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Rate of Reaction - Sodium Thiosulphate and Hydrochloric Acid :: Chemistry Coursework Investigation

Rate of Reaction - Sodium Thiosulphate and Hydrochloric Acid AimInvestigation, to find step forward how the rate of reaction between SodiumThiosulphate and Hydrochloric acid is affected by changing theconcentration.IntroductionI must produce a piece of coursework study the rate ofreaction, and the effect different changes have on them. The rate ofreaction is the rate of loss of a reactant or the rate of developmentof a harvest-tide during a chemical reaction. It is measured by dividing 1by the time taken for the reaction to take place. There is fivefactors which affect the rate of a reaction, according to thecollision theory of reacting particles temperature, concentration (ofsolution), pressure (in gases), surface area (of solid reactants), andcatalysts. I have chosen to investigate the effect of concentration onthe rate reaction. This is because it is the most practical toinvestigate. Dealing with temperatures is a difficult task especiallywhen we have to keep constant high temp eratures. Secondly the rate equivalence and the constant k changes when the temperature of thereaction changes. We have no gases and solids involved therefore it iseasy to deal with solutions. Similarly the use of a catalystcomplicates things, and if used falsely could alter the outcome ofthe experiment.The theory behind this experiment is that Increasing theconcentration can increase the rate of the reaction by increasing therate of molecular collisions. graphI result place the reaction mixture on a paper with a vague cross-drawnon it. When the cross is completely obscured, the reaction will havefinished. The time taken for this to happen is the measure of the rateof reaction. We must do this several times, and change theconcentration of Sodium Thiosulphate.The rate of reaction is a measure of the change, which happens duringa reaction in a single unit of time. The things that affect the rateof reaction are as follows Surface area of the reactants meanness of the reactants The temperature at which the reaction is carried out Use of a catalystReaction equation is mentioned above but rate equation could only be distinguishable by doing experiments. So the following procedure can be usedto carry out the experiment.PlanEquipment 2 Measuring cylinders Beaker Stopwatch Paper with black cross on it Sodium Thiosulphate (different concentrations) Hydrochloric acid (same concentration each time) Water (different concentrations) PipettePredictionI predict that the greater the concentration of Sodium Thiosulphate

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Battle Of Gettysburg :: essays research papers fc

Selected Views of the Battle of Gettysburg On July 1st of1863 the battle of Gettysburg began. The battle was moreless an unexpected disaster neither side had planed thebattle they ended up in the same place and the battlebegun. There where many wounded and many casualties.Much worry the final battle in The Red Badge of Couragewhen most of Henrys regiment is wiped out by a daring smash. This charge leads to the downfall of theConfederacy as well as the fall of Henrys regiment. 3 daysbefore the battle of Gettysburg the Union replaced General street girl with General George G. Meade. The Battle lastedfor 3 long bloody days. The Confederate army took heavycasualties causing this fight to be a major turning load in thewar. Although the union was losing the war up to this pointand out number 75,000 to 97,000, they still managed towin this crucial fight. This was the bloodiest battle in theAmerican history, on American soil( On the prototypical day of the battle n otmuch fighting took place, not all of the army was there fromeither side. It seemed the Confederacy had the fastness handat first because they had twice as many men as the union inthe beginning of battle. But the Union had the new restate rifles that reloaded much faster then theConfederacys single-load muskets. The Union armypositi aced its self along wood fences on McPhersonsRidge. These men were one of the first units to enter thearea. They where able to hold off Lees army until moreUnion troops could arrive. The Confederates where notprepared for this new rainfall of bullets and they were forcedto start retreating. After a short retreat they regrouped andbegan a flanking attack. The union was forced to retreatand Gettysburg had fallen to the confederates for the day.The next day there would be hope for the union wouldhave a new advantage. On day 2 the Union troopspositioned themselves on top of graveyard Hill andCemetery Ridge. General Sickles of the union was orderedto fort ify Little Round top but he saw no value in this andadvanced to duns Den. After heavy fighting in DevilsDen General Sickles army was forced to retreat severaltimes first to the Wheatfield, then the peach orchard andfinally to Emmetsburg road. There where battles fought ateach location as well as fighting on Culps mound that had afamous bayonet charge by Colonel Chamberlain. GeneralLongstreet was order to attack Little Round Top, DevilsDen, the wheat fields, and the peach orchard.

Comparison of Leonardo and Tintorettos Last Supper Paintings Essay

Comparison of Leonardo and Tintorettos Last Supper PaintingsThe Last Supper by Leonardo is very disaccordent to Tintorettos representation of the same incident. The last supper is one of the around important occurrences which took place in the Christian religion such an important event that many have seen the need for the event visually recorded by means of art the two most famous of these representations are by far Tintorettos and Leonardos works. The Last Supper by Leonardo was created during the renaissance compass point and is a simple symbolic work with little emotion. Tintoretto however chose to represent the event in a surrealistic manner to give full uphold A way in which was typical of the art period in which he pied the work, the Mannerist period. The two works although essentially containing the same subject differ immensely. This difference is strongly evident through the artists contrasting use of colour, light, realism, technique perception and focal point/s. Leon ardos version of the Last Supper was painted El fresco depicting the scene passively without emotion. The work has the supper table horizontal across the lower third and Jesus and his twelve disciples dining stool it, before a backdrop of both man made structure and natural landscape. The artwork is un-cluttered and simple. The lighting is subtle and non-dramatic. Colour is conservative and dull this is partially due to the limited paint available and the technique and decay of fresco painting. The wor...

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Dracula Essay -- essays research papers

Bram Stokers DraculaLords of the darkness, Darkling Dancers, Nosferatu, Vrikolakas. And the list goes on like this. The vampire concept is thought by the roughly to be a myth that has crept into al virtually every culture. It has influenced many writers to write novels on them and many directors to shoot films on. Vampire myths go back way into the times of first recorded history. Many different legends ar known about them varying from the Chinese tactile sensation of the glowing red eyed monsters with green or pink hair to the Greek Lamia who has the upper body of a woman and the lower body of a winged serpent and the Japanese belief in the vampire foxes. The most commonly known legend which is widely used in filming is the blood drinking man who can transfigure into a bat or mist, wearing a black cape with a suit and with fangs in his mouth. This significant type is the one that is been explained widely in the eastern European myths. This vampire preys on human victims which are chosen at random by biting and sucking blood from the veins in the place of the neck at night time. The prey also becomes a vampire and joins the world of the undead. These specific vampires are the ones who cannot stand the sunlight which will burn them and they unremarkably sleep in a coffin during the daytime. It is believed that these vampires are most active during full moon. They are immortal and they can only be killed if a wooden stake is run through the heart or when they are beheaded.In the year of 1879 an Irish writer, Bram Stoker, unheard with his previous novels and short stories gets inspired on this and writes the most famous books of all times. Here we are at the close of 1998, looking back and seeing the over two hundred theatrical performances and movies made on it. Whats more is that it is the second best seller book after The Bible in Western communities. This cult figure created by the crazy Irishman has do us in our actions or emotions in some way. Crude ly every single person on earth must have heard his name. precisely why?Looking onto the novel, there is a perfect gothic look presented to us with its every aspect. In item every single concept covered comes deep from mythology. It talks about blood and fire, death and love, good and bad, fantasy and magic. And the Count who sometimes happens to be an atrocital monster, a romantic lover No doubt, these make the novel even... ...e. These women are both Draculas lovers and daughters. And this is an example of Freuds Odysseia Complex which is the base of Sophokless Odysseus tale. In Draculas character we also see signs of fascism. At the very beginning of the story when he and Jonathan are having dinner, he gets angry with Jonathan because what he speaks about disturbs his thoughts on his background and he pulls his sword out. In addition, he is always in a fascist approach to the Turks and the Gipsies. With these aspects of his, Dracula follows a political opinion and with his sty le and manner reminds us of the Nazis.Keeping all of these in mind we can see why the story of Dracula is so attractive to us. The Dracula character being a cult figure is because of the fact that his character carries the sins and the emotions of the 20th century killing, rape, incest, fascism On the other hand, despite all these Dracula did not forget his true love. Maybe everyone of us finds his/her darkness in the Count and thats why many people sympathise with him. Whatever it is, the truth is that in the end Count Dracula dies but in realistic world he has promoted to immortality as a heroic and charismatic character.

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The Rise of Civilization :: World History

The Rise of CivilizationEssay Explain the rise of Civilization and include 3 basic features.A civilization is the starting time point of a society. Civilizations have existed for millions of years and are the basic unit of structure for a society. Civilizations were the base of great societies such as Egypt and Rome. If non for civilizations these societies would not have flourished or even existed. A civilization is compiled of eight features. 1. Cities 2. Well-Organized Central Government 3. Complex Religions 4. Job Specialization 5. Social Classes 6. Arts and Architecture 7. prevalent Works 8. Writings Cities are the central feature of a civilization. The first cities emerged shortly after farmers began cultivating fertile lands along river valleys and producing surplus foods. These surpluses allowed the commonwealth to expand. As population grew, some villages expanded into cities. These cities rose independently in the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The conditio ns of river valleys favored farming in these and other such river valleys. Floodwater spread silt across the valley innovation the soil and keeping it fertile. Animals that drank from the river were alike a source of food. The river also supplied the people with a regular source of drinking water and the means of transportation. However rivers also posed challenges. Farmers had to control flooding and channel waters to the fields. Early farmers built dikes, dug canals and also made irrigation ditches. Such projects required leadership and a well-organized government. A government was required to lead the people and aid in organizing a city. City governments were far more powerful than the council of elders and local chiefs of farming villages. At first, priest probably had the greatest. In time, warrior kings came to power as chief political leaders. They soon set themselves up as the chief hereditary ruler and passed their power from bring to son. Governments soon became more c omplex as rulers issued laws, collected taxes, and organizes systems of defense. To enforce order, rulers relied on royal officials. Over time, government bureaucracies evolved. Almost always rulers claimed their power came from god or divine right. These rulers then gained religious power as well.

The Rise of Civilization :: World History

The Rise of CivilizationEssay Explain the rise of Civilization and include 3 basic features.A civilization is the starting point of a society. Civilizations have existed for millions of years and are the basic unit of structure for a society. Civilizations were the base of great societies such as Egypt and Rome. If not for civilizations these societies would not have flourished or even existed. A civilization is compiled of eight features. 1. Cities 2. Well-Organized Central Government 3. Complex Religions 4. Job Specialization 5. Social Classes 6. humanities and Architecture 7. Public Works 8. Writings Cities are the central feature of a civilization. The first cities emerged shortly after farmers began cultivating fertile lands along river valleys and producing surplus foods. These surpluses allowed the community to expand. As population grew, some villages expanded into cities. These cities rose independently in the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. The conditions of r iver valleys favored acres in these and other such river valleys. Floodwater spread silt across the valley renewing the soil and keeping it fertile. Animals that drank from the river were also a source of food. The river also supplied the people with a regular source of drinking water and the performer of transportation. However rivers also posed challenges. Farmers had to control flooding and channel waters to the fields. Early farmers built dikes, dug canals and also made irrigation ditches. Such projects required leaders and a well-organized government. A government was required to lead the people and aid in organizing a city. City governments were far more major powerful than the council of elders and local chiefs of farming villages. At first, Priest probably had the greatest. In time, warrior kings came to power as chief political leaders. They soon set themselves up as the chief hereditary swayer and passed their power from father to son. Governments soon became more comp lex as rulers issued laws, collected taxes, and organizes systems of defense. To enforce order, rulers relied on royal officials. Over time, government bureaucracies evolved. Almost always rulers claimed their power came from god or divine right. These rulers then gained religious power as well.

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Explain errors of omission and errors of commission. Essay

Explain errors of omission and errors of commission.Ans == Errors of commission ==An error of commission occurs when you lay an incorrect value in posting. such(prenominal) errors allow original entry errors, transposition errors, calculation errors and reversal of entries. An original entry error occurs when an incorrect figure is degradeed and posted. A prime instance of this is the ten-key error, where you out of the blue hit the number above the correct key. For example, if you enter 7, kinda of 4, you would get a difference of 3, 30 or 3,000,000 even. The transposition error occurs when you switch ii digits in a number.For example, if you enter 71 as 17 or 428 as 824, you have committed a transposition error. Notice that the difference amongst the two numbers in a transposition error is always evenly divisible by nine. The result of 71 17 is 54 and 824 428 is 396. computing errors occur when you use incorrect totals. For instance, if you properly record transactions i n a sales ledger but incorrectly total this and use the incorrect figure in the income statement, a calculation error has occurred. Reversal of entries occurs when the correct figures are used in the correct accounts, but they were entered on the wrong perspective of the respective accounts. For instance, if you record a sales transaction by debiting Sales and crediting Cash/Bank, you commit a reversal of entries error.== Errors of omission ==Errors of omission can be one of the more difficult errors to detect, since they involve failing to record a transaction partially or completely. An error of omission may be surd to detect because it could lead to a balanced accounting equation. This type of error demonstrates why accountants and accounting students should double check their work properly to see if any(prenominal)thing was omitted, instead of using a balanced Statement of Financial Position as validation. For example, if you fail to record depreciation in a period or record a devalued asset, such errors of omission would only be detected through careful scrutiny of all particulars.== Errors of principle ==Apart from being true and careful to include all figures, accountants must also ensure that they are procedurally accurate as well. An error ofprinciple is one that is contrary to the fundamental principles, concepts and assumptions of accounting. For instance, if you record capital expenditure as revenue expenditure or treat withdrawals by the business owner as an expense, these go against the fundamental principles and held concepts in accounting. Such errors will skew the figures in the income statement and statement of financial position.== Conclusion ==In accounting, it is important to avoid making errors of commission, errors of omission and errors of principle. While seeing a balanced statement of financial position can be satisfying, it does not indicate that no errors exist in the recording and summarizing of transactions. It is easy to make any one of the three categories of accounting errors at any given time, hence the requirement that accountants be meticulous and alert.

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All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Remarque

All Quiet on the Western Front In the book All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Remarque, the author uses nature, and comradeship, to describe what the characters be going through. Erich uses nature in several ways, such as describing how the soldiers are facing imposing hardships, also it reflects on their sadness, and provides a contrast to the unnatural world of war. The author also uses the theme Comradeship through all the horrifying pictures of stopping point and inhumanity, he talks about when capital of Minnesota and his friends pick on Himmelstoss and beat him.We think its funny be motion Himmelstoss deserves it for being rude to them, and capital of Minnesota and his friends are just gift him what he deserves. As we start going farther into the book, we start to ensure that beating on some superstar isnt funny anymore. We read the how the soldiers feel afterward assaulting and killing other people, it gives us a disturbing thought about war. Erich shows the theme N ature in many parts of the book. In chapter 2, when Kemmerich dies Paul takes his designation tags and walks outside.He then says I breathe as deep as I can, and feel the breeze in my face, warm and soft as never before. (Remarque 33) This is one of many times, when nature has helped the men go through bad experiences, and help them move on. Nature also reflects the terrible sadness of the lost generation. In Chapter 4, Pauls bout along sustains heavy losses and a recruit is wounded so badly Paul and Kat consider killing him to end his suffering. The Lorries and medics arrive too quickly, and they are forced to rethink their decision.Paul watches the rain fall and says It falls on our heads and on the heads of the dead, up in the tone, on the body of the little recruit with the wound that is so much too big for his hip it falls on Kemmerich grave it falls in our hearts. (Remarque The cleansing rain falls upon the hopelessness of Pauls life and the lives of those nearly him. T hroughout Remarques book, we also see a strong affinity between nature and lost dreams and memories. When Paul is on sentry duty in Chapter 6, he remembers his childhood and thinks about the poplar avenue where such a long time ago they sat beneath the trees and put their feet in the stream.Back then the piss was fragrant, the wind melodious these memories of nature cause a powerful calmness and awaken a remembrance of what was but sadly, will never be again. Finally, butterflies play gracefully and settle on the teeth of a skull birds fly through the air in a carefree pattern. This is nature in the midst of death and destruction. While men kill each other and wonder why, the butterflies, birds, and breeze flutter though the killing fields and carry on as if gentleman were quite insignificant.Even at the end when Paul knows there is so little time until the armistice, he reflects on the beauty of life and hopes that he can remain alive until the laws of nature once again prevail and the actions of men bring peace. He describes the red poppies, meadows, beetles, grass, trees at twilight, and the stars. How can such beauty go on in the midst of such heartache? Remarque says that this novel will try simply to tell of a generation of men who, even off though they may consent escaped shells, were destroyed by the war. If words can touch what men hold to be dear in their hearts and so cause them to change the world, this book with its words of a lost generation, lost values, and lost humanity is surely one that should be required reading for all generations. . When Paul and his friends waylay Himmelstoss and beat on him, we laugh because he deserves it and they are only giving him his due. As time goes by, however, the pictures of camaraderie relieve the terrible descriptions of front line assaults and death, and they provide a bright light in a place of such terrible darkness.A young recruit becomes gun-shy in his first battle when a rocket fires and explosio ns begin. He creeps over to Paul and buries his head in Pauls chest and arms, and Paul kindly, gently, tells him that he will get used to it (Chapter 4). Perhaps the twain most amazing scenes of humanity and caring can be found in the story of the goose roasting and the battle where his comrades voices cause Paul to heal his nerve. In Chapter 5, Paul and Kat bring forth captured a goose and are roasting it late at night.Paul says, We dont talk much, but I believe we have a more complete communion with one another than even lovers have. We are two men, two minute sparks of life outside is the night and the draw of death. As he watches Kat roasting the goose and hears his voice, it brings Paul peace and reassurance. Over and over again, in scenes of battle and scenes of rest, we see the comradeship of this tiny company of men. Even though Paul counts their losses at various points, he always considers their close relationship and attempts to keep them together to help each other .In Chapter 9, when Paul is alone in the trench, he loses his nerve and his direction and is afraid he will die. Instead, he hears the voices of his friends I belong to them and they to me we all share the same business concern and the same life we are nearer than lovers, in a simpler, a harder way I could bury my face in them in these voices, these words that have saved me and will stand by me. There is a grace here, in the face of all sorrow and hopelessness, a grace that occurs when men realize their humanity and their reliance on others.Through thick and thin, battle and rest, horror and hopelessness, these men hold each other up. Finally, Paul has only Kat and he loses even this friend and father-figure in Chapter 11. Kats death is so overwhelming and so final that we do not hear Pauls reaction we only see him tell on d ingest in the face of it. There is such final irony in the medics question about whether they are related. This man, this hero, this father, this life has b een closer to Paul than his own blood relatives and yet Paul must say, No, we are not related. It is the final stunning blow before Paul must go on alone.

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Economic Development and Environmental Protection

This paper argues on both theoretical and empirical grounds that, beyond a certain point, there is an unavoidable conflict mingled with economic reading (generally taken to mean materialeconomic growth) and environmental protection. Think for a moment of natural forests, grasslands, marine estuaries, salt marshes, and coral reefs and of arable soils, aquifers, tapraldeposits, petroleum, and coal. These be all forms of natural capital that nominate highly-ordered self-producing ecosystemsor rich accumulations of energy/matter with high use potential (low entropy).Now contemplate despoiled landscapes, eroding farmlands, depleted fisheries, anthropogenic greenhouse gases,acid rain, poisonous mine tailings and toxic synthetic compounds. These all represent disordered systems or degraded forms of energy and matter with little use potential (high entropy). The main thing connecting these dickens sound outs is homosexual economic activity. Ecological economics interprets the environ ment-economyrelationship in terms of the second law of thermodynamics. The second law sees economic activity as a dissipative process.Fromthis perspective, the fruit of economic goods andservices invariably requires the consumption of available energy and matter. To grow and develop, the economynecessarily feeds on sources of high-quality energy/matter first produced by nature. This tends to disorder and homogenizethe ecosphere, The ascendance of humankind has consistently been accompanied by an accelerating rate of ecological degradation, particularly biodiversity loss, the simplificationof natural systems and pollution.In short, contemporary political rhetoric to the contrary, the prevailing growth-oriented global ripening paradigm is fundamentally incompatible with long-term ecological and social sustainability. Unsustainability is not a technical nor economic problem as commonly conceived, but rather a state of systemic incompatibilitybetween a economy that is a fully-contain ed, growing, dependent sub-system of a non-growing ecosphere. Potential solutions fly inthe face of contemporary development trends and cultural values Ecological ruffle and nature tourism.THE purpose of this article is to consider the role of disturbance as a crucial ecological consideration in landuse planning for nature tourism. internalization of ecological insights into the environmental-planning process offers hope for rational and sustainable development. Nature tourism has been proposed in recent years as a solution to the dilemma that develop countries face in conserving their biological heritage and concurrently improving the economies of local human settlements.In Mexico, nature tourism has become a favored implement for development, especially on the Yucatan peninsula. Recognizing the immense value of its coastal natural communities, Mexico has recently established several large biosphere militia to preserve natural resources and to accommodate and have a bun in the oven human settlements. The experience of sprawling, high-impact Cancun, with more than one million visitors annually, has encouraged the government to reassess its development intentions.One example of Mexi green goddess openness to sustainable conservation-development projects is the innovative, accommodative effort of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras to establish Ruta Maya, a low-impact design to promote tourism based on natural and archaeological treasures (Garrett 1989). In the Yucatan, two long, comparatively pristine barrier peninsulas, Rio Lagartos and Celestun, are being identified as opportune sites for nature tourism. Both have high conservation value and were designated special biosphere reserves by the government in 1979 because of their floral and faunal diversity.Both have small human settlements based on fishing and salt extraction. The protection concept cognise as the Mexican modality, in which local villages can coexist with both conservati on and tourism, is an ambitious development plan. Through trial and error, it is becoming clear that development must be guided by ecological understanding if degradation of natural systems is to be avoided. Sites worth visiting are often those that cannot endure argillaceous human use, and if irreversible environmental degradation results from nature tourism, both conservation of biological diversity and sustainable tourism will fail.Although political and economic considerations usually far overshadow ecological concerns, conservation of natural resources will not succeed if ecological insights are ignored in planning for nature tourism. To moderate the integrity of ecosystems, ecologists must convey the most useful information about the dynamic physical and biological contexts of natural communities, including information about the effects of human change on natural disturbance regimes. Important shifts in ecological theory in the past several decades could change perspectives on planning decisions. total models of community organization throughout the history of ecological judgement were rooted in the idea of equilibrium, and most principles applied to managing natural areas have been based on the notion of stability. Many recent empirical studies offer usher that the natural world is not static, that natural disturbances are common to many environments, and that most landscapes are not in equilibrium, at least for the short term. Planners and developers of tourist facilities, along coastlines, for example, have mistakenly assumed that the physical context for hotels and roads was a abiding place.RECENT ECOLOGICAL THOUGHT From its beginnings, ecology has been the study of nature as a stable, orderly system. inborn communities that were undisturbed by people were generally thought of as pristine and immutable, composed of interdependent and harmoniously arranged species assemblages (Botkin 1990). This idea was based on a long tradition in Western sha de that envisioned nature as orderly and was embodied in the phrase agreement of nature (Glacken 1967). Largely through the writings of Frederick E.Clements (1916) early in the 20th century, the notion of natural communities as naturally occurring assemblages of species in harmony with local climatic regimes became ecological dogma. If a community was disturbed, damage would be repaired along a predictable continuum toward the climax community. Later, equilibrium became an explicit assumption for most ecosystems, a steady state to which a system returned if a disturbance altered its balance (Connell 1978).Dissenting voices proposed that species act independently of one another and that perturbation is a common event in many natural communities (Gleason 1917 Watt 1947). Strong evidence for the commonness of disorder in nature has come from a large body of literature documenting the profound and pervasive effects of a multitude of disturbancesfires, floods, windstorms, alluvial eros ion, landslides, grazing, insects, and invasion of exotics (Veblen and Ashton 1978 Bormann and Likens 1979 Sprugel and Bormann 1981).It is now believed that all ecosystems are somewhat dynamic and that, in some, severe or even catastrophic disturbance is a regular occurrence. Natural disturbances were once assumed to retard the orderly progression of species replacement THE PROBLEM Sulfur dioxide is a major source of air pollution world wide, and a major contributor to the problem of acid rain. SOME SOLUTIONS 1) The technology exists to produce cleaner burning coal, but this process is very expensive. ) Inorganic southward can be removed from coal by washing it, but this will not remove organic sulfur, and the process is also very expensive. 3) Coal gasification converts goal to a gas in order to remove the sulfur. The gas produced from the sulfur can then be used to augment supplies of natural gas. This process is not yet competitive enough. 4) Scrubbing removed the oxides from t he gases in the smoke stakes, but is also an expensive producer. Looking at these solutions, it would be easy to conclude that there is no win win solution when it comes to sulfur emissions from coal.However, in Germany they did find a solution that is win-win. AN INNOVATIVE SOLUTION A German company in 1980 purchased coal-scrubbing technology and improved on it rather than disposing of the calcium sulfite rich sludge the company further processes it to produce building materials such as sheet rock n roll or wallboard, which are sold worldwide. Another innovative approach to removing sulfur has been taken at a large coal burning plant pricey Mannheim, Germany. The smoke from combustion is cooled, then treated with liquid ammonia.. he sulfur-contaminated smoke is cooled in a heat exchange process that allows the chemical reaction between the sulfur rich smoke and ammonia to take place waste heat from the cooling towers is used to heat nearby buildings, and the plant sells the ammon ium sulfate in a solid granular form to farmers to use as fertilizer. Thus, Germany, in response to tough pollution control regulations, has substantially reduced its sulfur dioxide emissions, and in the process it has boosted its economy. .Increasing recognition that the overall goals of environmental conservation and economic development are not conflicting but can be mutually reinforcing, has prompted calls for environmentally sustainable economic development. Although there are difficulties in defining sustainable development in an analytically rigorous way, there is quieten a need to evolve a concept of sustainability that both distinguishes it from other post-war meanings of development and is useful for practical analysis and policymaking.

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English Literature Romantic Period

Breeana Whitehead The Art in sack out affair The works of William Woodsworth and William Blake are some of many great examples of Romantic literature. Romanticism was an esthetic and intellectual movement that began in Europe in the early 1800s. It was a reaction to the Industrial Revolution as illustrated in William Woodsworths Michael. This song mourns the changes do by the Industrial Revolution. In Romantic texts, everything written is out of the ordinary and very fictional. The divisions in a romantic piece of literature are created from zipper and the plot is often in imaginary places. solely pieces of art and intellect were nothing but fantasy put to paper in one form or another. There is nothing realistic almost Romantic literature. This is the Romantic Period. Every piece of art, whether it is music or paintings or drawings or literature, was created to make their readers say about their own emotions within the art. William Blake displays the Romanticism in his poem tend of Love by showing discussing an aspect of ghostlikeity. He shows how with religion there is a disjuncture of freedom. The poem speaks of a chapel that was built where the speaker, whether Blake or an unknown character, used to play.The speaker notices a sign saying Thou Shall Not on the portal of the chapel and so he turned to the garden of love. The speaker soon notices that there are tombstones where flowers should be, and priests were walking around in black binding the characters joys and desires. This shows the captivity that Blake believed came to a person when that person claimed religion. This shows a free thought that well expresses the idea of Romanticism. This shows the intellectual freedom that the Romantic Period brought forth. William Woodsworth showed Romanticism in his many works, such as his poem, Michael. Woodsworth romanticizes or dreams up the characters of Michael and Luke. Michael is a shepherd that lives in the forest side of Grasmere Vale, and Luke w as his son. Michaels family happily lives off in this beautiful countryside when a financial burden falls upon them because of a contract that Michael had signed. Instead of selling his land, Michael sends Luke off to work to pay off this debt. While bygone Luke prospers well for himself at first but them falls into a criminal line and has to flee. Michael mourns the loss of his son and soon thereafter Michael and Isabel, Michaels wife, both die.This poem is a good example of the changes from the Industrial Revolution that spurred the Romantic Movement but it is also a great example of the fictional aspect of Romanticism. other brilliant example of Romantic literature is the poem, Hymn to apt Beauty by Percy Shelley. In this poem Shelley turns inward to this idea of intellectual beauty. This beauty is an intangible, spiritual idea that is different for everyone. This intellectual beauty becomes the freedom from the doom and gloom that Shelley describes the world to be.The spiritu al aspect and emotional pull of this poem makes it a everlasting(a) illustration of a Romantic poem. The literature and other arts from the Romantic period were created to create emotion within a person and to make them think about their emotions. This poem does a great job at forcing its reader to look inward to determine his or her own intellectual beauty, whether it be love or hope or self-esteem. A final example of a Romantic poem is Lord Byrons When We Two Parted. This poem definitely pulls at a readers heartstrings. The poem talks about two people who were lovers but something happened to break them apart.It seems that one of the two in the relationship had had an affair or in some manner broke their vows and forced a separation between the two lovers. Byrons poem brings out the emotions of the audience. The Romantic Age was basically an era of an outpouring of feelings. All of the works of this time period were based on an effort to make their audience feel something. The works were of religious and intellectual standards that caused the reader or the commentator to stop his or her own life for a second and contemplate a deeper meaning to the work and to life.Artists and authors such as William Blake in his poem Garden of Love, William Woodsworth in his poem Michael, Percy Shelley in his Hymn to Intellectual Beauty, and Lord Byron in his emotional poem, When We Two Parted, developed pieces of art that brought this emotional appeal to the table. These pieces of literature equal and explain Romanticism and the Romantic Era perfectly with everything from the fantasy and fictional characters and plots and settings in the pieces such as Michael, to the emotional aspects as shown in Hymn to Intellectual Beauty and in When We Two Parted.

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Bee Biology

Discuss pesticide problems relating to beekeeping, including symptoms, distinguishing from disease and preventing pesticide impact. Adult Parasites Varroa Mites o Ca utilize by the leechlike mite called Varroa Destructor (Bun disentanglee Country Beekeepers Association, 2007). o Symptoms include existence of adult mites on adult bees, brood, or hive debris adults have their abdomens shortened, wings distorted, and legs be change and lastly, adult population and brood area declines dramatically, with blotchy brood pattern (North Carolina State University, 2007).o It can be prevented through using screened bottom boards, mite-tolerant stocks, drone-blood trapping, and management of placid dusts (North Carolina State University, 2007). o Varroa mites can be detected using sugar shake or ether roll, sticky board, alcohol wash, or drone-blood inspection or visual inspection. o interventions Spring (before honey flow) o The use of volatile interactment (thymol, formic acid, etc) sh ould not be used for they can cause reduction in the brood area. Appropriate dosage of Apistan or checkmite+ can be used as farsighted as the mites have not formerly substantial a resistance (Buncombe Country Beekeepers Association, 2007).Late spring/summer (during/immediately following honey flow) ? Chemical treatments should never be used while hone supers are on hives. o Exploit one or more systems of preclusion, for instance, the use of screened bottom boards or mite-tolerant stock (Buncombe Country Beekeepers Association, 2007). Autumn (preparing for winter) ? Test regularly for mites, if likely once a month. o Alternate treatments regularly to lessen the comprehensive exposure of any chemical for mites (Buncombe Country Beekeepers Association, 2007). Nosema o Caused by the protozoan, Nosema apiso Stress from periods of long confinement, fast brood build-up, sustenance discrepancy and bad weather are some factors that may cause the existence of Nosema (Stanford, 2003). o S ymptoms consist of distension of the abdomens and paralyzed behaviors of adults. o In order to control the disease, practice proper management technique while using the antibiotic fumagilin (Fumidil B, Nosem X) (Stanford, 2003). Other adult bee diseases include rickettsial disease, amoeba disease, spiroplasmas, and many others. Brood Diseases American Foulbroodo Caused by spore-forming bacterium called Paenibacillus larvae larvae (Stanford, 2003). o Symptoms consist of sour or of a glue pot odor perforate or sunken capping and resultant sticky black scales (Stanford, 2003). o To prevent the disease secure hygienic stocks avoid robbing by keeping colonies strong denigrate comb swapping between hives substitute three combs in the brood chamber every year with foundation or drawn combs from honey supers and scour bee hives or suspect frames and brood boxes at the NCDA fumigation chamber using ethylene oxide (North Carolina State University, 2007).o If the disease is already prese nt, treatments include burning of all frames and euthanizing of bees scorch or fumigation of empty brood boxes, bottom boards, inner covers, and lids lastly, contact your regional Apiary inspector (North Carolina State University, 2007). European Foulbrood o Caused by the bacterium Melissococcus batholite and associated flora o Symptoms include a characteristic odor rare presence of perforated or hollow cappings and a resultant black scale, which is much twisted in its cell (Stanford, 2003).o To prevent the disease, maintain a strong and healthy colony. o To treat the disease maintain a hive quarantine and be vigilant for re-emergent signs of the disease for light infections, reduce the area of the brood nest, replace infected combs with foundation, and keep the colony strong for more serious infection, treat with terramycin, feed to colonies in powdered sugar by dusting on the top of the brood nest (North Carolina State University, 2007). Other brood diseases include chalkbrood , stonebrood, sacbrood, and Purple brood. Pests and Predators lift moth o Symptoms include large larvae tunneling through the wax combs of weak hives or stored bee equipment and presence of silk cocoons in infested hives or equipments (North Carolina State University, 2007). o Treatment recommendations include storing of unused combs with PDB crystals. Never place crystals on a living colony, as the fumes are highly toxic to adult bees and brood.In case of strong infestations, freeze combs for 1-2 days before reusing (North Carolina State University, 2007). Small Hive Beetle o Symptoms include presence of adult beetles and eggs or larvae watery, fermenting comb with small white grubs eating the wax and larvae crawling out of the front entrance of the hive and burrowing into the soil (North Carolina State University, 2007). o If there are adults, immortalize half a strip of checkmite+ beneath a square of corrugated cardboard placed on the bottom board of hive.If larvae are prese nt replace infected combs with foundation, then urn them or freeze them Apply GuardStar soil drench virtually the perimeter of the hive to kill developing pupae in the ground around the hive (North Carolina State University, 2007). o Other pests in the honey bee colonies include ants, robber flies, mantids, yellowjackets, and other wasps (Stanford, 2003). 2. Describe the setup of a good honey house, indicating verifying aspects of your arrangement. For the rural areas, Vautier Hive is ideal.It allows the bee keeper to produce good quality honey with fewer costs in building it. The hive is made from cement to hold dear the colonies from bad weather, bush fires and predators (BeesforDevelopment, 2006). The heavy weight of the hives will make it hard for the thieves to steal those (Volunteers for Africa Sustainable Natural Resource Management, 2006). The vautier hive should be raised(a) off the ground on rocks or tires. The bee colony dwells in a small volume that is needed. At har vest time, just open the hive, remove the flames that are full of honey and replace them with new flames.Close the hives until the next harvest(BeesforDevelopment, 2006). The hive produces 20-25 kg of honey per year (Volunteers for Africa Sustainable Natural Resource Management, 2006). Materials needed o Cement o Lumber, bamboo or branches o Wooden mould The width of the hive should be twice than its height. Interior dimensions should be smaller. Create an entrance kettle of fish in the bottom of one side (BeesforDevelopment, 2006). Put a platform in front of entrance then make a ventilation mending at the back (BeesforDevelopment Inc. , 2007). The 22 frames should all have a top-bar and 2 triangles. Any long and stiff piece of wood can be used for top-bar. Cut the triangles from a square or rectangular piece of wood. Glue the triangles under the top-bar, making sure that all the frames are the same size (BeesforDevelopment, 2006). In order to encourage the bees to use the fram es properly, put wax guides or foundation to the top-bar, centered and running the whole length of the top-bar, all the way to the edges of the triangles (BeesforDevelopment Inc. , 2007).

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Case Petroil

In one of Its first projects, the OLL exploration company Petrol was engendering two sites for two 011 exploration wells. Only one may be punctured. The cost of drilling the Site Numerous 1 was $ 100,000. Preliminary geological data indicated that the well could be dry, or be of low productivity or be highly productive. He had signed a contract with a development company to buy the site if a well by drilling success you had. The buyer would pay $ 250,000 for a well of low productivity and $ 600,000 for high productivity well.If the well was dry, Petrol lose $ 100,000 of the cost of drilling. By that time, the company geologist,Jane Goodwill, was unsure about the existence of a structural dome that site. A dome structure is a kind of anticlines (geological tremble deformation organize as a curved folds as strata tectonic stress resulting from various types) raised to a certain depth by the accumulation of oil and the improver of the pressure produced by the natural gas . Structur es are ideal for the accumulation of oil. She assigned a probably of 0. 6 to the existence of a structural dome.Their assessments for dry, low, or high productivity wells were conditioned to geological structure. Table 1 shows the betting odds by estimated conditions. The geologist would ether give the information in this way though as she said, we will never know for sure if there is a structural dome, up to drill. TABLE 1 Geological structure Well With No Doom Doom Dry 0. 60 0. 85 Low 0. 25 0. 125 High 0. 025 0. 15 1. 00 1. 00 Furthermore, the site No. 2 was quite different, the area had been thoroughly examined using seismic testing and core samples.A core sample Is a method directly by taking witnesses or cores (cores), collect rock samples taken within drill pipe, In which you can perform direct measurements of the petrochemical characteristics of the geological formation. There was almost certainly oil. The geologist assigned a probability of 0. 8 of finding oil there. The d rawback to this place was that drilling costs were high, $ 200,000, and if oil is found, the well would be low productivity of oil. A contract was also signed with the corresponding development company to buy the well of low production at Site No. 2 for $ 250,000.To help decide between the two sites, separately drill site. Using the decision tree diagram A decision tree diagram should be developed for this problem using the concepts and the necessary rules. You essential specify the uncertain events that will be revealed eased on each decision. The random variable of interest is the net piece can be careful at the end of each alternative or branch of the decision tree. Therefore in the branches of the diagram decision alternatives were presented with their respective probability and net contribution as a gain or loss. The decision alternatives with uncertain probabilities for drilling Site No. Events are available and would be appropriate to show them on the decision tree diag ram (see Annex 1). What would be the likely alternatives Drilling Site Number 1? They are not available erectly. We know the odds of having high, low or that the well is dry productivity. However, we can adjust the chart for evaluation inserting another uncertain event as the geological structure (with or without dome). By including this extra node, the description of the branches of the decision tree will expand to encrypt the return (you only need dry, low or high to calculate the net contribution). Now include the status of the geological structure.With the expanded tree diagram decision is straightforward to calculate the probabilities required by the president of the many. Therefore, this problem has to insert the additional uncertain event (geological structure) so that the probability can be calculated. The uncertain event should be displayed in the diagram to have an patent result where not only the state of well productivity, but also the state of the underlying structure is found. Addition should be included because the geologist of the company cute to use it as a basis for probabilistic assessments to the president of the company.

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Why Animal Testing Can Save Our Lives

Many years ago, heap follow particular traditions that involves savage sacrifice. According to biblical history, animals were often killed to use as sacrifices to God. In Genesis, Abraham sacrificed a ram after he was stopped by an angel to kill his son as a sign of full obedience to God. Clearly, animal sacrifices has been accepted ever since our ancestors had developed various religions w vex they believed meat offerings were pleasant to the eyes of their God. As one of the most composite ethical issues of today, animal testing can be viewed in the same way with the historical animal sacrifices.As humans in past were salve spiritually by offering animals, it is reasonable to conclude that animal testing is a kind of sacrifice that humans must do to save lives physically and emotionally. Why Animal Testing Can Save Our Lives One of the primary reasons why animal testing is considered helpful for the advance of man is the fact that it plays a significant role in the progress of medicine. Newly created medicines are safer to use by humans if they are tested on animals first.Some people believes that it is unethical and improper to use a drug if it has not been tested on animals before (Hayhurst, 20). They argue that it is the best possible way to determine if a drug is safe or not. They clearly have a point in this line of credit. Apparently, they believe that human lives are much important than animal lives. Many people who argue for animal testing agree that its unfortunate that animals must fewtimes suffer, but they feel that the pain is a small price to pay if it advances experience and produces new cures for deadly diseases such as cancer and AIDS (Hayhurst, 21).On the other hand, people who are against animal testing argue that animal lives should in any case be treated with utmost importance and should not be used as sacrifices to attain something. One of the points of these people are the fact that some decorative manufacturers also engage in animal testing to try their products. They believe that such products are unnecessary for animals health to be sacrificed (Hayhurst, 21). There is the blinding of mice to alter cosmetic manufacturers to produce a new kind of mascara and other.They also argue that animal reactions to drugs can be quite different from that of humans. Because of the irreconcilable biological differences among animals and human beings, the results of animal tests cannot be applied to human beings with any degree of confidence (qtd. in Lovegrove, 14). However, it is the issue of morality and ethics that is enveloping the entire argument against animal testing. Many people on this side believes that animals have the right to live and that humans cannot right treat them in any way just because they can.Apparently, both sides of the issue raises important points that should be considered to achieve a fair and justified treatment of the issue. Clearly, there is a lot at stake here whether in the moralit y or the medical advancement of human beings but both ways still considers what is good for man. Nevertheless, the problem with some animal rights activists is that, there is too much emphasis on ethics and too little emphasis on what they perceive as scientific turn a profits (qtd. in Connor).In our present situation where diseases are rampant, it is important that people must be receptive and open-minded enough to consider tough decisions such as supporting animal testing. It is also important that people weigh the circumstances of what animal research could do in the existence and survival of mankind in the future. The problem with some activists is that they focus so much on what is happening today that they tend to forget what could happen in the future. ConclusionOur world today is experiencing so some medical challenges such as the spread of A(H1N1) virus, cancer, AIDS and other diseases therefore, it is important that we consider sacrificing something today to enable us to prepare for the future. In addition, these animals also benefit from the testing as their future generations also benefits from the medical progress to which they contribute. Hence, it is quite reasonable to conclude that some tough decisions and actions should be made to make this stick better and safer for all of us. It is for the greater good that a few must suffer to attain something better in the future.

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Dell Summary

dell INC STRATEGIC POSITION, CHOICE AND FINANCIAL analysis card 1 PESTEL Meaning to dell? Dells ability to address. Political Factors mainland Chinas five-year plan has a clear set of social objectives. 23) Good chance for Dell to grow real good. Increased government spending helped China for the first eon to beat the US to become the in BRICS nation. institutions biggest PC market. (24) Restrictive policies in many countries for the protection of domestic companies. 25) BRICS polarity framework pact for local-currency deferred payment lines. (26) European Commission Unveils novel intellectual property rights (IPR) Strategy (27) economical The US Debt Crisis and Downgraded Credit Rating. 28) globular consumers spending Moderate Factors Global Economy growth forecast 4 % in 2011 and 2012. (Advanced economies 1. 6% and 1. 9 % less Increased competition. Emerging and developing economies 6. 4% & 6. 1% ,US 1. 5 % & 1. 8%,China9. 5 9. 0 ) (29) Canalys predicts 14% growth in PC market for 2011. 30) China has topped the US as the largest PC market worldwide (31) Economies in developing countries like growing at faster rates than genuine countries. (32) Social Education affects brand consciousness, product demand. 42) Consumers willing to pay moreVery good. Factors Income levels (40) for higher quality. heathen aspects affect gross revenue. (39) Technological Factors Fast technological advances (33) Needs continuous products Good. Increased research and development. (33) innovation and redesigning. victimize product life cycle. (41) Environmental Adds to Global warming. (34) Requires focus for Moderate. Factors towering Environmental effects. 35) sustainability. The global volume of e-waste generated is pass judgment to reach 93. 5 million tons in 2016 from 41. 5 million tons in 2011 at a CAGR of 17. 6% from 2011 to 2016. (36) Legal Factors Minimum wages restrictions in many countries. Effects to its profit margin. Good. severe recycling laws in some countries. (37) Existence of consumer rights and labour rights. (38) Competition laws, employment laws, health and safety legislation. 38) dining table 2 Porters 5 Forces Forces Factors Strength 1 Threat of New Entrants Low In PC industry, not many competitors emerging on a yearly basis. 17 Chance of a rude(a) PC vendor entering the market and gaining significant market sh atomic number 18 is pretty slim. 18 Entry barriers are higher now than they ever have been. 18 Capital required is huge. 18 court and distribution are ii of the entry barriers that are making entry into the PC market tough. 18 calculating machine industry is highly emulous with continuing developments. 17 People likely to go with big brands they know. 17 2 Power of Suppliers Suppliers such as INTEL and Microsoft holds significant amount of power. 17 High Intels microprocesso r chips are used in approximately 80% of individualized computers. 18 Microsoft operating systems are used in 90% of computers. 18 3 Power of Buyers PC has become a commodity. 19 Moderate There is no brand loyalty among PC users. 19 Use of industry standard hardware and software means a user can easily switch from one brand to another. 19 4 Threat of Substitute Organizers, PDAs, blackberries and lozenges are the substitutes of PC industry. 20, 21 PC market growth has been impacted by media lozenges and next-gene ration smartphones. 21 High It is anticipated that tablets will Cannibalize 10 % of PCs by 2014. 21 5 living Rivalry 1. 6Acer, Apple, Hewlett-Packard and Lenovo are the major competitors of Dell. 17 1. 17 Attractive smart gadgets such as Apples iPad making PC industry saturated. 22 High Table 3 Value Chain Analysis Primary Activities Inbound logistics Higher density container & trailer expedition via sea, air & road to reduce fue l consumption. 1 Use of foam p in allets instead of wood for shipping, which reduce address of freight by reducing weight. 1 Dell relies on its highly reliable suppliers for materials. 2 Operations Produce construct to order computers according to individual costumers needs. 2 Use the knowledge from direct contact with its customers. 2 Outbound Logistics Logistics teams leverage the go around transportation and logistics endurers available in the industry. 1 Dell sends computers monitors directly from its supplier to customers reducing the cost of storage and time of transfer. 2 Use of direct selling models reduce coast to customers. 2 Marketing and salesExpanding relationships with retail partners around the world 1 Use of direct selling model thereby reducing cost of distribution channels and conference gaps between customers and company. 2 Direct selling models helps to understand unmet customer needs. 2 24000 retail outlets worldwide, including contr acts with Walmart Brazil and Maxico , and Gome Group, the largest electronic seller in Chaina. 16 Services Dell spent lot of money in training segment managers to provide acres of the art customer advice. 2 Customer solutions team collaborate with customers to fulfil there unmet needs. 2 Support Activities Procurement substantive used is not protected under any trade mark or copy right. 2 each competitors can use the same materials from same suppliers as suppliers tend to sell generally to all players in industry. 2 Technology Introduce bare-ass and relevant technology much more quickly than competitors who use fall moving distribution channels. 2 Infrastructure Revolutionized computer industrys traditional value chain by introducing direct selling model. 2 Use ROIC as mean of managerial performance and individual business units performance. 2 breed turnover is 6 days. 2 Human Resources Dell staff has to be knowledgeable and customer focused to provide bes t outcome. 2 Train its segment managers to provide state of the art customers service. 2 Table 4 Generic Forces ample COST LEADERSHIP DIFFERENTIATION Market Supply chain efficiencies. 62 Unique Customer services. 63 Direct sales model allowed Dell to pursue Cost Dell (PRODUCT)RED signature products contribute directly to Global strain to help Leadership Strategy. 62 eliminate AIDS in Africa. 64 Robust market share by memory 12% of worldwide pc market. 65 Alienware M11x the first ultraportable gaming notebook. 66 Dell precision Mb6400 a high-performance unstable workstation. 67 Dell Streak 7 is the first 7 tablet that has dual-core processor that supports 4G. 69 Narrow FOCUSED down(p) COST FOCUSED DIFFERENTIATION Market Introduced low-cost notebooks for consumers and small Dell first introduced Streak Android-establish tablet computer for doctors and other businesses in Asian markets. 66 clinicians. 70 Table 5 Ansoff Product Market Matrix Exi sting products New Products Existing 1. 1. $155 million acquisition of MessageOne Inc(industry leader in 1. 4 Announced new tablet latitude XT3 for business customers that allows Market SaaS) enables enterprise level email business continuity, grater mobility, security and manageability. 6 compliance, archiving, chance management. 4,5 1. 5 Announced 24 new products including smart phone, tablets, netbooks, 1. 2. Introduced existing alienware and XPS laptops with HD 3D desktops etc. 7 screen. 9 1. Unveiled new series of printers, projector and monitors in 2011. 12 New Market 1. 6 Introduces 4 new low cost PC for emerging markets like China. 1. 10 Introduced new android based smart phones and windows phone. 8 India etc in 2008. 11 1. 11Introduced android based streak tablet designed for doctors and 1. 7 Launched comprehensive rage of printers in India in 2011. 12 clinicians. 10 1. 8 promise with Gome Group, the largest electronic retailer in 1. 12 Introdu ced cloud computing that provide IaaS based on VMware. china. 16 14,15 1. 9 Only 5. 1% Indians and 9% Chinese have computers. 75% Americans have computers. 16 Table 6 capital of Massachusetts Construction Group Matrix Relative Market Share (Cash Generation) Market Growth Rate game HIGH scummy (Cash Usage) Stars Question Marks Personal computers 43 Dell tablet 45 cloud computing services44 LOW Cash Cows Dogs Customised systems 46 Printers 48 Ink cartridge 47 5 inch Streak Smartphone 49 Table 7 Dells Acquisitions. victory of Dells Acquisitions Ingredient acquisitions 72 Acquired KACE in 2010 increases 1200 business customers and tripled in value. 72 HP doubled the Dells bid for 3PAR INC. a storage network company. 73 Made 12 acquisitions in last year. 74 Virtually all acquisitions were successful 74 Acquired equal logic 3 years ago and turned revenue of $100 m into $1 Billion post acquisition 75 Table 8 Suitability, Acceptability, F easibility GENERIC STRATEGIES BCG MATRIX STRATEGIES Cost LeadershipDifferentiation Focus / Low Cost Focus / Differentiator STARS CASH COWS YE 30/1/09 YE YE 28/1/11YE YE YE YE 31/10/08 29/1/10 31/12/0831/12/0931/12/10 Table 10 Financial Ratios for DELL Inc (2006-10) 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Industry AverageRef Profitability Ratios 2 Net profit margin (%) 4. 5 4. 82 4. 05 2. 71 4. 28 6. 7 51,52 3 Return on total assets (%) 13. 05 3. 89 12. 54 6. 01 8. 68 8. 14 50,52 4 Return on capital employed (%) 43. 22 42. 86 29. 35 14. 87 18. 57 16. 42* 50 5 Return on equity (%) 58. 19 76. 97 58. 02 25. 4 33. 93 13. 65 50,52 6 Solvency ratio (%) 17. 32 13. 89 16. 12 16. 76 20. 12 25. 9* 50 aptitude Ratios 8 Net asset turnover 7. 32 6. 77 5. 25 3. 6 3. 22 1. 51 50,52 9 Debtor days (days) 30 36 29 41 39 45. 25* 51 10 Creditor days(days) 80 86 61 97 84 52. 5* 51 Liquidity Ratios 12 Quick ratio 1. 08 1. 01 1. 3 1. 22 1. 42 1. 15 51,52 Stability Ratios 14 Interest cover 68. 22 76. 44 34. 3 13. 57 17. 25 2. 5 50,52 15 Debt/Equity(%) 12. 82 9. 45 44. 44 60. 57 66. 26 21. 43 51,52 Investors Ratios 17 P/E ratio 23. 16 15. 48 7. 45 17. 61 9. 64 14. 2 50,52 18 Dividend yield 0 0 0 0 0 2. 09 50,52 pic76 77 Figure 3 Financial Rations (Table 10) REFERENCES http//content. dell. com/ Accessed 6 October 2011. http//www. oppapers. com/essays (accessed October 8, 2011) http//ivythesis. typepad. com/ Accessed 6 Oct 2011. http//www. scribd. com/doc (accessed October 9, 2011) http//www. businessweek. com/ Accessed 27 common peopleember 2011. http//2point8. blogspot. com/2006 (accessed October 9, 2011) http//www. dell. com/us/ Accessed 17 Oct 2011. http//knol. google. om/k (accessed October 9, 2011) http//www. gartner. com/ Accesses 17 Oct 2011. http//it. tmcnet. com/topics (accessed October 9, 2011) http//techmento. com/2011/02/14/ Accessed 17 Oct 2011. http//www. usatoday. com/tech (accessed Octobe r 9, 2011) http//www. pcmag. com/ Accessed 17 Oct 2011. 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SAAD BAKHTIAR RANA 2. JAHAARA AHMED SIDDIQUI

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Water Refilling Station Business Guide Essay

One of the fast expanding note in Manila, and in most Metro cities nationwide, is the pissing replacement station. Its mushrooming on e really street corner, because a lot of people in urban ambits pick to get their drinking water from these water stations, its simply clean and safe to drink. Over the years, as the demand for cleaner water becomes higher, the price of household water purifiers and bottled water has become prohibitive. piss reclamation stations managed by private entrepreneurs offer a cheaper and more convenient solution to the unrestricteds drinking water needs than bottled water or the use of household filters. urine Refilling come inTHE PROBLEM AND ITS SCOPEIntroductionPurified water is water from any source that is physically processed to abate its impurities. Distilled water and de-ionized water has been the most common forms of purified water. Water house also be purified by opposite processes like reverse osmosis, carbon filtration, microfiltration , ultra filtration, ultraviolet oxidation, electro dialysis and/or etc. Mineral water is water containing minerals or some other dissolved substances that alter its taste or give it therapeutic value, generally obtained from a naturally occurring mineral spring or source. Dissolved substances in the water may include mingled salts and sulfur compounds. The more minerals in drinking water, the harder it is said to be water with few minerals is described as being soft. Distilled water is water that has many of its impurities removed through distillation. Distillation involves boiling the water and accordingly condensing the steam into a clean container. A few years ago, thither were however a few water refilling plants here in Cagayan De Oro City.Those are of which are still famous to the public like Nature Spring and Wilkins. Wilkins was one of those who didnt do a good job on capitalizing on their market superiority. Unlike Nature Spring who seems like un-formidable in the marke t to daytime dimension big investments in large companies. The Cagay-anons realizedthe need for this necessity, entrepreneurs invested on it seeking to get a lower-ranking share of the market and looking for different kinds of cracks and niches in the market. This was the start of a very competitive and very aggressive marketing and business war, which one could relate to it as a never ending cut through battle. As more people entered the market, the more competitive it has begun. Currently, according to the only jug supplier here in Cagayan De Oro, there are already more than 100 water refilling companies here in Cagayan De Oro alone. One of the early people who ventures in this great Basic Feasibility StudyA. Capital coronation1. Water Refilling Machine P 250,000.002. Renovation or new store at least(prenominal) 20sqm size 75,000.003. Delivery vehicle (motorcycle with carrier or multi-cab) 75,000.00 4. Business permit & other legal docs (DTI, city managers permit, Water te sting, etc.) 10,000.00 5. Initial Supplies /miscellaneous 31,750.00a) 150 Bottles slim 18,750.00b) 50 Bottles round 7,500.00c) heat gun- 2,500.00d) Stickers 3,000.006. Others 8,250.00 enumerate = P 450,000.00Note Actual investment may increased or hangd depends on your literal resources, examplea.) less amount for the delivery vehicle if you already obtain existing or you can buy 2nd unit. b.) less amount for the store building if you have existing. c.) increase or decrease amount on refilling equipment, depends on what type of water product you wants to sell ( e.g. Mineral is only P150,000.00 etc.) B. Sales IncomeCheck market price per 5 gal. container. Price may vary depends on the area what type of water product you want to sellMineral Water P20 P25 per containerPurified Water P30 P35 per containerAlkaline Water P45 P50 per containerPI Water P200 P250 per containerB1. Monthly Sales P39,000.001ST 2 Months Target is at least 50 containers /day (50 containers x P30 .00 selling price x 26days) B2. Monthly Expenses P15,600.001. Manpower/salaries P 500/ day or P 9,100.00 /mo.1 driver P200 /day1 re-filler P150 /day2. Electric bill P3,500.003. call off bill 500.004. Transportation / gas allowance 1,500.005. Consumables and others 1,000.00B3. Net Profit- P23,400.00 (Gross Sales Gross expenses = Net Profit) Note You cannot compute your monthly sales based from your machine capacity (GPD Gallon Per Day) like other vendors computation, simply because you cannot sold 200 bottles a day in the first 2 months operation of your business unless youre already operating for a year and you already established your customers in your area.Executive compactThis study covers the proposed system of Best Blue Water Refilling Station. Since the company started, the proponents noticed that the company is exploitation manual based operation towards their inventory and point of sale. Mainly pertaining to the untimely processing of their data and schooling r eliability which is a concern when it comes to the processing of their existing system.POS and Inventory system of Best Blue Water Refilling Station was designed by the proponents to solve some issues of day to transaction by development the old representation or the manual system. Like to avoid redundancy, damage of saved documents when some runniness spills on it, and some other problems brought by human error.It would be easy for the personnel to keep and convalesce data in times of adding some detail to the customers account or when needed. manual of arms searching and scanning of documents go forth no longer necessary for it will only cause time lag in transaction and delay in coming in of sales every day sales.The proponents have provided tables, figures and diagram for formal understanding and proper explanation about the proposed system. It will guide the owner and the other readers about the flow of the said system. It also shows how big profit the owner would get.Chap ter IINTRODUCTION1.1 pop the question ContexThe Best Blue water refilling station will experience a new way of arrangement their sales, easy to use and accurate. They will just encode their sales, in this way the company will improve and it will not make them spend more time in searching and recording files. The information is retrievable anytime and the owner and employees will benefit from it.1.2 Purpose & DescriptionThe proposed system focuses on how to lessen the computing time, removethe manual process and avoid computational mistakes. Search the customers record by encoding the complete name (last name, first name).

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American Government Exit

In our society, people are always being treated rawly whether it is or is not intentional. In the apply To obscure a Mockingbird by Harper lee side, the character tom Robinson was a hardworking lame Black slice living in 1930s America. He was convicted for raping a White young char fair sex named Ma clapperclawa Ewell. Throughout the course of the book, Robinson was consistently victimized by the citizens of his predominantly White town of Maycomb, Alabama. Tommy Lee Hines is a 26-year-old mentally retarded citizen of Decatur, Alabama living in America in 1978. He was convicted for the rape of a White woman.Hines is an unaware victim in the struggle for civil rights. Tom Robinson and Tommy Lee Hines are nigh examples of people who book been judged unfairly over things they could not control. Their campaign, ability to express themselves, and verdicts in their trails are reasons why they are targets of unfair judgement. Being a Black man in Maycomb, Alabama was difficult Ma ycomb was a racist town with people who did not want the Blacks to be equal to the Whites. People discriminated Robinsons race to the point where his race was what defined his character. The Whites in Maycomb had a mentality that all blacks were not to be trusted.This affect Tom Robinson because during his rape trial his lawyer, Atticus Finch states . . . You know the truth, and the truth is this some Negroes lie, some Negroes are vile some Negro men are not to be trusted around womenblack or white. But this is a truth that applies to the human race and to no particular race of men. Lee, 48 Atticus was as arrange to say that we need to judge people as individuals rather than by their race. Robinsons race caused him to be discriminated against by the Whites in Maycomb, in particular sour grass Ewell. Bob Ewell had seen that his daughter had kissed a Black man and was very upset.He said I seen that black nigger yonder ruttin on my Mayella Lee, 84 Because Robinson was Black, his race made the break all the more serious than if she had been caught with a White man. Robinsons race affected his rights in the court. To Kill a Mockingbird was set in the 30s, which meant African Americans would not get full civil rights until 30 years later. This made things harder for Robinson because in an all-White court, he did not stand a chance. Like Tom Robinson, Tommy Lee Hines is also discriminated because of his race. In Hines case, there is not a clear description of the suspect who raped the woman.Other than the position that he is Black, there is rather vague description. Hines is arrested in a case where it is a White womans word over a Black mans. He happens to be at the price place at the wrong time. Similar to Robinson, Hines is also discriminated by the people in his town because of his race. In Decatur, there were people who do not want the freedom of Tommy Lee Hines or any Blacks in general. The Ku Klux Klan threatened Hines church with bombs and make thin gs harder for the Black community during the trial. They burn crosses in front of the church and yell threats.Hines unlike Robinson has people protesting for his freedom. Although Hines is discriminated because of his race, the Black community was very supportive of him about 25 Blacks marched from Decatur to Cullmana 35-mile transitwhile 3,000 Whites stood on the side of the road, teasing and shouting at them. Both Robinson and Hines are to men who blend injustice they do not deserve because of their race. Tom Robinson could not express himself freely because the jury in his trial was full of prejudice people. Only one person testified that he saw the act and that was Bob Ewell, Mayella Ewells father.Ewell wanted Robinson imprisoned and made up a story to teach the Blacks a lesson. Its time person taught em a lesson, they were gettin way above themselves, an the next thing they think they can do is marry us Lee, 187 So he couldnt saw what he wanted when everyone was against him. Like Robinson, Hines is also unable to vox his options freely because hes mentally disabled. Hines has an IQ of 39 which is about the same as a 6 year old. Naturally, he wouldnt be able to explain himself in the way that could have helped him in the case. In Tom Robinsons trial, he was proven guilty Robinson was innocent.In the trial it was said that Mayella Ewell had a bruise on the right side of her face, meaning that she had to be struck by someone left(a) handed. His left arm was fully 12 inches shorter than his right, and hung dead at his side. It ended in a trivial shriveled hand, and from as far away as the balcony I could see that it was no use to him. detective breathed Jem. Scout, look Reverend, hes crippled Lee, 186 This quote shows his innocence because Mayella testified that Tom Robinson had punched her with his left fist to her right eye, just he clearly couldnt have because his whole arm was crippled.In the story, Robinson explains the events that happened on t he day of the supposed rape with the most details he can and there were no holes in his story that might suggest he is lying. This shows Mayella Ewell in a deceitful person, further proving Robinsons innocence. Tom Robinson said in his testimony, She reached up and kissed me on the side of my face. She says she never kissed a grown man before and she might as well kissed a nigger. She says kiss me back nigger. I say Miss Mayella lemme outa here and I tried to run notwithstanding she got her back to the door and Id had to push her.I didnt wanta harm her Mr. Finch and I say lemme pass, but just when I say it Mr. Ewell yonder hollered though the window. This shows that Tom wanted to leave Ewells house but Ewell did not allow Tom Robinson to do so. It also shows that Robinson had no intention of doing anything sexual with Mayella. Like Tom Robinson, Tommy Lee Hines also has an unfair trial. In Hines case, the jury found Hines guilty and the judge sentenced him to 30 years of imprison ment. In the rapes, the suspect control a car, returned the woman to her home, backed the car up and abandoned it.Steve Wynn, a friend of Hines, said He cant even steer a bicycle. Tom Robinson and Tommy Lee Hines are good examples of people who have been judged unfairly over things they could not control. Their race, inability to express themselves, and verdicts in their trails are reasons why they are targets of unfair judgement. The point that people pick on those who cannot defend themselves is shallow and mean. Our world can be a practically better place if we put aside the differences of others and embraced them as human beings. God intended for us to have it off harmoniously together on this earth.

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A world without Law would be a world without Sin Essay

According to one of the Holy Books, the Bible, when God created the first manhood and woman, He knew as the author and finisher of man that he has mind, a conscience which is 2-sided. It could be baneful or constructive, it could embrace good or shun evil, it could love or hate based on the outline that he knows what is persecute and or right. That was the basic reason why God warned them or gave a strict Law against the act that lead to the very first sin, which is the eating of the fruit of knowledge. Hence, if there wasnt any Law, the first and subsequent sins wouldnt suck existed.A car, an example of mechanical robot, will have no idea why it was created, which is a reason why a manual will be attached to it by the manufacturer for the use of the possible users. We are all created for a purpose moreover the signifi posteriort difference between Man and Machine is the choice and will power. These two tools so-and-so be shaped with Laws to guide man from being a weapon of per sonal and group calamity. And when there is no Laws, then man can do whatever and anything he likes to suit his personal desire at the expense of others which would mean No-Sin.At his best, man is the noblest of all animals separated from law and umpire he is the worst. - Aristotle It can be said man would be reckless, irresponsible, wild, thoughtless, uncontrolled or careless in a dry land without law. He would be pitiless when the taste for pleasure clouds his sense of reasoning. The mentality that anything he does is not wrong just-do-it lingers in the mind of man in a ball without Laws because there will not be any form of punishment.It would be a world of no hope for the poor. Government which is supposed to take form the society would not be in existence there would not be anything like the general assembly to make laws, Executive to administer the laws and Judiciary to interpret the laws. Since the germane objective of Law is to maintain secernate in a society, the gove rnment agencies to carry out crime investigations and the professionals called Lawyers would have no space in a world without laws.Therefore, there will be a paradigm shift where jungle justice takes over the expected capacity of law. Discoveries and inventions will set the world in a state of entropy. sort experiments such as cloning, stem cell growth and Nuclear weapons would know no limit. The world would be overpopulated for their will not be birth control regulations strange diseases would be epidemic and pandemic. I can conveniently conclude that the world will fall apart without the law which is tantamount to a world without sin.

True Crime Documentaries and Tv Shows

True execration documentaries and TV shows have grown in popular culture, but atomic number 18 more than pleasure they have invigorate the pursuit of many different c atomic number 18ers. Television and movies are a major part of our everyday lives. umpteen of these movies and tv shows are maked by real life situations giving them a natural and major influence on our conduct. There has always been study as to whether violence in movies and tv shows causes violent behavior in the younger generation. This has been shown by individuals in well-nigh U. S. chools violently imitating things they have seen in movies and shows. Research pass on also show that this violent behavior amongst the younger generation is increasing because of the influence of tv. The reason that television system shows and movies influence us is that we try to fella with what we see. We try to find similarities between the characters and ourselves. Much of what we learn and consociate with comes from doc umentaries. Some of the more popular documentaries are true crime mysteries. Along with these are documentaries about ringing life and drugs.For the most part, these shows are meant to be educational in the matter of safety and the hope of teaching method the population to make better finiss. Many tv shows such as CSI, Law and Order, Bones, and some others are meant for entertainment purposes. They are fictional dramas that may be based on true events. These true crime dramas have caused many different reactions. For some they are just entertainment and they do not associate anything from the episodes into their daily lives, but for many others, this is not the case.There is now something called the CSI effect where the exaggerated portrayal of forensic information on crime dramas actually influences public perception. Jurors are demanding more forensic evidence in fell trials which actually raises the standard of proof for prosecutors. This turns into a snowball effect because as prosecutors demand more forensic evidence, so do the police in their investigations. The workload for crime laboratories has increased immensely and the number of forensic science programs in universities has greatly increased.The popularity of true life law enforcement shows such as Cops, DEA, Most Wanted, U. S. Marshals, and some others have also grown. Not only are these shows becoming more popular on an entertainment level, but they are also becoming recruitment tools. Many people have made the decision to join the Border Patrol solely on what they have learned from watching the popular serial publication on tv. True crime documentaries and TV shows have grown in popular culture, but are more than entertainment they have inspired the pursuit of many different careers.

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Journey Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Journey Paper - Essay ExampleDue to RN-MSN program my behavior, attitude and practices have changed. For example, (1) my trueness has developed through a feeling that my work is meaningful. (2) I have taken nurse as a lifelong learning process guided by ethical values congruent with nursing practice (Oermann & Heinrich, 2007).Two-Year-Goals currently, I am accountable for practice and participate fully in interdisciplinary activities as part of professional-practice. I am mindful and stop regularly to ascertain my mental state to hold up connected to my thoughts and actions as a nurse (Peterson, 2006 American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2009). Two-year-goals are to (a) work as a specialist in educating communities and nursing staff about geriatric care, and (b) participate in opportunities for a straight professional training by ensuring weekly, monthly, quarterly and years goals. The goals are achievable since (1) I essay for ad hominem development, influence and leade rship. And (2) I have learned to take responsibilities and commitment (Melnyk, 2014).Lifelong Learning I have learned to take responsibilities and commitment having worked for over 28 years and promoted to be in dismantle of other nurses for many years. I have learnt that I am a creative builder and go out guide. I am moved by new ideas and following through with new interventions to the end. The RN-BSN program has authorize me with a broad spectrum of scientific, humanistic, critical-thinking, leadership skills and communication (Collins, 2006). For example, as a BSN prepared nurse have accomplished professionalism and had more opportunities in career development and positive patient outcome (Oermann & Heinrich, 2007). I have achieved personal development, influence and leadership.Novice to Expert From Novice to Expert offers a theory of proficiency acquisition to field of study the evolution of a novice nurse who mainly focused on job based

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Movie review Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare Assignment

Movie check up on Much Ado About Nothing Shakespeare - Assignment ExampleThe beautiful transition from the buffoonery to cataclysm even made the earreach feel the desired effect that are usually created by Shakespeare in his diarrheas (YouTube, Much Ado About Nothing (1993) - dear picture show).The movie had some(prenominal) good moments with brighten depiction of Shakespeares best comedy and hence could easily bring out the humour of the movie. Moreover, the theater director could successfully depict the different romance between the couples and defined a trim shift from comedy to tragedy. By holding on to the original plot, the director was successful in developing a clear picture of the different cases in that era. However, the movie deviated from depicting the facts of a romantic comedy. There were also several issues regarding characterisation and genre of the play that hindered the picturesque of the play (YouTube, Much Ado About Nothing (1993) - full movie).The depi ction of romance between the young couple was so appealing that it kept the audience glued and created a feel of anxiety. The conspiracies even were quiet appealing depicting the complicacies that were brewing in the minds of the offenders of the couple. The movie had a synchronised flow of events that successfully brought out the humour. The movie is worth look outing and should be recommended to others to watch and enjoy the plots (YouTube, Much Ado About Nothing (1993) - full movie).Dogberry in Shakespeares play was depicted to be a constable in charge of Messina. The character is depicted to be a sincere policeman, performing his jobs effectively. The character of Dogberry is depicted to be one of the middle class characters of Shakespeares plays and portrays a desire to speak elaborately and formally with the noble men. However, in the paly the character is depicted to be the antique of the police and is portrayed to be a character of high farce. The

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The GI Bill of Rights Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The GI Bill of Rights - Term Paper ExampleThe World War II veterans had an undue impact on the society. The US economy benefitted immensely by their services. Civil labor went up on statistics charts as the returning veterans put down their guns and started working just like some other civilians. The returning veterans non only served as laborers just a significant number also went to various educational institutes with the incentives provided by the GI Bill. The returning veterans probably realized the importance of education. This show of determination is worth praising because many another(prenominal) a(prenominal) soldiers were picked for struggle services while they were graduating and therefore could not continue their studies. Their education was interrupted by the war and the G I Bill every(prenominal)owed them to return to school when the war was over. The GI Bill was different from other legal bills as it focused not on any tangible assets of the US citizens instea d, it focused on the intangible and the most important asset the human brain. The bill liberated minds and pushed people to think freely and to pursue their thoughts. It was similar to teaching someone how to catch fish instead of hand feeding them. The GI Bill caused a silent revolution, not by forcing people out of their homes but by liberating their thoughts and suggesting to them to ascertain their own path. The returning veterans benefitted from this bill and the institutions got the immunity to teach in the way they prefer. That was the right way to take away with the great downential of the returning veterans. The author Michael Bennett tries to highlight various aspects of the GI Bill. He shows that this bill had more than meaning and significance than what it is normally credited for. Bennett argues that the GI Bill served the US society in many ways. It let the educational institutes conduct their teachings and research programs the way they wanted. The bill never int erfered in their business instead, it gave them the freedom to enhance their strategies and make them more productive. It gave the colleges an expanded student body and more funding. The strategy was either you do it or you flunked out. Colleges and universities grew dramatically during this era. As a result of the GI Bill, the educational institutes became more accommodating to students of all backgrounds. Race, gender, and religion were no longer the hurdles and education was available to all. The beauty of the bill that the author highlights is when the war veterans returned from the battlefield, they had become accustomed to multicultural environment. And when Universities allowed students of all races to get educated, the veterans experienced a similar melting pot atmosphere they experienced during the war. The GI Bill had more impact on class than race. Before WWII college was loosely for the wealthy. The GI Bill allowed men who never thought they could afford college an opp ortunity and that include black men, but colleges in the South were segregated by race and in the North black students were very oftentimes in the minority. The author argues that the returning veterans had to face financially challenging atmosphere upon their return home and the GI Bill helped them in more than one way to get them back on their feet. For instance, Les Faulk of Turtle Creek, a returning veteran

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Racial Profiling on Drug Warfare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

racial Profiling on do medicines Warfare - Essay ExampleHowever, one can recognize the modest changes in white racial domination in the United States without downplaying the strong relationship between being black and being a target of serious racial discrimination. In one way or another, all black the Statesns and Caucasians shroud to suffer discrimination because white domination of black Americans and other people of color remains a major organizing principle for group life in the United States. According to statistical results Although African Americans comprise only 12.2 part of the population and 13 percent of drug users, they make up 38 percent of those arrested for drug offenses and 59 percent of those convicted of drug offenses causing critics to call the war on drugs the New Jim vaunt (Race and the Drug War n.d.). The racial hierarchy is supported by a range of dominant-group prejudices and stereotypes, yet it is perpetuated approximately centrally by the discriminat ion carried out by many whites on a recurring basis. passee patterns of racial inequality-of below the belt enrichment and unjust impoverishment-are reproduced by the daily routines of antiblack discrimination. For instance, During the height of the war on drugs, from 1986 to 1991, the form of white drug offenders in state prisons increased by 110 percent. The number of black drug offenders grew by 465 percent (Shaw 2000). Police pays a special attention to African-Americans and Caucasians because of ethical differences and stereotypes. It should be no move then, that African Americans are often depicted as criminals in mass media. Crime in America is often portrayed in blackface, seemingly suggesting not only that African Americans and Caucasians are likely to be involved in crime, but that they are responsible for most of the crime in America today. Racial profiling is the law enforcement practice of substituting skin color for evidence as grounds for incredulity (Race and th e Drug War n.d.). Contemporary patterns of discrimination are grounded in the benefits that whites have historically secured. All forms of racial discrimination transmit the legacy of the retiring(a), that of slavery and legal segregation. Today discriminatory practices reproduce and reinforce the unjust impoverishment and enrichment of the past. Discrimination also reflects and perpetuates the age-old racist ideology, with its associated array of anti-black images and attitudes. When blacks and Caucasians encounter whites in a large array of contemporary settings, they often meet negative beliefs about their abilities, values, and orientations. Racial barriers persist today because a substantial majority of whites harbor anti-black sentiments, images, and beliefs and because a large minority are very negative in their perspectives. When most whites interact with black Americans at work, in restaurants, on the street, at school, or in the media they hunt to think about the latter , either consciously or unconsciously, in terms of racist stereotypes inherited from the past and constantly reiterated and reinforced in the present (Daum 65). Police whitethorn actively persecute blacks, or they may engage in an array of avoidance behaviors.

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The Palace of Minos at Knossos Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

The Palace of Minos at Knossos - Essay ExampleThere are indications of ripe systems of obtainment of inbred light during the day. There are signs of proper systems of drainage and water supply. As cold as heat is concerned, the palace gives no signs of proper systems for the control of cool and chilled winds in winter seasons (Benton and DiYanni, 1998). Because of the facilitation of natural light, the constructors of the palace had to provide a lot of openings for the incoming light and these facilitations of light appear to be sturdy in winter seasons. In night, there were employment of ceramic lamps and beardles with olive oil (Dempsey, 2007).The palace of Minos at Knossos served for many purposes according to the archaeologists. It served as an administrative center for the people of Crete. It also served as a sacred center for the people of Crete. It also worked as storage of food so it also served as a food storage center for the people of Crete (Bourbon, 1998). The palac e is not like those palaces that provide residential facilities provided as a place that provided working facilities as the archaeologists found no furniture or objects that flowerpot be called as beds or other residential features (Dempsey, 2007).The palace of Minos at Knossos is regarded as the major come in for the analysis of Bronze get on buildings prevalent till this time. It is archeologically the largest building found related to Bronze Age (Bourbon, 1998). It is located at Crete. It gives a clear overview of Minoan culture and civilization. Tourists from all over the gentlemans gentleman trim back the palace in order to judge the features of Bronze Age still found in the world today. The palace of Minos at Knossos is named after the discoverer, Minos Kalokairinos (Benton and DiYanni, 1998). The discovery can be traced back in 1878. The palace can also be named on the King Minos of Crete for whom it was constructed according to the mythology.With the discovery of the p alace, it