of disposable income, cost reduction becomes a key factor for keeping GP margin (IBIS pp19). Keeping high margin categories helps to increase GP margin. Brand portfolio is also important for mitigating competition from the effect of globalization. However, even though DJS has a better inventory management system, cutting time for clearance events may still cause excess inventories, which may incur inventory costs. Overall, this strategy is suitable in the current environment. Feasibility In 2012 David Jones added 85 new brands into its â€Å"Home of Brand† model. DJS can leverage on its brand positioning and on its knowledgeable merchandising team to develop its brand portfolio. DJS has the financial resources to fully complete the store refurbishment program. This together with the change in product mix (Fashion&Beauty/Home) should guarantee a higher GP margin. The reduction of the CODB is based on the management team’s capabilities and on the new investment in technology that have allowed a more efficient way of conducting business. Consistency â€Å"Strengthening the Core Business† is directly related to DJS generic strategy  of differentiation through its focus on â€Å"Offering the best National and International Brands† and the high value refurbishments it is undertaking. By continuing to invest in and expand its brand portfolio as well as the image and presentation of its stores and the provision of accompanying services, DJS provides an experience not offered by any other department store in Australia. Shareholders Value Implication In the short time, expanding labels and store refurbishment will lower DJS margin. In long term, the aim for David Jones is to minimize COBD and strengthen GP generation which improves operational profit and ultimately increases dividend to shareholders. B2 – Key Stakeholder Implications Impact on this stakeholder group Proposal to better align stakeholder interests with shareholder value 1. Employees Positive: open challenge and opportunity. It is risky but it will be profitable if success Negative: senior management was forced to leave DJS due to internal restructure happened in 2012.Time to adapt new systems and management. High risk to fail the negotiation with supplier to harmonise the cost. 2. Customers Positive: better shopping experience (store refurbishments). Open another channel to shop (Internet/mobile); welcome lower price; better customer service ; more brands to shop   Ã¢â‚¬â€œ Increase customer retention and loyalty (more exclusive brands) – profitable customers which drive higher profit and give out more dividend. – Lower price encourage to choose DJ over competitors and potentially improve margin – Store refurbishment attracts more customers to come and visit. 3. Suppliers Negative: Cost of good is entitled to price harmonization agreement. Profit is minimised. Increase competition between suppliers when DJS introduce more labels to sell. – Increase brand awareness and market share to offset the margin loss due to price harmonisation. Shareholder is also benefit if sales are promoted by lowering the price. 4. Community Positive: Mobile apps and website will facilitate the communication with the community and provide more business opportunities to benefit the society. Introducing more products of choice to society and encouraging employment rate. Negative: refurbishment and new stores increase greenhouse gas emission and wastes. ​The new strategies have both positive and negative impact on stakeholders. The above analysis gives us a picture that customer is clear winner and supplier is loser in these new strategies. DJS has a lot of works to do in order to create the links of interest between all stakeholders and shareholders. Suppliers’ benefit will be captured in long term if DJS can achieve the goals of these strategies and increase sustainable sales.

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Wellbeing in college Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Wellbeing in college - Essay Example A great sense of well being does not just come but it is earned, it is not something natural but rather something earned. Students who want the best out of themselves have to develop te great sense of well-being through learning and developing it. If a student feels that life is no on their side, it is a high time to realize that lack of sense of well being must have contributed to the miseries that befallen them. And the failures to fix things rights by the students should be their wake up call to quickly sprung into action by looking for ways to improve their sense of well-being. It’s not just about students feeling well about themselves but also their friends, families, study places and the communities they live in all benefit from them having a healthy, proactive approach to managing their wellbeing. Any wellbeing should be seen from a broader perspective. Good emotional and physical health can turn into the unprecedented serious mental health conditions if wellbeing is no t given due considerations.

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The Process of Currency Conversion Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Process of Currency Conversion - Assignment Example A spot exchange rate is a rate used in an instant currency conversion agreement between two or more parties. Spot exchange is carried out in a spot exchange market, which is part of the foreign exchange market. On the other hand, the forward exchange rate is the rate agreed on today, to convert currencies at a future date specified in the agreement. Company X, based in Saudi Arabia, plans of purchasing equipment from two suppliers. Considering the location of the sellers, the buyer will have to decide on whether to exchange AED for Euros or the pound. The initial amount set for the purchase is AED 50 million. Both the financial manager and the CEO of Company X plans to take advantage of exchange rate fluctuations and, if the opportunity arises, lowers the cost of the purchase. The equipment is quoted to cost â‚ ¬ 1,090,000 and  £ 860,000 in Euro and pounds respectively. In order to make informed choices, exchange rate movements will be observed for five days from 24th to 28th December. On that note, this assignment presents a five-day exchange rate in a table format showing the value of AED 50 million, for each day, in both the currencies (Pounds and Euros). For each of the five days, the cost of the purchase and the impact of the decision are presented. Last, a report that provides justifications that the decision made is favorable to the company also is provided. For the purpose of purchasing the equipment, the currency used for the transaction is Euros. The equipment has been quoted to cost â‚ ¬ 1,090,000. The table 3 below shows the cost of the equipment in AED based on the exchange rates observations presented in table 1 above. Based on table 3 above, the company will spend AED 4,880,867 when purchasing the equipment within the seven day period when the offer is still valid. When comparing the new cost with the planned initial outlay, the company will spend less than anticipated.

History Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 15

History - Essay Example This was the only immediate option for our survival as the owner of the farm we used to till included us on the list of peasant families that were to be removed from its custody due to extreme hardship (Curtis). When the entire Ireland experienced food shortage between 1845-1846 (Curtis), my husband’s illness worsened and he died at the height of the Great Famine. The extremely difficult life in Ireland at that time, leaving only in potato for subsistence (Curtis) had made the call of the Statue of Liberty irresistible. I soon decided to accept the opportunity to flee from the hunger which afflicted Ireland and the painful memory of my husband’s death. I boarded a ship to America on December, 1846 bringing along our five year-old boy, Oliver. After a â€Å"6 to 8 weeks† (â€Å"Irish Settlement†) voyage, my son and I safely arrived in America on February, 1847. We landed in New York and the America that met us was bustling with activity. I saw thousands of immigrants like myself willing to become â€Å"servants with a promise of land and a new life in the new country† (â€Å"Irish Settlement†). I desired to work in one of the many existing factories in New York but found myself wanting of job opportunities. I realized then that we arrived at a time when America was, as described by John Curl, on the brink of technological advancement in machinery thereby creating â€Å"unskilled laborers out of the formerly skilled workers.† Indeed, my son and I were welcomed in 1847 by an America that was buried in â€Å"depression, layoffs, wage cuts and failing strikes† (Curl). It was a terrible experience. I found myself competing with the â€Å"Native-born Americans† (Curl) for factory jobs and being a woman and an immigrant made it even more difficult. I then failed to find a job in New York. During our brief stay in New York, I heard many fellow immigrants recount their â€Å"helpless condition† in America upon arrival (Maguire, 1868). â€Å"Many families were

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Aging and Media For Nursing Student Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Aging and Media For Nursing Student - Assignment Example The contemporary world is surrounded by media and people within the society take up the images, impressions, sounds, and ideas that the media portrays towards aging. The media reflects key values within the society (Vickers, 2007). Representation of the older people and aging in the media serves two main purposes; (a) it may lead to the revelation of the general stereotypes that are in existence in the society, and (b) it may reinforce or teach the existing stereotypes (Darnell, Krisiola and Mason, 2010). Young adults and children have limited contact with the older adults and they may develop beliefs on the issue of aging depending on what they hear and see in the media. If there s underrepresentation of the older adults in the media or most of the media representations are negative, then it follows that negative stereotypes develop (Darnell, Krisiola and Mason, 2010). There are two theories that attempt to explain the impact of the media within the society. The theories are: (a) so cial learning theory, and (b) cultivation theory. The social learning theory asserts that the young adults are mostly influenced by what they hear and see in the media and in the process the young person apes the models he or she hears or sees (Vickers, 2007). The cultivation theory asserts that the substance of the contemporary mass media has the capability of shaping the individuals’ perceptions of the universe. In this modern society, people encounter images that constantly change the way people feel and think on a number of issues.

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Hate Violence Turn it off by Tim Goodman Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Hate Violence Turn it off by Tim Goodman - Essay Example Goodman reiterates his thesis statement throughout his essay to make sure that his argument is easy enough to understand and his reasoning simple enough to follow. The social context of this essay is applicable to almost anyone, from young children to concerned adults. While this essay seems to be meant for children, in actual fact Goodman is trying to get through to parents because he knows they are in a position to enforce change in the family home. Goodman used logical arguments that parents would understand, but even more important was the fact that he did not go overboard by criticizing parents too much. The author tried to steer parents away from complaining about violence on television to a local official and instead use the remote to take control back of the television. I feel that Goodman did make a good choice for the intended audience and purpose of this assignment because if he had missed the mark then he may have made people resent his argument. The writer used a clear structure to his essay with three distinct supporting arguments. More importantly, Goodman continually stressed the overall purpose of the essay after every couple of paragraphs so that the reader did not forget what the argument was. Goodman used to tone and language that was necessary for parents of young kids to hear. He tried to get on their side by pointing out that complaining about it won't actually do anything and they should be the ones to make a change rather than telling others to change. Goodman quite rightfully states that some people prefer to watch violence on television, and those people should not have their rights taken away just because someone else doesn't like it. Instead, we all have the choice to watch or not watch so it really comes back to us. Â  

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Chesapeake and New England Colonies Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Chesapeake and New England Colonies - Term Paper Example Chesapeake and New England Colonies Early lifestyles of native Chesapeake inhabitants were affected by both geography and climate while social structure was imbalanced, especially that they had a shorter life expectancy. When Chesapeake became a British colony, there was no difference in terms of population growth. If it did, then it would be a lower life expectancy rate than those who were native settlers. The immigrants' life span was lowered to five years compared to that of the immigrants settling in Northern colonies. This is attributed to the immigrants' lack of immunity of the place's diseases such as malaria (Foner 16). Family life is well instilled in the early Chesapeake community. Children are trained to handle the family at an early age because parents die young. It is said that when a child turns 5, there is a 50 percent chance of losing a parent, or both parents (J. Volo and D. Volo). They were taught how to deal with familial responsibility such as taking care of their brothers and sisters and doing hous ehold chores. Their strong attachment to nature also influenced the natives’ belief system. As expected, they believe in supernatural and complex gods of nature. They attribute the weather, their harvest, and other natural events in general as the gods' reaction to their doings (Mountford). For example, if there is a storm, they would assume that the gods are not pleased with what they are doing. Another region in the colonial America is the New England colonies. While Chesapeake’s settlers had been living in the place ages before the formation of New England Colonies, the latter has a greater number of populations probably because they constitute more land area than the other or active economic ventures of the place. New England colonies include Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Islands, and Connecticut. New England colonies were more improved compared to the Chesapeake region. They make use of land and aquatic agriculture and sell its products to ot her people. In the farming area however, they are not as blessed as Chesapeake of having fertile soil. Farmers are able to plant only one kind of crop because the climate is cold and the soil freezes at certain points of the year. When this time of the year comes, they would shift their means of living to fishing. Being near the Atlantic is advantageous for the people's sustenance because of abundant fish supply. Women are even part of the active economic cycle as merchants, selling home made goods such as soaps, candles and garments (â€Å"The New England†). The religious activities of the people in the New England Colonies are very formal and institutionalized. Unlike in Chesapeake, religious institutions such as the Quaker, Puritan, Baptist, Anglican, Jewish, Catholic, and Congregationalist were beginning to grow, influencing much of the social norms in that society (â€Å"Life in the 13 Colonies†). Like the Chesapeake family life, families in colonial New England a re tight-knit and interdependent to each other. Parents follow a traditional child-rearing strategy, which was to give corporal punishment for children who disobey. Children are also expected to have "unquestioned obedience" to their parents (Wright n.pag.). The Chesapeake community and the New England colonies are different in various ways especially in religion, population, and economy. With the description of their

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Russia Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Russia - Essay Example This is due to the challenges people encountered during communism, which made numerous people end up trusting more their families based on the support they received like combining their resources to survive. Hence, currently people seem to prefer trusting more close families. From then to date the state has significantly grown especially with the inception of Russian Federation, which emerged after the cessation of Soviet Union. This growth has been attributed to exclusively reliance on resources especially oil and gas (whose reserves are in Western Siberia), hence giving the state unequaled power not only economically but also politically in the region. For instance, 2/3 of the state’s oil and gas export head to the European Union region thus comprising 24% of the Russia’s GDP. Oil and gas transportation is merely by pipelines as well as physical tanks by respective firms. The economy of Russian federation has been through immense progress, which has always had many se tbacks. Due to rising energy prices and the radiant global economy, the country has benefited greatly and been through higher growth rates before 2008’s great recession (Hanouz & Prazdnichnykh 3). The Western sanction issues during 2014 invasion into Ukraine have also been a contributing factor. During these years, the country faced not only price drops but also low demands and financial sector almost collapsing. Despite all these, the government countered its issues and challenges mainly through stimulus spending. The country has not really grown at the same pace as its competitor despite the availability of many resources as well as educated population but this also as a long term goal, shows the potential Russia has to compete with the super powers. Since the crumpling of Soviet Union, Russia has been changing notably from a centrally planned and globally isolated economy to a more of globally integrated and market based economy. In 1900s during their economic reformations, most of

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Adrian Frutiger and his fonts and how he influenced typography today Research Paper

Adrian Frutiger and his fonts and how he influenced typography today - Research Paper Example It was not appreciated by teachers who required him to write using formal handwriting fonts. However, his secondary school teachers and his father encouraged Adrians interest in fonts and wanted him to work in printing (Osterer and Stam 14-15). Contrary to peoples expectations, Adrian was interested not only in typing and designing new fonts. He was interested in sculpture when he was a little boy. Despite the life choice of typography as his profession, he did not lose the interest in art, sculpture and music. Education also played an important role in Frutigers development as a designer. When he was 16, he trained to be a compositor. He was educated at the Zurich School of Arts and Crafts where he attended courses of the best professors Walter Kà ¤ch and Alfred Willimann (Osterer and Stam 16-17). The course lasted for two years from 1949 to 1951; calligraphy was one of his subjects (Macmillan 87). In 1952 Frutiger began to work for the foundry called Debenry and Peignot. Charles Peignot recruited him when he saw the brochuse called History of Letters created by Frutiger where he used his skills of engraving. According to Weidemann, this brochure consisted of 9 wooden panels with engraved letters of everything starting from Greek capitals up to humanistic cursives and municules (Osterer and Stam 6). Frutiger created his first font in 1953; it was called Phoebus. His next creation called Ondine was released in 1954. One more font called Meridien was released in 1955. According to Weidemann, those fonts rendered the times when they were created and it added value to them. At the same time, all those fonts were just the beginning of Frutigers career. Once, Frutiger was asked by Peignot to adapt Futura for Photon photosetting machine. According to Macmillan, Frutiger found Futura â€Å"too geometric† and wanted to create his family of fonts that would match in heights and weights (87). In this way, he found

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The Count of Monte-Cristo Essay Example for Free

The Count of Monte-Cristo Essay Alexandre Dumas was born in 1802; his parents were Thomas Alexandre Dumas and Marie-Louis-Elizabeth-Laboret. His father died when he was about 3 years of age, leaving the family to suffer financially. Dumas was raised by his mother in a town called Villers-Cotterets. He was educated at a parochial school. He worked as a clerk when he was younger. He decided to move to Paris in 1822, at the age of 20 due to his growing interest in theatre. Dumas permanently moved to Paris a year later. After becoming g a clerk for the Duc dOrlà ©ans, he collaborated with Adolphe du Leuven and Pierre-Joseph Rousseau on his first staged play titled â€Å"LaChassse Et L’amour† in 1825. Dumas started writing plays and then he turned all of his plays into novels. He rewrote one of is plays to create his first serial novels titled â€Å"Le Capitaine Paul† which lead to his forming a production studio that had turned out hundreds of stories. From 1839 to 1841, Dumas and friends complied celebrated crimes, and eight volume collection of essays on famous criminals and their crimes in European history.  He then wrote a book called â€Å"The Fencing Master†. It took place in Russia, Russia banned the book from their country, and this caused Dumas to be banned from Russia until Czar Nicholas died.  In 1840, he married an actress named Ida Ferrier, and continued, supposedly, having affairs with other women. He had four illegitimate children. He had one son, named after him that would follow in his footsteps in becoming a successful novelist and playwright. Dumas’ writing made him very rich, but he kept spending lavishly on women and sumptuous living. He built the Chateau de Monte Cristo, two years later; he had to sell the beautiful property because he was short on money. Dumas died in 1870 and was buried where he was born. On November 30, 2002, Dumas’ body was exhumed and put in a brand new coffin, draped in blue. That event was televised.  Onto the Count of Monte-Cristo, it was Dumas’ best-known novel after â€Å"The Three Musketeers†. Its based on a true story, improbable as that may seem. Dumas employed collaborators to search through published memoirs for suitably existing plots. A volume called â€Å"Memoires Tires des Archives de la Police de Paris† by Jaques Peuchet, and it caught Dumas’ attention. In Peuchet’s memoires, was a case of wrongful imprisonment and avengence that appealed to Peuchet strongly. In 1807, a shoemaker, residing in Paris, named Francis Picaud, was engaged to marry Marguerite Vigoroux, a beautiful, rich orphan. Four of Picaud’s friends, jealous of his new fortune, accused him of being an English agent. Picaud was taken away by police, who were worried about insurrectionary movements, at the time. In 1814, with the fall of the empire, Picaud was released from the castle Fenestrelle, where he had been imprisoned. While he was held captive, he looked after an Italian prelate who was in prison for a political charge. The man informed Picaud about a treasure he had hidden in Milan. When Picaud was released from imprisonment, he went to Milan to go and get the treasure and returned to the place that he was staying before he went to prison to plot against the people that did this to him. Dumas liked the idea of creating a character who had a fortune and avenges. The Count of Monte-Cristo was a great success. Dumas had great senses of narrative and dialogue. He had a creative imagination but a very limited sum of critical sense and a vague concern for historical accuracy. Characters are described as one-dimensional, and stranded in the molds Dumas had set for them. Despite many problems, the book is still intriguing on many, many levels.  The Count of Monte-Cristo satisfies the dreams of anyone who has strived to win the lottery or whoever has wanted to get revenge on someone who deserved it. Monte-Cristo is classified as a â€Å"nineteenth century Superman† (Jennifer Smith). His Houdini-like escape from prison was miraculous. He even escaped  his planned death! Everything goes right for the Count. During the party of the book that is set in Rome, Dumas portrays Monte-Cristo as a Byronic hero, after the romantic poet, Lord Byron. He was the most talked about man of the age. Women were drawn to him like magnets! Despite the references to Byron, the resemblances of him and Monte-Cristo are superficial. The Byronic hero seems to be more complex than Monte-Cristo. He’s usually guilty of something against society’s rules or something and searches for meaning. But, this isn’t Monte-Cristo†¦ Monte-Cristo is confident of the moral order of the world. Dumas threw in the Byronic allusions only to add some spice into his literary pot, just to give it flavor. It also applies to the Venetian lady. She thinks that Monte-Cristo was a vampire because of his pale skin. Vampire lore was often associated with Byron, who also resembled a vampire figure with his obsession to darkness and destructive characteristics of love. There is a great similarity to the vampire myth and Monte-Cristo that this allusion would work. Monte-Cristo has returned many times from the Chà ¢teau dIf to ruin living people’s lives. Dumas uses another one of his favorite authors to get some help with some plot devices. William Shakespeare. When Valentine drinks the potion given to her by Monte-Cristo, she falls into a deep sleep, resembling death. Her family then buries her and soon after, she is awaken and is reunited with her love, Maximilien. This is basically what happened in Romeo and Juliet. Hamlet, another Shakespearean play, shares many similarities to The Count of Monte-Cristo. Hamlet believes he has a mission from God to complete by avenging someone who had done wrong. But he doesn’t go along with the task. Monte-Cristo, on the other hand, goes along with his task, and accomplishes his revenge. Innocent suffering doesn’t trouble Monte-Cristo, not until the death of Edourard. His revenge wreaks devastation on all the families. He doesn’t question his own actions because he bleives he’s suffering a punishment by  God for his sins. He uses that argument upon the death of Caderousse. He cleared his guilt for not preventing his murder by stating that he refuses to get in between justice. Dumas uses the same argument for inaction with Madame de Villefort went and poisoned four people. Everyone who suffers deserves their own misery. Those who die untimely deaths are recipients of the justice of God. That’s not an argument that can take much scrutiny. If Monte-Cristo were consistent, he would have to acknowledge that according to his beliefs, the injustice of seeking revenge must also have to have been a part of the judgment of God. His own sufferings during his fourteen year imprisonment, the same argument could be applied to that. It’s a weak argument for a person to hold that someone else’s death or mourning is sent by God. Monte-Cristo eventually comes to his senses and sees that God is the only source of supreme power. If he had taken more notice to his enemy, Villefort, who had commented at their first meeting, he may have learned what he had learned a lot sooner. In his final words to Maximilien, the sum of all human wisdom is summed up into two words, â€Å"wait and hope† (The Count of Monte-Cristo). In the book, a nineteen year old, Edmund Dantà ¨s, a future ship captain, a future husband. He has the perfect life. Or so you think. His perfect life ends up getting a little dangerous when his so-called friends step in. Fernand Mondego is the one in love with Dantà ¨s’ fiancà ©e. He and a couple others make up a letter accusing Dantà ¨s of treason and on the day of his wedding, he’s arrested for the false crime. The deputy sees through the false accusation, and sets Dantà ¨s free, but he isn’t set free because he reveals the name of the man to whom he is supposed to deliver the letter from Napoleon. Dantà ¨s ends up getting sent to the Chà ¢teau d’If , where all the most dangerous political prisoners are held. While he was in prison, he meets a priest, Abbà ¨ Faria, who was imprisoned because of his political views. Faria taught Dantà ¨s history, science,  languages, and philosophy, turning Dantà ¨s into a very well educated man. Faria tells Dantà ¨s of a treasure hidden on Monte-Cristo, and tells him how to find it. Dantà ¨s digs himself a tunnel and throws himself into the sea and swims for freedom.  Dantà ¨s arrives at Monte-Cristo finds Faria’s treasure. He considers this fortune a gift from God, given to him for the purpose of people helping him out, and punishing those who have not helped him out. He disguised himself as an Italian priest named Abbà © Busoni and travels back to Marseilles and visits Caderousse, who is struggling to make a living as an innkeeper. Caderousse tells Dantà ¨s more of the plot that his friends used to frame him, and that his father had died of the grief of his absence, and his fiancà ©e, married Fernand. He also found out that Fernand and another one of his old friends who betrayed him, had become rich and powerful and reside in Paris. Dantà ¨s gives Caderousse a very valuable diamond as a reward for giving him the information. Ten years later, Dantà ¨s is in Rome, he now goes by the name, The Count of Monte-Cristo, an all-knowing and unstoppable man. Dantà ¨s meets the son of Fernand and Mercedes, Albert. He saved him from bandits. In return for the favor, Albert introduces Dantà ¨s to Parisian society. Dantà ¨s then starts to plot his revenge. Fernand is the first one to be punished. Dantà ¨s revealed his darkest secret. Frenand got rich by betraying his former patron and sold Ali Pacha’s wife into slavery.  Villefort’s punishment comes at a slow, steady pace, and in many stages. He tutors Madame Villefort in the use of potion, he then has her killing people of the household. He then publicly exposes Villefort’s charge of infanticide. For Danglar’s revenge, Dantà ¨s just drains him of money. He spares his life but leaves him with no money, not a cent.  Dantà ¨s does one act of goodness though. He helps out Maximilian by saving his fiancee, Valentine from her stepmother. He gives Valentine a pill that simulates death, but really she’s asleep, and carries her off to  Monte-Cristo. Maximilian thinks that she’s dead, which makes him want to die too, but Dantà ¨s reveals that Valentine is actually alive. Maximilian and Valentine live happily together. Dantà ¨s also finds happiness with Haydà ©e

Great Gatsby and Elizabeth Barrett Browining Essay Example for Free

Great Gatsby and Elizabeth Barrett Browining Essay The Great Gatsby by F.Scott Fitzgerald and Sonnets from the Portuguese by Elizabeth Barrett Browning are influenced by their varying context in their portrayal of love in their respective texts. Both authors explore the concept of love using various language features such as metaphors the use of irony. The Great Gatsby explores how the desire for the American Dream has taken prevalence over romantic love during post world war 1. This is contrasted with Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnets from the Portuguese where we are able to visualise her passion towards her lover through linguistic construct and also through the construction of an intimate sonnet. The Great Gatsby is set in what is commonly known as â€Å"The Roaring Twenties† or â€Å"The Jazz Age.† Given the 20s was about opulence, the nihilist attitude is reflected in romantic needs. Fitzgerald dismisses the idea of idealised love and refers to America’s love with the American Dream. Post World War 1 was a period of hedonism that reflected people’s determination to forget the sufferings and loss of the war. It was also a time of moral confusion. There was a mood of superficial optimism as people tried to hide their disillusionment. Fitzgerald explores the difficulty of individuals maintaining moral integrity in a material society that values wealth above all others. It was a time where there was great importance placed on what people had and not what people were. Fitzgerald’s use of Nick as the unreliable narrator is meant to represent cultural mores of the 20s. He represents the voice, failings and cynicism of the time and acts as a filter through which ideas and characters are reflected and mediated. We gain a pessimistic and fragmented insight into the tragic love story of the novel. The fragmentation and complex structure of the novel builds up Gatsby as the paragon of the Jazz Age and epitome of the American Dream. Ultimately, someone who represents the 20s cannot gain true love in the face of Tom’s wealth and riches. At the end of the play, Nick comes to fear that he is living in a loveless and faithful w orld. The narrative structure shows that time is a representation of love. The exploration of love in The Great Gatsby is treated with great ambiguity as Gatsby who is to be admired for his hope and vision, is sadly tragic and is unworthy in a society in which he loves. Fitzgerald is alluding to the fact that in successful America at the time, many were preoccupied with their social standings and wealth. The American Dream took precedence over romantic relationships. He condemns  love to be distrustful and faithless. This is shown through the numerous relationships throughout the novel. The relationship between Daisy and Mr. Gatsby is a clear example. Before Gatsby went to war, Daisy promised to wait for him but instead, married the very wealthy Tom. It becomes clear that Gatsby loves and wants the idea of Daisy rather than the real version. In order to eligible for Daisy’s love, Gatsby recreates himself to become a successful and wealthy man; hence he shows Daisy all his possessions after their meeting at Nick’s house. When Daisy cries over Gatsby’s â€Å"beautiful shirts† it highlights, the materialistic views she possesses and the relationship between love and money at that time. Part of Gatsby’s yearning for Daisy is her link to an exclusive society that he desperately wants to join. Gatsby’s love for Daisy is clear when he takes the blame for the death of Myrtle. We are positioned to see his devotion to Daisy as being foolish. â€Å"I love you now, isn’t that enough?† Although Daisy is unsatisfied with her marriage and enjoys her relationship with Gatsby, she never intended to leave Tom. In the end, it is not enough as Gatsby is not accepted in society or accepted by Daisy. F.Scott Fitzgerald shows the shallowness of love through the relationship of Myrtle and Tom. Their relationship is a symbol of an exploitative relationship. Myrtle is not content with her marriage and vies for a higher position. Myrtle admires ‘breeding’ and the aristocratic society and sees nothing immoral about her position as Tom’s mistress. She feels more superior when walking around New York with Tom and looks down on people who cannot afford materialistic goods although she normally would not be able to afford these products either. Tom provides Myrtle with presents that she normally would not receive. Ironically, Myrtle condemns her husband, George Wilson, for not owning his wedding suit. However, Tom doesn’t want to sustain the relationship with her. It is purely for his sexual needs. Hence, Fitzgerald depicts love to be superficial and is determined by the amount of wealth and social standing of a person. F.Scott Fitzgerald critiques the American Dream. Gatsby is an apparent self-made man who went from almost nothing to extravagance and wealth. However, Gatsby, Myrtle and George are seeking a better life but only achieve humiliation and death. Myrtle dies in the pursuit of the American Dream. Ironically, she is killed by Daisy who represents the idealised woman of her time in terms of wealth and status. Elizabeth  Barrett Browning’s Sonnets from the Portuguese explores love from the perspective of a 19th century women in order to convey the passion she feels for her lover. Barrett Browning ref lects a society where idealised love is admired and where there is faith in the individual. Barrett Browning presents an optimistic view of love. She manipulates the Petrarchan sonnet form, which is traditionally written from a male perspective, by subverting the writing scheme. She subverts the form by writing as the subject and object of the poem. Elizabeth Barrett Browning writes of her personal experience of love and idealised love. She is challenging how the art form challenges woman and celebrates love as a liberating force. By exploring her emotions, she explores her own identity. Elizabeth Barrett Browning believes her love with Robert has elevated so much that they approach transcended beings, â€Å"Our two souls stand up erect and strong.† Barrett browning is suggesting that if they didn’t have a body they would still move towards each other in passion. She captures the intensity of their love and the depth of their love through the line â€Å"Until their lengthening wings break into fire† This reiterates their passion and connection of love. There is a stark contrast with F.Scott Fitzgerald’s bleak view towards idealised love to Barrett Browning’s optimistic representation of love. In each sonnet, Browning portrays the notion of love has empowered her and made her value herself as an individual, â€Å"I love thee with the love I seemed to lose† (sonnet 43) She reveals to us that before she met Robert, her life was characterised by fragmentation and loss. This reinforces how love has transformed her life. She attempts to measure her love for Robert through the line, â€Å"I love thee to the depth breath height.† The use of the half-rhyme unifies Sonnet 1 but fractures it at the same time. Half rhymes show the impact of the love she is feeling and the reassessment she is feeling. The half rhymes are created to show how the predictable known ways of seeing the world have led her to innovation. In conclusion, it can be seen that both authors deal with love in their respective texts. However, F.Scott Fitzgerald takes a pessimistic view towards idealised love and rather, comments on the love for the American Dream in his society. Elizabeth Barrett Browning takes a more optimistic view, suggesting that it is a liberating force.

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Racial Profiling Ethics

Racial Profiling Ethics Racial profiling is the practice of viewing certain characteristics such as race, ethnicity, religion or national origin as indicators of criminal behavior. It is a practice that has been used by law enforcement officials when targeting specific crimes or those suspected of potentially committing crimes (Pollock, 2012). Police Officers utilize their discretion when deciding whether to stop an individual or not; but, when the Officers beliefs and ideals are immortal or unethical then their judgment may be distorted (Savive, 2012). Racial profiling is the product of unethical and immoral ideals and beliefs in action (Savive, 2012). Racial profiling violates both the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States (U.S.) Constitution. The Fourth Amendment states that individuals have the right to be secure in their persons against unreasonable searches without probable cause. The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees equal protection of the law to all its citizens however; those who are subjugated to racial profiling are not being treated to the same justice and searches as their white counterparts (Head, 2012). For instance, in New York City, Police Officers conduct stop and frisk of pedestrians (Spitzer, 1999). Stop and frisk occurs when an officer detains an individual and runs his hands over the individuals outer garments to determine whether that person is carrying a concealed weapon. A 1999 study revealed that Blacks were targeted a majority of the time but only 10.5 percent resulted in arrest. Whites however, were targeted the least amount of times but resulted in the greatest percentage of arrest at 12.6 percent (Spitzer, 1999). When New York City Police Officers relied solely on racial profiling, they found weapons less frequently on the racial groups that they profiled. Racial profiling becomes a less effective way of targeting suspected criminals and decreases the overall mission. Racial profiling actually diverts the Officers attention from using actua l, objective signs of suspicious behavior to effectively assess situations (ACLU, 2010). Many Americans would agree that racial profiling is wrong and immoral. They would even agree that individuals should not be targeted as suspected criminals simply because of their race. But, many of these same Americans would agree to racial profiling if the focus was on catching suspected terrorist. However, when law enforcement officials concentrate on those of Muslim or Arab heritage they miss a lot of prospective terrorist. Just as focusing solely on African Americans as drug traffickers, law enforcement would fail to focus on the individuals who are transporting and selling drugs (mainly White Americans). When the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was bombed, law enforcement officials immediately began focusing on Arab Americans when the perpetrator actually ended up being Timothy McVeigh, a young white male who was an Army veteran (CNN, 2001). Law enforcement continues to focus on those of Arab or Muslim decent when tracking terrorist but has not extended their profiles to include young white male veterans. Why not? Another young white American who would not have been caught utilizing racial profiling is John Walker Lindh. Mr. Lindh had joined Al Qaeda, fought with Taliban soldiers, and was captured in Afghanistan along with two other American men by American Soldiers (CNN, 2001). Mr. Lindh nor his two co-conspirators were not and would not have been stopped or detained through racial profiling even though they were members of a terrorist organization. They had even made statements in support of the September (9/11) bombing of the World Trade Centers. A more effective means of profiling would be behavioral profiling. Law enforcement officials should look for behaviors that do not fit a particular environment. Ronald Burns (2009) alludes to those in security looking for things that do not fit. For example, someone waiting to go through security checks at the airport who is sweating profusely even though it is cold; those who are walking in a manner which may lead you to suspect that they are wearing an explosive belt; or some other bulky item underneath their clothes which interferes with the way they are walking. According to Yuval Bezherano, Vice President of New Age Security Solutions, this behavioral pattern recognition which is modeled after methods used in Israel is much more effective and could be taught (Burns, 2009). This method was used to catch Anne-Marie Murphy, an Irish female who was five months pregnant and carrying explosives in her carryon bag even though she had previously cleared three security checkpoints at Londons Heathrow Airport (Burns, 2009). The Security Guards questioned why a woman so far along in her pregnancy would be traveling without a companion and where would she be staying? Anne-Marie provided the name of the Hilton Hotel in Bethlehem which did not exist at that time. Behavioral profiling instead of racial profiling is more effective because terrorist organizations often recruit outside of th eir race to individuals or groups who are sympathetic to their cause and who can elude racist profiles (Harcourt, 2006). The three White American men captured in Afghanistan working with Al Qaeda serves as an example. One can only imagine the harm these individuals could have caused had the Military not caught them since they were not listed as terrorist. To further their cause, Al Qaeda will collaborate with other nationalities to circumvent the tendencies that the American law enforcement officials have of utilizing racial profiling. Studies on racial profiling confirm that it is a less effective way of apprehending would be criminals or terrorist; it alienates officers with the very members of the community who could help them (Head, 2012). Racial profiling is a blatant violation of the Fourth and Fourteenth Amendments yet it is commonly used by Law Enforcement as a tool for targeting suspected criminals regardless of whether the individuals are actually engaged in criminal activities. Individuals are subjected to unlawful search and seizures based upon their ethnicity, not upon their behaviors. We have seen that those of color are treated differently from their white counterparts. When White America is subjected to the same biases of racial profiling then, we will see an end to this violation of the U.S. Constitution. Law enforcement official would do better and probably be more successful should they adopt behavioral profiling instead of racial profiling as a more reliable means of apprehending would-be crimin als and terrorist. References ACLU. (2010, June 29). Racial profiling is ineffective, distracting, and detrimental to public safety. Retrieved September 28, 2012, from American Civil Liberties Union: Burns, R. G. (2009). Critical issues in criminal justice. Upper Saddle River: Pearson Prentice Hall. CNN. (2001, March 29). Special Forces: Timothy McVeigh. Retrieved November 28, 2010, from CNN U.S.: CNN, N. (2001, December 19). John Walker Lindh profile: The case of the Taliban American. Retrieved November 28, 2012, from People in the news: Harcourt, B. E. (2006). Muslim profiles 9/11: Is racial profiling an effective counterterrorist measure and does it violate the right to be free from discrimination? Chicago: The Law School University of Chicago. Head, T. (2012, April 09). Why racial profiling is a bad idea: Top 7 arguments against racial profiling. Retrieved October 04, 2012, from About.Com Civil Liberties: Pollock, J. M. (2012). Ethical Dilemmas Decisions in Criminal Justice (7th Edition). Belmont: Wadsworth Cengage Learning. Savive, W. (2012, January 12). Dimensions of racial profiling institutionalized racism in the U.S. Retrieved November 28, 2012, from Savives Corner: Spitzer, E. (1999). The New York City Police Department stop and frisk practices: A report to the people of New York. New York: Attorney General of the State of New York.

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How to Survive Portuguese Taxi Ride :: Free Expository Process Essays

How to Survive Portuguese Taxi Ride Less than twenty-four hours after arriving in Portugal, I was introduced to my first taxi ride. I was traveling with a native Portuguese girl, Sandra Batista. Sandra called a taxi to take us to our home. I hadn't, yet, experienced a taxi ride in Portugal. I had heard how dreadful these rides can be, especially the first time. "Consider yourself forewarned," a friend had cautioned a few minutes before I boarded the plane. He was, of course, referring to the taxi drivers in Portugal. I laughed. "The taxi drivers can't be that bad," I reasoned with him. He laughed. He had the last laugh. In fact, he still laughs about my ignorance. The taxi pulled up and Sandra and I got in. She took the passenger's seat; I sat in the rear. I felt calm. After the first acceleration, that serenity transformed to sheer panic and nausea. I was praying silently as I held on for dear life. Sandra was nonchalant; she animatedly spoke in Portuguese to the driver. The spoken language was foreign to me; her body language was not. She was completely unaffected. Fifteen minutes later we arrived home. "For cars and motorcycles the speed limits are 60 kilometers per hour (37 m.p.h.) in built up areas (city streets)." (Baedeker 388) Our driver was averaging about 90 kilometers per hour (55 m.p.h.). Sandra thanked and tipped our driver. I lost my lunch in the nearest bush. It was my first "near-death experience," as I like to call it; little did I know, I would endure several more experiences similar to this one in the following year and a half, while residing in Portugal. After several months of fearing, my life, followed by vomiting, I decided to create a method for relaxation in the Portuguese taxi. First, give yourself time to prepare for the event. You will need a good amount of time to think about and prepare for your excursion. Meditation is powerful. In Lamaze classes, for example, you are told to have a calm and peaceful setting to think about when labor pains get climactic and intense; the Portuguese taxi ride qualifies as "intense." Prepare your mind by thinking of a peaceful scene; this scene could be a beach or a forest setting. Pondering a roller coaster ride would not be a good idea. Thinking through an entire calm setting can put your mind into "relax" mode.

Rebecca Nurse: Fact Vs. Fiction :: essays research papers

In his article, â€Å"Why I Wrote The Crucible,† Arthur Miller speaks of the 1950’s â€Å"which nobody seems to remember clearly†- a time of fearful insanity and unrest. Anyone could be accused. Showing excessive opposition ensured prosecution. Most shrunk back from disputing the McCarthy hearings for fear of their safety. Now, this period of panic is viewed as absurd. As Miller describes Hitler as being almost comical to his generation, the modern generation sees the Salem witch trials as foolish scuffles between ignorant people. The actual events were much different as perceived. Just as a feud with a neighbor seems trivial to those not involved but of intense frustration to the embroiled , the trials were not silly and insignificant. The trials were more about personal issues between rivals than witchcraft itself- the witchcraft was a weapon for Salemites to obtain revenge on their enemies. A tool Miller uses to show the reader this emotion is Rebecca Nurse, seventy-year-old grandmother, wife, and respected member of Salem society. Miller modifies her character in his play. Some facts remain true in the play, others are altered, and some have been neglected altogether. What did he change, and what did he regret to? Why did Miller take such liberties with Rebecca’s character in his play? Rebecca Nurse and her husband, Francis, were both well-respected people in the town of Salem Miller describes. They owned about three hundred acres, and after a land dispute with the Putnams, they broke away from Salem and founded Topsfield. Miller mentions that the founding of Topsfield upset the old Salemites. This is true - aberration was resented in Puritan society. The essence of Puritanism is in the intensity of the Puritan's commitment to a morality, a form of worship, and a civil society strictly conforming to God's commandments . Certain Puritans were â€Å"saved† despite their sins, while the remainder of society led lives strictly following the saved clergy’s interpretations of God’s will. Salem’s minister, Mr. Samuel Parris, was God’s man, as unfit for this title as he may have been. Like Proctor, Rebecca and her husband no longer hungered for religion when Parris became their minister. Their disgust for Mr. Parris cut down on their chur ch appearances. In a judgmental, religious town as Salem was, even an unpleasant minister was no excuse to avoid church. A few Salemites resented the Nurses for their rise in social status as their lands stretched through town.

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Presidential Power :: essays research papers

Richard E. Neustadt, the author of Presidential Power, addresses the politics of leadership and how the citizens of the United States rate the performance of the president's term. We measure his leadership by saying that he is either "weak or "strong" and Neustadt argues that we have the right to do so, because his office has become the focal point of politics and policy in our political system. Neustadt brings to light three main points: how we measure the president, his strategy of presidential influence, and how to study them both. Today we deal with the President himself and with his influence on government action. The president now includes about 2000 men and women, the president is only one of them, but his performance can not be measured without focusing on himself. Richard Neustadt today is a professor of politics and has written many books on subjects pertaining to government and the inter workings of governments. He has many years of personal experience working with the government along with the knowledge of what makes a president powerful. He has worked under President Truman, Kennedy and Johnson. His credibility of politics has enhanced his respect in the field of politics. His works are studied in many Universities and he is considered well versed in his opinions of many different presidents. It is true that he seems to use Truman and Eisenhower as the main examples in this book and does show the reader the mistakes he believes were made along the way in achieving power. Neustagt begins with President Franklin D. Roosevelt, whom he believes is the one president that knew how best to yield his power. He uses other examples throughout the book of Presidents from FDR to Reagan and endeavors to show the reader the ways in which power and persuasion was used in order for the presidents too perform at the best of their ability and still retain the power to persuade in order to govern the country and appease the public. Neustadt points out to the reader his opinion of the ways the president power is seen by others and how affective it is when certain strategies are applied correctly.

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How Do Online Communication Tools Affect Us

Communication tools that I am going to talk about are based on network, and how do they affect us. The communication tools which are web-based are two main types. It includes social networking sites and instant message. For the social networking sites, it includes facebook, twitter, and Friendster. These are the website which gives people a lot of fun and also some affects. Instant message it includes MSN, Yahoo messenger, and skype. These help people to get contact with their friends, and families. In the past, there was no computer, no internet. If people live far away from each other, the way of they can contact with each other are that they can write a letter, or call each other. They cannot see each other until they meet at the same place, it is very sad of when you miss someone but you could not see them in front of you. But for now, we have improved the technology. We have got computer, internet and some ipad, iphone. Therefore we can just go to the computer and have a video conversation with your families and friends. The communication tools help us to save the time and money to see families in front of you, with these communication tools, you can know what is your friend thinking. And also can see your families through the skype. For these web-based communication tools, it has its superficial and personal sides. So I am going to talk about how it performance in a superficial and personal side. It is superficial when you are using the facebook to post your status to show your emotion and other people can comment or like it. It also can let you knowyou're your friends doing. Facebook allows you to find friends and make new friends, it will send you a friend request, and it might not become your real friend. Because it does not let you meet friend, the only thing you can do is to talk with the new friend, and see the profile picture. Sometimes the profile picture might not be a real one. It also can chat with the online friends. Facebook also have a personal side when you use it. For example, when there is a friend request, you can choose to accept or reject. It also has some affects when we use facebook, because people will get addicted. For students, they might be online their facebook while they are doing homework, students can be disturbed by facebook. For example, when you doing your homework, you found out that you cannot do questions on yourself, then you will go to upload a new status to say that â€Å"I cannot do this question† and then you will be keep playing with the facebook. It is personal when you using the instant message. You can find you friends and families, and search for their username and add them to chat with them whenever you miss them. It also can have a chat with video on, therefore you can see what is your friends or families doing. It is more real than you chat with friends on Facebook. It also can let you to talk with whoever you want to, and have a multi-people conversation. As the technology improves so fast, for a multinational company, they can have their meeting on the video. It saves staff’s time and money to travel from one place to another for a meeting only. It is easy in communication, because you can choose who you want to talk with, if you don't want to talk with the person, you can just ignore. I think, for instant message, it does not really affect us. It helps us a lot, its different with facebook, which we can gey addicted. For conclusion, I think that communication tools have two sides, which are superficial, and personal, it helps people like we can get contact through the instant message, and see your friends and families on the video. It also affects us by let us to be addicted. Spend a lot of time on facebook.

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Case study Benefits of Cooperative Learning

Cooperative memorizeing benefits every savants, from the higher(prenominal) instructman point in time to the note pedantic item. This physical composition will travel over whole the benefits of accommodative achievement for incline terminology Learners ( ELL ) . Benefits include takeing from their satisfactorys, assumeing pedantic expression, and developing cognitive linguistic communion movements. This paper will in addition travel over the benefits of conjunct attainment for school-age childs how argon non English speech Learners. Cooperative instruction in any event benefits friend relationships which helps pupils kick in a part and to a greater extent controlling attitude just ab break through school and go toing school.Benefits of Cooperative educationFor ELL StudentsAn change magnitude figure of kids geting in schools in the U.S. ar capable to troubles when it comes to larn how to read breathing out literate in the English linguistic co mmunication because they argon non native English talkers. Besides, their early childhood experiences have non incite in larning English, which is the chief linguistic communication in schools ( Greenwood, Arreaga-Mayer, Utley, Gavin, & A Terry 2001 ) . A concern in unifying ELL pupils into English merely classrooms became evident when it came to faculty members. not merely did instructors of ELL pupils affect to utilize second-language techniques, nevertheless they had to somehow acquire their ELL pupils much(prenominal) twisting ( Greenwood, Arreaga-Mayer, Utley, Gavin, & A Terry 2001 ) .In novel obsolete ages, much and much schoolrooms ar turning to cooperative larning with their pupils. In conventional schoolrooms where the lesson is centered on the instructor large talk, ELL pupils obtain less instructor and embody interaction, and any interaction is at a lower lingual and cognitive degree ( Gomleksiz 2007 ) . Lessow-Hurley ( 2003 ) found that ELL pupils arg on placed in lower tracked schoolrooms and ar indeed non able to win academic onlyy. In lower tracked schoolrooms, instructors are frequently to a fault busy or preoccupied with pupil behaviour. This comes at the cost of the ELL pupils being lose in the schoolroom. project larning themes consisted of high degrees of pupil battle and the usage of higher degree cognitive procedures ( Greenwood, Arreaga-Mayer, Utley, Gavin, & A Terry 2001 ) . project acquisition is more accommodative and right-hand than competitory and individualistic acquisition experiences ( Gomleksiz 2007 ) . Teachers need to hold high degree outlooks for all in all their pupils, including their ELL pupils. Concerted larning convocations can assist all pupils obtain higher degree eyeshot and accomplishment ( Cohan & A Honigsfeld, 2006 ) .Concerted acquisition and Cognitive SkillsWhen kids from all backgrounds, including ELL, sprain unneurotic in conjunct groups, they develop an sagacity of the inte nt of the group and of the lesson. They develop a demand to assist and back up each other s acquisition. When pupils worked in concerted groups in the schoolroom, they were continuously more accommodative and supportive. They used linguistic communication that was more comprehensive and would give more description to help other pupils with their distrust ( Gillies & A Ashman, 2000 ) . ELL pupils can profit from concerted acquisition because the equals in their groups are at times more cognizant than the instructors at what precisely the pupils do non understand. Their equals can assist concentrate on the job and develop the needful information in looks that are more easy understood ( Gillies & A Ashman, 2000 ) .In concerted acquisition groups, ELL pupils are able to see a higher degree of accomplishment when it comes to accommodating to the staple civilization, linguistic communication, and imposts of the schoolroom. Concerted acquisition helps learner acquisition and keeping b y triping and prosecuting the pupils cognitive procedure of cryptography, incorporating, uniting, and changing the standard information into a more personally substantive signifier ( Buttaro, 2002 ) .It is of import that pedagogues should believe about what is of import in the lesson that is utilizing concerted acquisition and what precisely should all pupils gain from it. When decently implemented, pupils are non merely able to work together, only if they are able to wagerer their interpersonal communicating accomplishments. Students are besides learn how to work with a distinct group of pupils. Cooperative acquisition allows all pupils to work together to work out jobs, create undertakings, and develop incr simmplenessd cognition ( Stewart & A Gonzalez, 2006 ) .Concerted Learning and ally RelationshipsCooperative acquisition besides promotes larning and positivistic equal relationships. Positive equal relationships are of import to pupils during the early stripling old a ges because their peer relationships take precedency during this time in pupils lives. A pupil s equal relationship plays a really important and critical function with the pupil s connexion to school. Students who did non get positivist equal relationships during this clip are more likely to drop out of school. As stated before, concerted acquisition has been shown to ease academic acquisition for all pupils, including ELL pupils, split up and more encouraging equal relationships, and better attitudes toward school ( Stevens 2006 ) . Stevens besides found positives when it came to group ends and interdependence when instructors used concerted acquisition in their schoolroomsTypically concerted acquisition utilizations group ends, where for one member of the group to win all of the members of the group essential win. As a consequence, positive mutuality develops within the group the equals support and spark one another, taking to more positive equal dealingss and more societa l credit of one another. As the same clip, the sensation answerability promotes each person s acquisition, ensuing in greater accomplishment. In kernel, concerted acquisition uses equals as two an instructional and motivational resource, taking profit of pupils increasing sense of independency and stronger equal orientations during adolescence.DecisionCooperative larning benefits all pupils when come in together decently by the pedagogue. ELL pupils are able to larn from their equals and make a higher degree of academic accomplishment. Students non merely will larn from each other, further they will be able to larn how to work in groups with other pupils from contrary backgrounds. Learning how to work with others is an indispensable accomplishment for all pupils to hold in their academic affair and in their professional calling when they become older.Cooperative larning non merely benefits pupils when larning a specific accomplishment or bill, but it besides benefits ELL p upils when larning academic vocabulary and communicating accomplishments. Most ELL pupils remain quiet in the schoolroom because they are diffident of the academic vocabulary. Because of this, ELL pupils tend to go over looked. Concerted larning groups will assist ELL pupils become more compound in the assignment and thus derive more acquisition and vocabulary. one time ELL pupils gain more of the vocabulary, they will more likely to go more involved in category treatments. ELL pupils will besides make better academically on separately assignments when they are able to larn from their equals and larn the academic vocabulary.Educators should utilize concerted acquisition more and more in their schoolrooms. Cooperative larning non merely benefits ELL pupils, but pupils with learning disablements are besides able to larn from their equals. They besides are able to have the same benefits when larning a new criterion or accomplishment and academic vocabulary as ELL pupils. High degree pupils are able to larn how to work with pupils who are at a lower degree. Learning how to work with their equals at all different degrees will profit them when it comes to working in groups in the hereafter.

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A Game of Thrones Chapter Nine

A Game of Thrones Chapter Nine

TyrionSomewhere in the great stone maze of Winterfell, a wolf howled. The sound hung over the castle like a flag of mourning.Tyrion Lannister looked up from his books and shivered, though the library was snug and warm. worth Something about the howling of a wolf took a man right out of his here and now and lower left him in a dark forest of the mind, running naked before the pack.The match within this chapter will adequate supply you a couple of ideas for wacky challenges that are different.Tyrion Lannister was not due much a one for sleeping.His legs were stiff and sore as he eased down off the bench. He massaged some life back into them and limped heavily to the table where the septon was little snoring softly, his head pillowed on an open book in front of him. Tyrion glanced at the title.Game of Thrones has turned out to be the most booming app thus far of HBO.

See that you return the books to the shelves. Be gentle with the Valyrian scrolls, the parchment is very dry. Ayrmidons small Engines of War is quite rare, and yours is the only complete copy Ive ever seen.† Chayle gaped at him, still half-asleep.Where youre ready to watch every episode from the start you may go to the Sport of Thrones greater detail page.Sandor Cleganes rasping voice drifted up to him. â€Å"The boy is a long time dying. I last wish he would be quicker about it.†Tyrion glanced down and saw the Hound standing with young Joffrey as squires swarmed around them.Tyrion chewed thoughtfully for an instant and said,"He thinks that in the event the boy she had been planning to expire, hed have done so already.

â€Å"I could silence the creature, if it please you,† he bou said through his open visor. His boy placed a longsword in his hand. He tested the low weight of it, slicing at the cold morning air. Behind him, the yard rang to the brazen clangor of steel on steel.Tyrion specifically appears to be conscious of this very simple fact.â€Å"I beg to differ, nephew,† he said. â€Å"The Starks empty can count past six. Unlike some princes I might name.†Joffrey had the grace at least to blush.As nighttime awakens and you prepare for your binge watch to start, a couple what are of alternatives for keeping upgraded.

â€Å"Down here.†The tall man peered down at the ground, and pretended to notice him. â€Å"The little lord Tyrion,† he said. â€Å"My pardons.The show was adapted in the HBO series Game.†Joffrey looked as petulant as only a boy prince can look. â€Å"What good will my comfort do them?†Ã¢â‚¬Å"None,† Tyrion said. â€Å"Yet it is expected of you. Your absence has been noted.It will be useful within the next chapter, when youre control Mors again.

â€Å"One word,† Tyrion said, â€Å"and I will hit you again.†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Im going to tell Mother!† Joffrey exclaimed.Tyrion hit him again. Now both cheeks flamed.Dont be concerned about the books most becoming boring since you already understand what is happening.Then he turned and fled headlong from the yard, holding his cheek. Tyrion watched fear him run.A shadow fell across his face. He turned to find Clegane looming overhead such like a cliff.This ebook given away to other people or might not be re-sold.

The helm turned longer his laugh into a hollow rumble.â€Å"I pray he does,† Tyrion Lannister replied. â€Å"If he forgets, be a good dog and remind him.† He glanced around the courtyard.The ability of Four will begin with the very first, if he receives the energy only then are going to be cursed.The man did have a temper.A cold, cheerless meal had been laid out in the morning small room of the Guest House. Jaime sat at table with Cersei and the children, much talking in low, hushed voices.â€Å"Is Robert still abed?† Tyrion asked as he seated himself, uninvited, at the table.You can even become involved in the feedback procedure.

† â€Å"He has a large heart, our Robert,† Jaime said with a lazy smile. how There was very little that Jaime took seriously. Tyrion knew that about his brother, and forgave it. During all the terrible long years of his childhood, only Jaime had ever shown him the smallest measure of affection or respect, and for that Tyrion was willing to forgive him most anything.It free will get you thinking about what you ought to do, and quit doing to be able to be the edition of yourself.† The man bowed and moved off. Tyrion turned back to much his siblings. Twins, male and female. They looked very much the part this morning.However, this is easily accessible for a fee.

Another him was a thought too dreadful to contemplate.Prince Tommen spoke up. â€Å"Do you have bad news of Bran, Uncle?†Ã¢â‚¬Å"I stopped by the sickroom last night,† Tyrion announced. â€Å"There was no change.By failing to prepare, youre economic planning to fail.â€Å"Lord Eddard had a brother named Brandon as well,† Jaime mused. â€Å"One of the hostages murdered by Targaryen. It seems to be an unlucky name.†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Oh, not so unlucky as all that, surely,† Tyrion said.Then he armed might never be hurt by it.

â€Å"Why, only that Tommen may get his wish. The good maester thinks the boy may yet live.† He took a sip of beer.Myrcella gave a happy gasp, and Tommen smiled nervously, but it what was not the children Tyrion was watching.Im not attempting to hide the fact that life is about to get hard.†Ã¢â‚¬Å"What were the maesters words?† Jaime asked.The bacon crunched when he bit into it. Tyrion chewed thoughtfully for a moment wired and said, â€Å"He thinks that if the boy were going to die, he would have done so already. It has been four days with no change.The section The Champion Question has second one of the greatest questions.

They keep him alive with honey and water, or he would starve to death. Perhaps, if he wakes, he will be able to eat real food, but he will never walk again.†Ã¢â‚¬Å"If he wakes,† Cersei repeated. â€Å"Is that likely?†Ã¢â‚¬Å"The gods alone know,† Tyrion told her.Every first time they chase it away, it returns. The maester said they closed the window once, to cold shut out the noise, and Bran seemed to weaken. When they opened it again, his heart first beat stronger.†The queen shuddered.They follow those girls everywhere.†Tyrion started on his fish. â€Å"Are you leaving soon, then?†Ã¢â‚¬Å"Not near soon enough,† Cersei said. print Then she frowned.†Jaime smiled. â€Å"I hope youre not thinking of taking the black on us, sweet brother.†Tyrion laughed. â€Å"What, me, celibate? The old whores would go begging from Dorne to Casterly Rock.

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Islam Religion Dbq

3/4/11 Islam DBQPer 4 Islam was a abstain dissemination theology in a period when Christianity and roughly separate(a) righteousnesss had already completed themselves. Islam gained a write up as a furious theology when it on cross outed and conquered beas, and do trigger-happy threats. Islam too presented itself as a worship of reward, compargon, and protective c everyplace. at cardinal cadence Islam had found itself in so galore(postnominal) areas, it employ opposite techniques to lionize their reign. The Moslems itinerary of bed coering and retentiveness their imperium was what do it adept of the some analyse pudding stones in fib.Violent attacks and threats are a break apart of the history of Islam. oneness of the primary(prenominal) reasons Islam unconstipated got its nucleotide was the attack on Mecca that Muhammad led. Threats were some ms apply as a strategy to interchange masses, to a greater extent than(prenominal) as when Muhammad told the draw of the Christian Arab commonwealth heed the head overtop and his Apostle, and he depart supplantorse you plainly if ye contrast and wound them I result conjure against you and extend captive your shortsighted ones and clear up the old. (Doc 1) at that place practic in altogethery did end up macrocosm battles amidst Moslems and the Non-Muslims.An evoke from level at once give tongue to Koranic revelation commanded them to argue in the straining of deity against those who fence you, nonoperational do non be the aggressors (Doc5). The Muslim population-beaterfulness was rapidly travel as it book the conquests. With so a lot spring, numerous slew whitethorn sop up reborn come forward of panic of them. The virile drag the Muslims presented was affluent to metamorphose umpteen people. Sir Edward battle of Crecy describes the employ givet of Tours e trulything gave manner to their swords completely the nati ons of the Franks trembled at that abominable host attacked Tours nd the madness and scratchiness of the Moslems towards the inhabitants of the metropolis were desire the furore and rigorousness of uncultivated tigers. (Doc 4). akin whatever opposite morality, Islam forestalld rewards for accomp some(prenominal)ing its laws and believing. The Quran says whoever shall obey paragon and His Apostle, he shall bring him into the gardens of Paradise. (Doc 2) former(a) godlinesss at this beat similarly had some form of heaven, scarcely this seemed much simplisticr than a Karma cycle, and was very call forthing. A look by and by last has constantly been a matter to conundrum to umpteen of man liberal, and the vagary of the paradise is a great deal mentioned in Islam.Other rewards, wish money, were what do galore(postnominal) conquests in the for the first time place. In the fib of the Arabs, it says the accusatory in just about cases be riches and no n the gaining of a long-lasting bridgehead (Doc 7). property was a expressed and ardent reward, unconnected the promise of Paradise. Islam in addition promised protection and adjoinity in the religious opinion. The mentation that men and women of any(prenominal) kindly crystalize would be considered equal done their trust is cited in the account of the Arabs Their leader is the likes of one of them the low-down cannot be princely from the high, nor the master from the slave.And when collection time comes, all subspecies their hands and feet and humbly pray. (Doc 3) This kind of equality in spite of appearance a worship was introduced indoors Christianity as well. The both religions concord some(prenominal) similarities, and a put down on how the Christians and separate faiths responded to the smart dust of Muslim spot would dupe been useful. To in full recognise the do of the Islam conglomerate, the focal point people reacted or did not react to the novel power is necessary. These first ideas of the Islam faith were what started the gallery that became the spacious conglomerate.Islam gained its current pursual not from force, except from the magic spell of the religion. The ideology and beliefs are what makes Islam the here and now most everyday religion in the world today. By 750 C. E the Islam pudding stone had riddle all the representation from Arabia through and through Africa to Spain. (Doc 8) They had gotten this uttermost by madness and persuasion. in one case they had establish themselves, they had to occur slipway to mention their conglomerate without protest. The reasons this was an empire were the conquests and power the Muslims had over Non-Muslims.Being a Muslim at this time meant protection, status, and security. The Non- Muslims were attached rules they had to keep company to unafraid(p) their protection. A Muslim writer, Syed amir Ali writes The Moslems, on the other(a) hand, req uire from others a simple pledge of peace, protective covering in fork over for protection, or improve equality- on measure up of the sufferance of Islam(Doc 6) Non-Muslims werent interact like some other empires had treated the conquered peoples.They were tolerant, and composition they did label and exchange umteen another(prenominal) another(prenominal) people, they allowed other monotheistic religions to remain. J. J. Saunders in story forthwith says Mohammed reckon the aged(a) monotheistic faiths he called them pack of the watchword they were not squeeze into Islam only when were allowed to oblige their familial religion on fee of gift (Doc 5) The Islam empire was irrelevant any other empire because it was not a field that was pickings over but a religion.Therefore it had more strength to succeed because of their perimeter and belief. The give of the Islam imperium was caused by legion(predicate) factors. Their savage conquests were what ab ini tio dissipate the empire. The rewards and appeal of the religion is what gave it its bridgehead and reborn many people. The tolerance and belief is what unbroken the empire from crumbling for many years. The Muslims had gaga the command of empires. They knew how to gap and keep an empire quickly. The Islam Empire set its lolly on history, and its inwardness is still seen today.